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Good Mornings For a Tuesday (Feb. 26)

*A few things from the last few weeks that didn’t fit into any other posts…Enjoy!

0 Shadow Play

Shadow Play
A rare afternoon of sunshine.
Allegedly, we’re moving into hot, dry season – but it’s pouring rain right now!
And I can’t argue with the breeze that’s blowing…

 1 Personal Capital Christmas Gift

Merry Christmas to Us!  Love, Our Investment Firm
I’m pretty sure the postage to get this here cost more than the mugs.
Hope they’re doing a more responsible job with our money…

2 Slow-Cooker Granola Failure

Slow-Cooker Granola
Another not-so-successful adventure with the slow-cooker.
This appliance has a lower success rate than any other I’ve ever owned.
But I keep trying – because it has the potential to be really, really useful!

3 Ramen Monster Note To Self: Remember to go here one day.
We’re still on the prowl for the Best Ramen in Singapore.
So far, our favorite is Santouka.

5 Peanut Butter

Peanut butter mixing success!!
I’m a huge peanut butter snob, and only eat all-natural varieties.
But of course, getting a brand new jar mixed up is a major pain.
New Method (inspired by Duane B.):
Let jar sit upside down overnight. Shake vigorously. Open. Stir as necessary.

6 Lots of Garlic

There is no such thing as “garlic in moderation” here.
This is the smallest amount I can buy at the grocery store.
I think we have to start roasting more garlic…

7 Library Trip

A mixture of work and play…
I love a trip to the library!
Obviously, my reading selections are rather eclectic these days.
And that’s about all I have for you right now.
Have a great day (or night)!!  🙂

Locals: Where do we get good Ramen?
Anyone: What are you reading these days? Do you recommend it?

[I usually read books on science, running, training, thriller/mystery fiction, travel,
and pretty much anything else that’s well-written and not too stuffy.]

Good Mornings for a Thursday (Feb. 7)

*These are actually leftovers from last Thursday. Enjoy!

1 Mendon Mauler Shirt

I believe these two items were meant to be worn together.
How did I not realize this sooner?
Mendon Mauler T-Shirt (~2009?)
Athleta skort (no longer made)

2 Hard Boiled Eggs

This makes me giggle.
But it’s necessary, since we almost always have both kinds of eggs in the fridge.
Hard boiled eggs make a terrific snack (1 whole + 2 whites only).

3 Nuun All Gone!

Bad surprise! Bad surprise!
Someone finished the last Nuun tablet and didn’t tell me!!!

4 Brand New Sneakers

Good surprise!  Good surprise!
I broke out a brand new pair of road sneakers today.
Remember, sneakers have a running life of just 300-500 miles!

5 Triple Gym WorkoutSuccessful completion of a Thursday triple-play:
Run, BodyPump, Hot Yoga
This was a “mental endurance building” day.
By the time I hit the yoga studio, I was wiped,
and I got through yoga class by focusing on one minute at a time.

6 Chicken Tarragon DinnerRefueling with a nostalgic dinner…
Chicken Tarragon was the first thing my Mom ever cooked for my Dad.
Love my parents.  <3

7 Birthday ToastI ended the evening with a Birthday Toast to a dear friend.
Who cares if she was drinking coffee, and I was drinking wine?
10 hours later, we switched places!

Do you have any “nostalgic” meals that you love to make?

Getting new running shoes: Love It – or – Hate It?

Good Mornings for a Wednesday (January 30)

*Just a few things from last week/this past weekend that I haven’t had a chance to share.

Some smiles and chuckles for the middle of the week…

Smeared entry stamp

My science centre entry stamp after a hand-washing…

Houston, I think we have a (solubility) problem...

Rice & Milk Breakfast

Leftover Rice + Milk or Plain Yogurt + Dried Fruit, Honey, & Nuts = Delicious

My husband can hardly watch me consume this combination.
He thinks it is an insult to rice.
I think it is scrumptious.

Holly & Stonehenge

On Friday morning, Stonehenge and I went for a run.

