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Weekly Workout Round-Up (Sept. 30 – Oct. 6)

So much for posting this stinker on…uhhh…Sunday?  Ah, well, there was too much 50King to discuss this week to be overly concerned about Workout Round-Ups.  Most of you know what a taper looks like, anyway.  But I’m a sucker for completeness, so here’s a quick rundown of my workout week leading up to the North Face 50K.  Mostly, it’s a super-taper (aka, more taper than I usually do), with a lot of yoga.  My hip was feeling extra tight the week before the race, so I wanted to do whatever I could to stretch that out before race day.

The menagerie was anxious for KMN's return.  They even sent a delegate to wait at the door for him.

The menagerie was so anxious for KMN’s return that they waited at the door for him.

Monday: Run (4 mi) & Yin Yoga

KMN worked a last-minute deal from Saturday through Tuesday, so he spent maaaaaaaany hours at the office early in the week.  “Maaaaaaaaany hours” as in, “It’s a good thing he has a toothbrush and changes of clothes there”.  So I worked, cooked (although failed to take many photos), ran/yoga-ed, and hung out with the Stuffed Menagerie.

Tuesday: Run (4.7 mi)

I took my trail shoes out for a little pre-race tooling around at McRitchie.  Nothing too intense, just a short jaunt on some of the trails we’d be covering before dawn on race morning.  Besides a little hip tightness, things felt pretty good.  I foam roller-ed afterward like it was my JOB.

I also put the breadmaker to good use.  Carb-loading, and all that.  [This loaf wasn't finished cooking yet, thus the slightly pale appearance.]

I also put the breadmaker to good use. Carb-loading, and all that. [This loaf wasn’t finished cooking yet, thus the slightly pale appearance.]

Wednesday: Rest

KMN and I planned to meet for RPM spin class, but we were both running late.  Ultimately, he could have sneaked into class, but I was about 5 minutes too late.  He was a gentleman (or was looking to avoid his workout!), and skipped class too.  Instead, we went out for chicken rice dinner, and came home to do work.

Oh, I did sneak in a sprint around the apartment in the morning, slamming windows shut, when I glanced out the back and realized that this was happening:

"Fogging" This is how Singapore manages its mosquito problem.  I don't like it, but it's better than Dengue...

“Fogging” = Spraying some kind of pesticide. This is how Singapore manages its mosquito problem. I don’t like it, but it’s better than Dengue…

Thursday: Yoga

Since my return from Perth, I’d been skipping many of my “usual” classes at the gym, sneaking in spin when I could, and grabbing whatever yoga classes were convenient.  Thankfully, on Thursday, I got myself over to the gym for one of my favorite yoga classes for the first time in many weeks: Sherlin’s Thursday night yoga.  It didn’t disappoint, my hip flexors were leeeeeeeeeeeengthened, and some very good business connections coincidentally came out of the evening.

Early AM shake-out run.

Early AM shake-out run.

Friday: Run (3.6 mi) & Yin Yoga

An early morning shake-out run, then some final tune-up stretching with Joyce before race day!  I also did lots of extra stretching on my own, throughout the afternoon and evening.  The extra hours of desk-sitting brought on by taper were productive – but probably contributed to the tightness in my legs.  Thankfully, some extra stretching helped work the kinks out.

I also treated myself to this:

The heel of the loaf, but it looks amazingly like a toasted buttered roll, right NJ folks? [Apparently, toasted buttered rolls are "a New Jersey thing", although I have no idea why they haven't caught on elsewhere, seeing as how they are delicious.]

The heel of the loaf, but it looks amazingly like a toasted buttered roll, right NJ folks? [Apparently, toasted buttered rolls are “a New Jersey thing”, although I have no idea why they haven’t caught on elsewhere, seeing as how they are delicious.]

Saturday: TNF 50K!!!! [Race Report Part 1 and Race Report Part 2]

Sunday: Walking & (very gentle) Stretching

Yes, walking was a workout.  And stretching sore, achy muscles took a lot of mental fortitude – but I felt better and better each time I did it.

Total Workout Time for the week: 13 hours exactly – although more than 5 of those came from the 50K.  Now, looking forward to a week of rest, recovery, and “doing whatever I feel like doing” workouts!

“Toasted, buttered roll”: New Jersey thing, or not?

