Is e-coaching for me?

E-coaching is a personalized, flexible, successful way for many people to achieve their running goals.  Learn more about e-coaching on the What Is E-Coaching? page.  E-coaching works best for individuals who:

  • Have a clear goal in mind.
  • Are willing to step a bit outside their comfort zone.
  • Have busy, variable schedules.
  • Don’t mind exercising alone.
  • Can be honest with themselves (and me) about progress and challenges.
  • Are comfortable communicating by email.

But not every coaching structure is right for every athlete.  E-coaching may not be for athletes who:

  • Want a coach to watch each step they take or clock every interval they run.
  • Prefer the support of a group setting when exercising and/or trying new things.
  • Tend to emphasize training successes without acknowledging or admitted struggles.
  • Dislike email and/or the computer.

There are many paths toward becoming a faster/slimmer/longer distance runner.  What is most important is that you select a coach, plan, and/or group that work well for you.

Do you think that e-coaching is right for you?  Contact me today!!