What is e-coaching?

Most people are, understandably, curious about how e-coaching works.  Briefly, this is how the process works for my clients:

1. You share your running goals and current fitness routine (if any) with me. We discuss, in general terms, an overall timeline and the weekly time commitments required for you to meet those goals. If you are still interested, then:

2. I design a Personalized Program for you (ranging anywhere from 10-24 weeks, depending on you and your goal!).

3. I provide this workout to you in chunks (several weeks at a time), along with Running Tips (usually seasonal), Mid-Week Motivation, weekly Workout Check-Ins & Training Feedback (from those check-ins), and Consultation for any questions/concerns/twinges, aches, pains.  Based on your progress and concerns, I may suggest Stretching or Strengthening Exercises, along with detailed instructions (photo or video).

4. Together, we’ll choose a “graduation” race (as most people have a specific distance goal when they start), and we will meet for a Pre-Race Prep/Strategy Session, a Post-Race Debrief, and a Future Plans Consult. If you prefer not to race, this is also OK.

My primary form of contact with clients is via email, with occasional phone/Skype/FaceTime sessions, as is convenient and comfortable for you.

[Clients in Singapore, it may be possible for us to do some of the preliminary work and pre-race preparation face-to-face.]

Still not sure if e-coaching is right for you?  Check out the page Is E-Coaching For Me?

Already think that e-coaching is right for you?  Contact me today!!