And since we’re well beyond last week already, how about you tell me the most FUN workout you’ve done so far this week?

Good Mornings for a Saturday (August 17)

Today was a busy day: I cheered at a race, I ran 10 miles, I mopped the floor, I finally got my Feedly Reader down to 0 for the first time since Aug. 5, I blew my nose a bunch of times, and I drank NO coffee.  [Coffee has no appeal to me when my sinuses are clogged.  Don’t know why….]  I have London Goodness and Workout Round-Ups to write.  But frankly, I’m in the mood for something a little lighter today.  And it’s the weekend, so why not?

Special HairNew haircut needed: STAT

Thankfully, I juuust got one.
The hairdresser assured me my new cut “brought out my natural curls.”
Hmph!  Curls??  Who knew?
Personally, I’m considering shaving it all off.
[I’m only half joking.]

Cereal in BedEllie Love

Sometimes, when KMN is away for work,
Ellie & I enjoy cereal and a book in bed.
I’m currently reading
Devil in the Grove:
Thurgood Marshall, the Groveland Boys, and the Dawn of a New America
Not exactly light reading, but definitely an eye-opener.

Matching Scarves!The “Holly Scarf”

One of the other Hollys I know
(we actually lead parallel lives, except that she’s awesomer)
has this same scarf, but in a different color.
[The things you learn from Facebook.]
I exchanged photos with her, to compare –
and this one came out just artsy enough to warrant inclusion on the blog.

Bikes &

Creative Transportation

Hey, whatever works!

Lookin' Fancy!All dressed up….

Gussied up for a wedding earlier this year.
(On a somewhat better hair day.)
Love this guy like crazy!

Alarmed Door

Why?  Did somebody scare it?

Spotted while we were in London.
Totally cracked me up!


Ever ridden/driven a Segway?

What are you looking forward to this weekend?

Good Mornings for a Friday (July 19)

Well, it’s been awhile since we’ve done one of these, now hasn’t it?  So let’s hop to it!

Does anyone even use that expression anymore?  Ah, well. I do, apparently!

[For those who are new, “Good Mornings” is a recurring feature at RWH – it’s basically my way of doing a light and easy photo-dump post of randomness for you all.  Other good information for new readers can be found in this Welcome post.]

Latte heartLatte Love

My stomach has been a bit off the last few days.
So I’ve been staying away from coffee.
But I have a very busy weekend ahead,
And I think it will be returning to my morning routine!

Is Spandex NormalSpandex is a necessary part of every outfit, right?

Even when I get dressed in ‘real people clothes’,
I find myself in stretchy fabrics.
It’s a disease.
Or a consequence.
Or just plain comfortable…

Meet the MenagerieMeet the Menagerie.

From Left to Right, that’s:
Holly – Rhino – Ellie – P.Bear
PB is the newest addition to our family.
We’re pleased with how well he’s taking to Singapore…

Skating down belowUnderpass Action

There are a few spacious road underpasses
(this one is downtown)
Where young people are encouraged
(or at least permitted)
To congregate in the evenings.
They bring music, snacks, and equipment.
They dance, choreograph, skate, and skateboard all around.
The space is safe and air conditioned.
I think it’s awesome.

Drinking problemEveryone brings 3 different drinks to the gym in the morning, right?


Vacation Shot!End-of-Vacation shot.

From our last day in Rochester.
I’ll be blogging a bit more about New Jersey, Rochester,
And sister-wedding-goodness this weekend.
Otherwise, next week!

Hope you all have some good stuff planned.  🙂

Current favorite piece of non-workout clothing?
[Does it have spandex in it?]

What not-usually-frozen food do you like to eat frozen?
[I’m writing up some beat-the-heat tips,
and am looking for something other than ‘grapes’.]

Back (to ‘Where-My-Bed-Is’) Home!

What a difference a day makes:  At 1 PM Eastern Standard Time, KMN and I were unloading our bags from my Mom’s car at the curb at Newark Airport.  Twenty-five hours later, we were in the Taxi queue at Changi Airport (Singapore).  Add in a twelve-hour time difference, an hour of decompressing when we got home, and some screwed up internal clocks – and you’ll realize why we might both be looking a wee bit tired for the next few days.  I’ll ‘fess up: It’s not even lunchtime, and I’m already considering a nap.  And I really dislike napping.

