Plans & Pricing

Pricing v.2


Q: Are there any other fees involved?
A: I do charge a one-time $20 Intake Fee for a first-time clients.

Q: Can I choose between the Fully-Supported and Independent Programs?
A: Usually not for your first training cycle.  Because my #1 priority is your success, new clients should expect to enroll in the Fully-Supported Program for their first training cycle (usually 12-20 weeks).  This allows me to get to know you, and ensure you have the proper knowledge and support to train safely and effectively in a more independent situation.  For subsequent training cycles, we can discuss which will be most appropriate.  Generally speaking though, the Independent Program is designed for experienced runners, usually training for a goal time.

Q: How do I pay?
A: You pay at the beginning of each month, for that month’s coaching.  For US clients, payments are processed securely through PayPal’s website (using PayPal or major credit card).  Clients elsewhere can contact me to discuss alternative payment methods.

Q: Do you offer any discounts?
A: I do offer discounts for referrals – If a current client refers a new client, both receive a discount.  Everyone wins!

Q: If I pay you up-front, will you send me an entire training program at one time?  I promise never to bother you again!
A: No, thanks.  This is not the Run With Holly model.  Again: My #1 priority is your success.  I have found that runners – both beginner and experienced – train more safely and effectively when they are free to ask questions, seek help, and interact with their training plans.  This way, we can adjust plans to ease scheduling conflicts, illnesses, and increased fitness levels.  We can nip injuries in the bud with stretching and strengthening programs.  We can choose the right target race for you, and discuss the mental and practical aspects of race day.  None of this is possible if I provide a program that walks away the moment it is written.  Interacting with aspiring and established athletes is what I love, so this is the model I prefer.  However, there are other people and sites that will simply provide you with a plan, if that’s what you prefer.

Q: Can’t I just download a training plan from somewhere online?
A: Absolutely!  That works for some people. Just remember what’s not included in that plan, though: Tips on gear, info on handling the weather, food suggestions, weekly motivation, stretching/strengthening exercises for your “problem areas”, race preparation tips, ache vs. injury consultations….

Q: Can’t I join a group training program for less?
A: Probably.  I’ve coached such programs, and they work really, really well for some people – they provide support, friends, and some resources.  But if you’re looking for a more customized plan, or more individual attention, you may find them lacking.

Q: I have a group of >5 people, all training for the same distance/race.  Can we get a group discount?
A: If such a plan will fit your group’s needs, I am happy to develop a special program at a reduced per person fee.  Contact Me so we can discuss the specifics!

Q: I live in Singapore.  Can you also train me “in person”?
A: It depends.  If I am coaching you, we can do a bit of running together each month (usually 1-4 times/month), for an additional fee.  If I am not coaching you, but you would like a short-term consultation on running form, that may also be possible.  In either case, Contact Me for details.  Otherwise, you can probably run with me informally at any number of group runs or races around the island.  Keep your eyes open, this tall white girl with short hair is pretty easy to find!  😉