Holly’s Coaching Philosophy

As the Owner and Head Coach of Run With Holly, my top priority is simple: To help you achieve your fitness goals.

Just like learning styles, different people respond best to different coaching systems. For more information, check out the page Is E-Coaching For Me?  If, during our initial contact, I think that you’d be better served by a different kind of training program, I will certainly make that suggestion and try to help you connect with one in your area.

If e-coaching seems like the right option for you, then we’ll get started designing a plan.  For practical information on how e-coaching works, please see What Is E-Coaching?  The plans that I design reflect my coaching philosophy:

  • Build a strong foundation.  I favor a progressive, systematic build of running time or distance to build a strong base, followed by a gradual increase in intensity and addition of various types of faster running.  My clients don’t do faster running without a strong base, period.  [Fast running is permitted if you are trying to escape from hungry tigers.]
  • A “Training Plan” is more than just a running schedule.  I believe that running is not a “stand alone” sport, and I work with my athletes to build strength, flexibility, eating practices, and daily habits that complement their running schedules.  Although the majority of their training time is spent running, I often assign non-running exercises, activities, or practices.
  • The brain matters.  Whether it’s a traumatic gym class experience, a vexing race distance, or a string of “bad-luck” marathons – all runners have their demons.  I work with clients to identify, plan for, and vanquish this negativity, leaving space for relaxation and freedom to enjoy running.
  • Understanding improves execution.  When people understand why I make the choices I do in designing their training plans, they respond better to workouts and have greater overall success in their program.  Furthermore, I believe that educating my clients is important for their long-term running careers.  Someone may only work with me for a few seasons – but I want them to run forever!

These guiding principles allow my clients to grow into strong, confident, healthy runners – who will (hopefully!) be loving the sport through their target race, and beyond!

Want to give it a try?  Contact me today!!