These guys were super thrilled to be reunited.  [Rhino had joined us in the States, while Ellie & PB held guarded the apartment in Singapore.]

These guys were super thrilled to be reunited. [Rhino had joined us in the States, while Ellie & PB guarded the apartment in Singapore.]

We’re somewhat unpacked, and are in the process of tackling the post-vacation laundry/mail/cleaning monsters – and getting back into the work groove.  But for now, though, I’m taking a little time to catch up on blog-land. I’ve been reading and commenting sporadically, but now I’m systematically working my through the past 2 weeks of each of your lives.  So expect some comments on your practically-archived posts in the near future.  😉

I’m also taking some time to re-hydrate.  Those who have been around for awhile know that I’m just a *tad* passionate about hydration.  And while there’s debate in the running community about how much hydration runners need, I’m going to be far less controversial today and stick with this: Long-haul flights WILL dehydrate you.  For starters, the air is very, very dry.  Secondly, you’re basically at the mercy of the flight crew for beverages (and some airports *cough*Hong Kong*cough* don’t allow you to enter the plane with any liquids – even those you bought or filled AFTER security).  I bring my 32 oz Nalgene (where permitted), but even that is inadequate for a 15 hour flight.  Third, you’re being fed super-processed, super-salty airline food.  And finally…most people generally try to avoid using an airplane bathroom (although my experience is that they’re generally pretty clean), and desire NOT to scramble over their seatmates every two hours – so they hold off on drinking.  Taken together, this is a recipe for dehydration.

I do what I can: I start my trip well-hydrated, bring what water I can on the plane, get an Aisle seat when I can, accept a drink every time the drink cart comes through, and start hydrating as soon as I’m back on the ground.  The shorter the flight, the easier this is – although most of my >10 hour flights lately have been pretty good, too.  But I missed the mark yesterday.  So when I awoke this morning, instead of being ravenous (as I should have been), all I was craving was fluid.  In fact, when I popped over to the market to buy milk, I came home with this for breakfast:

Sensing a theme here?

Remember, you can eat your hydration, too!

My Mom often quotes a classic book title to me, when I’m bemoaning something I want to do/eat that seems somewhat abnormal/less-than-ideal to me: “Trees call for what they need.”  She was (as she often is!) correct.  After this pre-breakfast (and a few more glasses of water), I felt much better.  Thank you, watermelon!

There’s plenty to come in blog-land this week, including a few wedding photos, workout round-ups, more gushing over Rochester and Sussex County, stretching, racing, and more!  But first…about that nap….

How do you stay hydrated on long-haul flights?

What’s your least favorite return-from-vacation chore?

What is making your Wednesday happy?

Awesome/Less Awesome: Orlando to Singapore

I’m typing this 5 hours into a 15 hour flight.  I have travel on the brain, so let’s review some of the more (and less) awesome aspects of today’s travel experience so far:

AWESOME: I drove myself to the airport.  First time I’ve driven in over 6 months.  I even managed to stay on the proper side of the road.  That big grassy median on I-95 certainly helped.

LESS AWESOME: I was driving away from a place/situation where I really should be staying, at least for a little while longer.  But simultaneously, I was driving toward the new life I’m building with KMN in Singapore.  I felt very, very conflicted.

AWESOME: Checking my bags (including a heavy one with lots of goodies from the US) to my final destination.  This trip requires 3 plane changes, so the less stuff I have to lug, the better.  I am carrying on just a single backpack.  Score!

LESS AWESOME: Exchanging final text messages with my family.

AWESOME: Espresso-based Cuban coffee drink acquired from Zazzo.  The drip coffee that has been around the house for the last 2 weeks just doesn’t cut it for me.  I’m a coffee snob.



LESS AWESOME: The complete absence of tasty bagels in Orlando Airport, Terminal B.  I overpaid for a terribly disappointing bagel.

AWESOME: Complimentary upgrade on the first leg of my trip!!

LESS AWESOME: The warm cookie served in First Class was cranberry white chocolate, not chocolate chip.  [I know, I know – How DARE they, right?]

AWESOME: Timely arrival in Newark and a hit of New Jersey nostalgia.

LESS AWESOME: Two hour delay leaving Newark. Plane change, fueling trouble, etc.  Hopefully we make up some time en route, so I can make my connection in Hong Kong.  I will cry if I get stuck there overnight.  Nothing personal against Hong Kong, I’m just ready to be back in Singapore.

