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Things I’m Lovin’ (May 11)

Apparently, as a blogger, I love to dream up “Recurring Features”.  Good Mornings are the best example so far, and usually constitute whatever random photos and blippets of my life don’t fit elsewhere on the blog.

As a blog reader, I always enjoy posts about what my fellow bloggers are loving these days.  So, why not add one more “Sporadically Recurring Feature” to the mix?  Sure!  Why not?!?  So what am I loving right now?  Here are my current 10 (in the random order they happened to spurt out of my head just now; I’ve been writing this post in there for days):

1. The Rain: We’re supposed to be moving into the “hot” season in Singapore (aka the “dry” season, and/or the “non-monsoon” season).  It should be noted that the “hot” season is really only 2-3 degrees Celsius warmer than monsoon season, but those few degrees (and the breeze that comes with heavy rain) matter.  We’ve had several big ‘ole downpours this week, and the temperature has actually been quite…lovely, really.  In fact, I’m wearing pants (pants!!!) as I type this.  While I’m generally acclimated to the warmer weather, I’ll take every (slightly) cooler day I can get!

2. Moving Comfort Endurance Capris: I actually found a pair of these for such a good price here in Singapore that I bought them right before my recent trip – they’ve been my only clothing purchase here thus far.  I wore them constantly in Florida, so while I was in the US, I ordered a second pair.  In both places, they were about $30 in local currency.  They come down just to my knee, and are great for both spinning and yoga.  The fabric is pretty thick, so I never worry about inappropriate exposure when I bend over.  Since I work at home nowadays, I’ve also been pulling on (the clean pair) after my workouts.

3. Lemonade Nuun: One of the new flavors I got while back in the US.  It’s definitely not as strong as real lemonade, but it makes for a refreshing, post-run beverage for me.  I’ve been having a little trouble recovering my electrolytes after my longer runs lately, and a fellow Nuun-lover suggested trying my Nuun at double strength.  I will be experimenting with her advice in the coming weeks.

4. Visitors: My cousin and her sister-in-law were visiting last week.  We had a grand time, and I’ll be sharing some of our adventures in my next few posts.  Having guests is a great impetus for me to get out and explore our home with new eyes.  If you find yourself swinging through Southeast Asia in the near future, let me know!

Gardens by the Bay, with some other Singapore Sites in the background...

Gardens by the Bay with Erica – a few other notable Singapore Sites are making an appearance in the background…

5. Free pens from the Intercontinental Hotel: There’s nothing that remarkable about them, but I LOVE them.  They write so easily and smoothly, and have a great hand-feel.  I first discovered them when we had our wedding dinner at the Intercon in Singapore in 2010, and when we stayed there again in January, I won’t lie…I swiped as many of them as I could find.  The most annoying thing is that I have NO IDEA what brand they are, because (obviously) all branding has been removed and replaced with “Intercontinental Hotel, Singapore”.

6. Super Generic Girl: A recent blogger discovery for me.  It only took a few weeks before I had two of her posts bookmarked to share with you all.  The first is a hilarious Open Letter to Race Spectators, and should be required read for anyone who races, or who’s been part of runner’s support crew (Yum Run and Writing While Running, I’m looking at you! Also, any and all of the Eugene Half/Full Marathon Crew.).  On a more serious and totally unrelated note, she also wrote a very on-point post about body image and the looming bikini season (in the US).  I won’t try to summarize it, so just go read it: Beach Bodies and Other Reasons Society Sucks.

Our selection of bands.  KMN and I wear the same size, so we share.

Our selection of bands. KMN and I wear the same size, so we share.

7. Road ID: If you’re a runner, I hope you run with some kind of ID on you.  KMN and I have always used the shoe IDs, but before we left the US, I also ordered us a wrist version, as well.  I went all-out and bought a band in just about every color.  I didn’t anticipate it at the time, but I actually wear my wrist ID nearly 24/7 nowadays.  Most of the time, if I leave the house alone, I’m going out to be in the company of people who don’t know me, or don’t know me well (gym, supermarket, doctor, restaurant).  Even if I’m not working out, if something were to happen to me, my RoadID would easily help someone get in touch with my husband and family.  I might be crazy, but I feel slightly more comfortable wearing it.  [And yes, my cell phone has emergency numbers programmed in.  Still, the RoadID allows easy and swift access to a lot of information about me.]

RoadID: Don't leave home without one!

RoadID: Don’t leave home without one!

 8. Lime Juice: My favorite cold drink in Singapore, no question about it.  It’s tart and refreshing, delicious just about any time of day. Lime juice is a perfect complement to the hot weather and spicy food here!  Hold the sour plum, though.

9. Thrift Shops: My Mom and I visited a terrific one while in Florida – several times.  It had high marks for a thrift shop: their product turnover was high, the organization was excellent, there was usually enough rack space to browse comfortably, and there was a perfect mix of hilarious and potentiall useful apparel.  As a result, I came back to Singapore with some new (to me) clothes: 1 pair of pants, 2 pairs of shorts, 3 tops, and 3 dresses – all for about $20 USD.  These are not spectacular photos, but you can bet these pieces will be entering my regular wardrobe rotation.  And there is a very special place in my heart for those black and white pants….

10. Energizer Night Trail Run: I am running the 18 km race tonight (Saturday) night.  I. Cannot. Wait.  !!!!!!  My very first trail running was done in a nighttime, winter trail series back in Rochester.  Races were always after dark, almost always in the snow, and ALWAYS on the trails.  I learned a lot, and had a blast with some terrific people.  I know this run will be warmer – but I’m hoping to enjoy some awesome (new-to-me) trails with fun people and lots of mud – and without any twisted ankles!

Is anyone else’s favorite pen *always* a freebie giveaway (so that you can never find the ‘brand’ and buy more)?
[Before the Intercon pens, my favorites were freebies from a biotech product fair.]

What’s one thing that YOU are lovin’ right now?
[This might feel like a boring question. Does it help that I really do want to know??]