Actually, KMN and I went for a run.
But he disappeared before the photo shoot.
I wonder if he doesn’t like sweaty pictures of himself all over the interwebs…
[Actually, he’s quite OK with it.  I asked.]

PomegranateBowl of antioxidants, anyone?

I love pomegranates, and a friend recently shared this video with me.
Using this technique, I can get a bowl of seeds in about 90 seconds.
My form needs some work, but I’m improving…

Novara topThis Novara cycling jersey is basically the softest thing ever.

Cycling jerseys are a little longer in the back.
Wearing one to yoga gives me extra back coverage during forward bending.
Plus, I get some extra use out of the jerseys.
Since I haven’t yet busted out my bike in Singapore….
[Note to self: Get on that!]


Raindrops out our kitchen window.

The official “rainy season” is drawing to a close.
So I’m thankful for every afternoon storm that we get!


Tokusen Toroniku Ramen at Santouka.

Friday Date Night was going to be Italian.
But when we got to the restaurant, we learned they were hosting a private party.
Good thing I like ramen ANY time!

After ramen, we came home and watched “Up”.
And cried. And cried. And cried.
That’s a kid’s movie?!?!


What are your thoughts on rice + milk???

Any suggestions for cute animated movies that won’t turn me into a sniveling mess??

*Also, for anyone who might be interested – I recently shared a little bit about my personal evolution as a runner with Tyler over at The Running Ginger.  See his post on fitness journeys here.  He’s on one of his own – so go ahead over and give him a cheer or two.  After all, we’re all in this together!!

Good Mornings for a Saturday (from January 18)

*I started this style of post this past Monday.  It’s the perfect way to share a series of random, unrelated life snippets.  Plus, it’s easy on the eyes, and the brain.  I hope it helps you get your Saturday rolling!

What caught my fancy for this Saturday “Good Morning”?

Cinnamon in Coffee

My coffee became a transcendental experience.

A moment of inspiration from childhood:
I used to make Mom’s coffee “extra special” by adding a sprinkle of cinnamon.
Why didn’t I remember this sooner?

Holly in Purple

A huge shout-out to all the GOTR coaches out there!!

I bought the shorts thanks to a gift card from friends in LA.
Wearing them reminds me of some good peeps in Encino, CA.

Wangs Tables & Stools

Tables and stools at one of my favorite afternoon coffee haunts.

Singaporeans happily perch on these stools to enjoy toast and a hot drink.
Somehow, I don’t think Americans would be quite so content with this plan…

Locker Room Drawer

The lockers at our gym have a cute little jewelry drawer!

But I refuse to use it….
I’m afraid I’d end up contributing lots of extra jewelry to the gym that way.
Spin class on a Friday night = Great kick-off to the weekend!

KMN & Holly Downtown

Met this cute guy downtown after work.

We aim to have a “Friday Night Date Night” whenever possible!

Ichiban Sushi Agedashi Tofu

We went for dinner at Ichiban Sushi at Plaza Singapura.

The soba was OK, the sushi was decent, and the tempura was amazing.
Clearly, their tempura chef was having a good night.
I love Agedashi Tofu!!!!

Microchipped Sushi

Well, that’s a relief!!!


What’s your favorite coffee mix-in?

We knocked off 7 miles on the trails this morning:
What’s on your workout schedule?



Good Mornings for a Monday (January 14)

A few things I said “Good Morning” to on this Monday…

Sewing Notions

Crafting notions procured for a few projects this week.  

We have some friends from the US arriving tonight, and staying with us for a few days.  One of the projects is for our guest bathroom.  I guess I’d better get started!

Coffee and Moka pot

We love our Moka pot.

I talked to my sister until nearly 2 AM yesterday.  It was wonderful to catch up with her, but this morning’s alarm was a little brutal.

Fishy PJs PantsPlease don’t ask me the vintage of these PJ shorts.

The fishie faces still crack me up, after all these years.  And who doesn’t need a giggle on a Monday morning?  Although, I suppose it’s time to get moving, and into some proper clothes.

On tap for me this week:

What’s catching your eye this Monday morning?