I don't know who arranged the seats in the waiting area here, but he/she gets an F-.

I don’t know who arranged the seats in the waiting area here, but he/she gets an F-.

AWESOME: United is finally making an effort to really, truly board passengers by zone.  For the bigger flights, they even have signs and numbers and different boarding queues and everything.

LESS AWESOME: The reality of going back to Asia hit me during the boarding process: Everyone in line velllllly kiasu.  [Joke for my Singaporean readers, and maybe Jules. 😉  Basically, it was very crowded and everyone was pushy and wanted to be first and lossofpersonalspaceAGGGHHHH!]

AWESOME: Remembering to purchase some sour gummy worms at the airport.

LESS AWESOME: The dinner offering.  The salad was pathetic, and the meat tasted…well, like a salt lick.  I’m not super picky about my airline food, but this offering was particularly poor.  The flight crew isn’t especially warm and fuzzy, either.  In fact, my dinner option was “Chicken or beef?”  Usually, there’s at least a basic description of the preparation provided, as well.

AWESOME: Wayne’s World is in the movie offerings.  I have no desire to watch it, but it’s a movie I associate very strongly with a particular period in my life.  Like, a long-ago period in my life!

LESS AWESOME: TV and movie selection is the same as on my Hong Kong-to-US flight.  And there are only 2 episodes of NCIS! And Covert Affairs!  However will I catch up on the TV shows I don’t watch?

AWESOME: I remembered to fill my 32 oz Nalgene at the airport in Newark.

LESS AWESOME: I already drank the whole thing (good thing I have an aisle seat), and there just isn’t enough fluid offered on this flight for my liking.  Admittedly, though, I do drink an awfully lot.

Travel buddy!  He can't wait to meet Rhino and Ellie!

Travel buddy! He can’t wait to meet Rhino and Ellie!

AWESOME: I’m on an aisle end in the middle section of seats (three across), and the very MIDDLE seat is empty. Priceless!

LESS AWESOME: I really thought these planes had power outlets at the seats.   Alas, not the case.  My laptop battery lasts <<<<< this flight lasts.  Good thing the Kindle is queued up!

AWESOME: The guy sitting behind me is super nice (in a grandfatherly kind of way).

LESS AWESOME: He’s really tall, and I always feel guilty reclining my seat into the lap of someone, especially someone really tall, who also happens to be really nice.


Picked up again, about halfway through my last flight (Hong Kong to Singapore):

AWESOME: Some airline decision-maker somewhere decided that the Newark to Hong Kong flight needed to have a simulated overnight, perhaps to help us remember that we were changing days.  The lights were dimmed from hours 3-12 of the flight, at which point they turned on all the lights and served us breakfast.   We landed at 8 PM local time.  If I weren’t on top of things, I’d be really confused.

LESS AWESOME: I skipped airline breakfast, instead opting to eat a few gummy worms and drink 2 cups of water.

AWESOME: Despite the two hour delay in Newark, we were scheduled to land at 7:30 PM, which should have been juuuust enough time for me to go through security again and get to my 8:15 connecting flight.

LESS AWESOME: We actually landed at 7:45, taxied until 7:55, waited for our gate to be clear until 8:05, and waited for a jet bridge driver until 8:15.

AWESOME:  I walked up the jet bridge to the terminal, resigned to spending the night in Hong Kong, when I heard a cheerful airline staffer summoning “All passengers on the flight to Singapore!”  I joined a group of 5 others and literally – literally – did a happy dance.  They were holding the flight for us!

LESS AWESOME: I continue to have ZERO love for security in Hong Kong.  I’m a seasoned traveler.  I know what does/doesn’t usually need to be removed from my bag at the x-ray station.  I pulled out my laptop and iPad.  My bag came through and I was called aside.  “Any electronics?”  Pulled out my Kindle (??).  Again.  “Any OTHER electronics?”  Pulled out a router I was carrying, which was buried at the bottom of my backpack (???).  Again.  “Ma’am, do you have tweezers in that bag?”  Why yes, yes I do.  They’re 3 inches long and haven’t ever – EVER  – caused a problem at security before.  Finally, I assuaged security, hastily stuffed whatever I could into my backpack, scooped the rest up, and went jogging off to the departure gate with the rest of my worldly possessions in my arms.  In Hong Kong, there is a second security check at the bottom of the jet bridge, juuust before you board the plane.  The staff raised their eyebrows at everything I had in my arms. I didn’t care, because I was getting on that plane!!!!!

