“Unlike most people who take up running, I actually had no initial interest in becoming a runner! I resisted, I avoided, I made excuses as to why running wasn’t for me. But Holly’s enthusiasm and knowledge got me hooked fast. I didn’t have the slightest idea what I was doing, but it didn’t matter. Holly had me covered. I can ask the dumb questions and the hard questions and I get a complete (and usually inspiring) answer. I have trained for several different races/distances already, and no matter what my goal is, Holly delivers a personalised programme to get me there. I would recommend her services to experts and newbies alike.” -Erica (Client), New Zealand

“Holly brings an insurmountable amount of energy, knowledge and joy in helping others succeed towards their goal. With Holly, any person will receive honest feedback and that extra push and guidance one needs to be fit.” -Ellen Brenner-Boutillier, Co-Owner of Fleet Feet Sports Rochester

“I always wanted to get better at running, however lacked the real knowledge to do it properly. This led to constant injuries that I blamed on ‘running’, even when I was trying to go from 0km – 21km in 6 weeks.  RWH has provided a plan that works and has enabled me to build up to where I want to be, injury-free and on target to achieve my goals.” -Reuben (Client), New Zealand

How many times have you said ‘I’m going to start running….. tomorrow’? With Holly, you’ll start today.
How many times have you started running a program only to stop after a few days or a week? With Holly, you won’t stop.
How many times have you let excuses get in the way of your workouts? With Holly, you’ll develop motivation, time management and accountability.

Sure, you might be able to go on the internet, find a beginning running program, and maybe even slog all the way to the end, shins hurting and knees aching. With Holly, you’re going to be motivated, encouraged and excited all the way through. You’re going to get expert, personalized advice about how to work through any and all problems – everything from how to beat runner’s knee to how to keep yourself entertained when you’ve got to do your workout on a treadmill. You’re going to actually enjoy the experience of learning to run – you can’t get that with just any old running program. 

Personally, I started with just about zero running experience and recently ran my first 5K. Holly guided me through the entire process from beginning to end: from my first 1-minute intervals to being able to run a full non-stop 3 miles. I’m looking forward to continuing working with Holly to be able to run farther and run faster. And because of her, I know I’ll not only be able to do it, I’ll have fun along the way.” – Elena (Client), USA

“I always wanted to become a runner. Thanks to Coach Holly’s comprehensive approach, I had a realistic but adjustable schedule that prepared me to run a 5K. Along the way, she measured my progress and answered ANY questions with a weekly feedback survey. With Holly as your coach, you will find the born runner inside you!” -Maggie (Client), USA