AWESOME: They even held the plane long enough to transfer our luggage.  Just a bonus, for me, since I’m heading home anyway – but really awesome for those who are coming to visit Singapore (and don’t have clean undies waiting for them on the ground here).

Between the flight time and the time zone jumps, I’m in the process of fast-forwarding ahead one whole day: I left Newark at 5 PM on Wednesday, and will be landing in Singapore at 1 AM on Friday.  I’m not usually too concerned with trying to “sync my body to my destination time zone” – for me, that’s more stressful than just sleeping when I can during travel, and adjusting once I arrive.  Usually, if I’m sufficiently sleep-deprived in life in general (check mark), then once I arrive, I can sleep when night arrives, and (with the help of coffee) power through the daytime drowsiness.  This may not be what the experts suggest, but it seems to work reasonably well for me.

And with that…I do believe it’s time for a nap. I’ve already watched/snoozed during The First Wives Club, Hope Springs, and Crazy Stupid Love.  Catching up on movies from the ’90s is clearly the best use of my in-flight move time.  I honestly don’t know what got into me – I’m usually an Action/Adventure girl myself.  But for now – I’m resting to prepare for Immigration, Baggage Collection, and the cab ride home.  😉

What’s your favorite airplane activity?

Have you ever had a fellow traveler do something super nice/generous for you while flying?

Do you have an Awesome/Less Awesome for today?

Views From Last Week: Workouts, Food, and Plantar Fasciitis Continues To Confuse

First order of business: Apologies to anyone who viewed my last post (on censorship) on the web.  I didn’t realize right away, but some weird coding in the links actually chopped the middle part out, resulting in an awkward and confusing topic switch smack in the middle, for about 12 hours.  But it’s fixed now.  Sorry, folks.

Moving on: While I was all busy last week making random lists about myself and answering deep, philosophical questions about the world (or myself), I was also (gasp!) working out.  And it actually ended up to be a pretty solid week, workout-wise.

Let’s go back 2 Sundays – as I alluded to in my “Days of New” post, my plantar fascia started feeling better last week.  After deciding to treat it with things that made it feel good (support, stretching, rolling, brownies), but to otherwise stop thinking (errr…obsessing) over it, that finicky PF started making drastic improvements.

On Sunday (March 17), I went for a 6.5 mile run.  No PF pain during the run, and it felt good for the rest of the day, even though we were bopping all over the place running errands.

Post-run Treat: Banana bread with Nutella.

Post-run Treat: Banana bread with Nutella. I think this is also a reasonably good plantar fasciitis treatment.

On Monday morning, I did a spin/yoga double-header with the awesome Sherlin.  If you have to do frog pose, you might as well giggle your way through, right??  [Frog pose = groin and hip agony.  In a good way…]

After an early morning workout, I was looking forward to gobbling up these roasted potatoes, leftover from dinner a few nights ago.  When we initially made them, I kept sending KMN to put them back in the oven, because they weren't crispy enough.  Well, when I reheated them, I sure did get them crispy...

After an early morning workout, I was looking forward to gobbling up these roasted potatoes, leftover from dinner a few nights earlier. When we initially made them, I kept sending KMN to put them back in the oven, because they weren’t crispy enough. Well, when I reheated them, I certainly got them crispy “enough”…

On Tuesday, KMN and I went out for an evening run.  This isn’t our usual habit, but he worked from home that day and had a few spare minutes in the evening.  We ran about 4 miles on a sidewalk/canal path loop near our apartment.  I was anxious to get back to the trails, but didn’t want to put too much extra stress on my arch, which was feeling pretty good.  My IT bands were tight, but that was expected after Sunday’s run.  And I had a little competition when I went to break out the new foam roller that night:

I did have to wrestle the roller away from Rhino and Ellie, who agree that it's the best new toy EVER.

Rhino and Ellie think this is the best new toy EVER.

On Wednesday, I tried a pilates class at the gym: disappointing.  I think the instructor was trying to teach a class appropriate to many levels, but never once did I feel like crying during the class.  My face didn’t even contort.  And I wasn’t sore the next day.  The best part of the whole thing? I walked into the studio in bare feet (this is standard), and my plantar fascia hurt…not at all.  Whoot.  And my workout was salvaged by a good, hard spin class with Alan afterward.  That RPM new release (58, I think?) has a LOT of sprinting intervals in it. Whew!

KMN and I usually spin on Wednesday evenings.  The class we take finishes at 8:45, so I usually try to have something in the slow cooker, ready for us to eat when we get home, tired-and-ravenous, around 9:30.  On this particular day, I had chicken soup in the slow-cooker, and I’d also set up the bread machine.  In a hurry to get to class, I had grabbed my breadmaker cookbook, flipped through, and hastily picked a slightly new recipe: “Oh! French bread! That would be nice with soup!”

I started throwing ingredients in the pan on autopilot.  When everything was added, I got to the actual text of the recipe, “Using an electric mixer, beat the egg whites until almost stiff and soft peaks are formed.”  Where were my egg whites?  At the very bottom of the pan, already under flour, gluten, sugar, salt, yeast….  Whoops!  So I did what any busy, waste-not, want-not gal would do: Stuck the pan into the breadmaker, and started it up.

The resultant loaf may have been a bit...dense, and not too fluffy or French-y, but it still tasted pretty good!

The resultant loaf may have been a bit…dense, and not too fluffy or French-y, but it still tasted pretty good!

Especially when paired with a bowl of chicken soup and a glass of cold lime juice!

Especially when paired with a bowl of chicken soup and a glass of cold lime juice!

On Thursday, KMN and I went for another short (4.5 mile) run, on half trails/half road.  Foot looooved the trails.  Foot loved the road.  I loved the foot.   🙂   In the evening, I dragged a cranky-pants Holly to yoga, and felt considerable better for it.  This also helped me feel better:

I felt even better when the falafel I made came out...SOOOOOO tasty!!!  I could have gobbled them all up, straight from the pan.  Gonna test a few tweaks, and will post the recipe after that.  This is a GOOD one, folks.

The falafel I made came out…SOOOOOO tasty!!! I could have gobbled them all up, straight from the pan. Gonna test a few tweaks, and will post the recipe after that. This is a GOOD one, folks.

I recently discovered that Sherlin teaches spin at another nearby branch of my gym, mid-mornings on Friday.  Not a convenient time for most people – but perfect for me.  I spun for 50 minutes, then rested/rehydrated/computed for an hour (thank you, Fitness First, for your handy lounges with Wifi!), then did BodyPump.

This is how the local coffee shops do "take away" (to-go).  I repurposed my purse-hanger as a coffee-bag-holder in the study.

This is how the local coffee shops do “take away” (to-go). I repurposed my purse-hanger as a coffee-bag-holder in the study.

I really appreciate that BodyPump only has 2 (out of 9) tracks that focus on the legs.  This means that I can get in a great upper body strength workout without killing my legs.  Depending on the rest of my workout schedule, I may keep my weights super light (or go without weights entirely) on the leg tracks.  This was the option I chose on Friday, just an hour after spin, and right before a long run on Saturday morning.

After the gym, I ran a few errands, snagged a little caffeinated pick-me-up, and made it home juuuust before a big rain storm.  Good thing, too – because I hadn’t brought my umbrella.

So the take-away message here is that I had a solid workout week, and plantar fasciitis is still super confusing.  For no particular reason (that I can identify), mine experienced a dramatic improvement on Monday and Tuesday, and was basically pain free from Wednesday onward.  I wish I could tell you my secret…but alas, I have no stinkin’ clue.  If I knew, I’d be bottling it up and selling it. Or giving it away.  Because no one should have to deal with the frustration of PF.   But for the moment, I’m feeling good.  Bonding time with the foam roller and calf stretching will continue regularly, though, I can assure you!

And with that…well, with that, it’s almost time to write THIS week’s workout wrap up.  Have a good one, folks!

Drinking coffee.  From a bag.  With a straw.  I love Singapore...

Drinking coffee. From a bag. With a straw. I love Singapore…

Are you one of those people who hates when bloggers post all about their workouts and their food?  Ooops…better remove me from your Reader, then….  😉

Which of these foods looks tastiest to you, RIGHT NOW?

Ever drink a warm beverage through a straw?  Does it feel weird to you?  (It does to me.)