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Good Mornings for a Wednesday (April 16)

The blogging hiatus has to end – I miss you folks! And as much as I enjoy other social media outlets (I think my blog-lag began when I joined Twitter), I’ve missed blogging, big time. And like I tell my athletes: If it matters to you, you’ll make time for it.

So it’s time to make time!

Plus (just wrote ‘pus’ – that would be a gross way to get back into things!), I have race reports, training logs, funny photos, and stretches to share. (Thankfully, no pus.)  But let’s start with a nice gentle re-entry: a “Good Morning” post!

[These are basically a way for my non-Instagramming self to photo dump on you, and share little anecdotes/funnies/musings/Singapore sights, without being my usual wordy self.  But if you’re a new reader, feel free to check out this Welcome! post a quick orientation and some background info.]


I made falafel for dinner last night.

My recipe is all kinds of delicious, but without being bitter at all.
It’s easy and soooo tasty.
Fried is tastier than baked, so I use a bit of olive oil and call it ‘healthy fats’!


Love notes from my boss…

As a running coach, I use just my big voice to yell to my groups.
But in the cycling room, with music pumping, a mic is necessary.
Mics are finicky. They get broken, sweaty, and bent.
And my bosses are always reminding us of this (with good reason).
Consequence: An unacceptably high percentage of
mic photos vs cute baby photos in my text messages lately.
Those of you with cute babies, please help me fix this. STAT.


Pearl Izumi tank!

At least, that’s what I was trying to show off.
Instead, I discovered embarrassing grown out fuzzies on the back of my neck.
‘Out of sight, Out of mind.’  Quite literally.
Do I trust my husband with a razor to tidy things up until my next trim?
He shaves his face, so I have to assume he knows what he’s doing, right?


My Wednesday lunch. Every week.

I’m spoiled for choice for lunch options downtown.
But this one is reliable, convenient, and fuels me through my evening classes.
The veggie quesadilla has a spicy sweet mustard sauce that is magical.
And yes, I eat a cupcake like that.  Every week.
And proud of it.


Call it self-absorbed, but I enjoy selfies.
And bubble tea.

Bubble tea is on every corner here,
But this was my first taste of Artease tea.
I opted for the Cinnamon Milk Tea – delicious!
But the bubbles were a bit soft & chewy for my liking.




I’ll bet your day is better than his….

I step on that very spot sometimes when I go to the kopi (coffee shop).
Selfishly, I’m glad the cave-in didn’t send my leg through the pavers.
Still…I felt bad for the owner.
[But not so bad that I didn’t snap a photo…]
I wanted to stick around to see how he got out, but had to zip to work.
This spot is now roped off with CAUTION tape…

What are you “making time for” this week?

It’s been awhile, so tell me something random about you, your day, or your week!

Good Mornings for a Wednesday (January 22, 2014)

I have four “unclaimed” hours between classes this afternoon, and I intend to spend them holed up, catching up on all of your blog posts from the past 10 days.  In the meantime, what better way to slide myself back into blog-land than with a Good Mornings post?

Lake Effect Shirt

USA, I’m with you in spirit!

We’re having a cold front in Singapore, too.
It’s hardly broken 85°F this week…

Lasagna in a Loaf Pan

Which of course makes for….perfect lasagna weather!

My new trick: Use a loaf pan to make lasagna for two.
I resurrected my Mom’s spinach-mushroom lasagna recipe.
A year apart from that deliciousness was far too long…

Basik!It’s…basik!  basik855, that is…

Socially responsible bags made from traditional Cambodian ikat fabric.
I helped fund a Kickstarter campaign for some new prints,
And my backer reward arrived in the mail last week!
[This is the first ‘clutch’ that I’ve ever owned, folks.]

Odd Bean OutI found a stowaway in my can of garbanzos!

Caption contest winner, Jenny T:
“It’s living its dream of being turned into hummus.
‘They said I could be anything, so I became a garbanzo bean…’ ”
[And she gets bonus points for a double-correct usage of it’s/its.]

Spinning with CompressionCoach Holly: Bringing compression to indoor cycling.

I’ve been subbing to cover a lot of RPM classes.
Add them to my running,
and the result is some very knotty calves.
This look is odd enough that folks can’t take their eyes off me during class.
^Every instructor’s dream.

Libby's Pumpkin PricingThat’s $6 USD for the big can of pureed pumpkin.

And that, my friends, is why I microwave & puree local pumpkins to make pie.
Yes, Thanksgiving was two months ago.
But we’re having friends over to celebrate again this weekend.
I love cooking Thanksgiving food, so why the heck not?

This post has two Drew University references in it.  Anyone?

Do you puree your own pumpkin?  Or eat pumpkin pie after December?

Continuing the “random” theme: What made you laugh today?

Good Mornings for a Wednesday (October 2)

In case you’re a new reader, “Good Mornings” posts are basically my version of a random photo dump – and a quick-and-easy way to give you some tiny snippets from my every day life.  Enjoy!

Tomatoes Home From London

As a New Jersey gal, I’m a tomato snob.

I think the tomatoes in Singapore are fairly tasteless.
But I died and went to Farmer’s Market heaven in London!
Everything looked so fresh & delicious,
We overbought.
I packed the extras to take for plane snacks,
Tied up in the hotel’s freebie shower cap!

Holly Cow!One of the last things I did before moving to Singapore….

…was run Ragnar ADK
Our team included 3 Hollys from Rochester.
Thus, “Holly Cow”.
The team (down to 2 Hollys) reunited to race this past weekend.
I cheered from a far: “Keep MOOOOOOOving!”
Do you have any idea how deep the cow/running punning can go?

Ice DessertsShaved ice.

Shaved ice is quite a popular dessert out here.
This one was an east-meets-west variety:
Shaved ice with various flavors/toppings.
The chocolate banana at the bottom is mine.

Double-watching it

Does the time go twice as fast because he’s wearing two watches?

Library AdvertisingLove.

What? Me?  Giggle my way through the library?

Bits Eats WatermelonA new family member (temporarily) joined my parents in June.

She’s adorable,
Albeit needy.
And she loooooves the end of the watermelon.
She takes a small bite, then moves slightly to the side,
And takes another bite –
Eating it just like you and I.

What’s the strangest shaved-ice topping you spot in the photos above?
[There are too many weird ones to name in such a brief post – so take a guess!]

Thought of any cow/run puns yet?

Anybody want an adorable, needy little Yorkie?

Good Mornings for a Saturday (August 17)

Today was a busy day: I cheered at a race, I ran 10 miles, I mopped the floor, I finally got my Feedly Reader down to 0 for the first time since Aug. 5, I blew my nose a bunch of times, and I drank NO coffee.  [Coffee has no appeal to me when my sinuses are clogged.  Don’t know why….]  I have London Goodness and Workout Round-Ups to write.  But frankly, I’m in the mood for something a little lighter today.  And it’s the weekend, so why not?

Special HairNew haircut needed: STAT

Thankfully, I juuust got one.
The hairdresser assured me my new cut “brought out my natural curls.”
Hmph!  Curls??  Who knew?
Personally, I’m considering shaving it all off.
[I’m only half joking.]

Cereal in BedEllie Love

Sometimes, when KMN is away for work,
Ellie & I enjoy cereal and a book in bed.
I’m currently reading
Devil in the Grove:
Thurgood Marshall, the Groveland Boys, and the Dawn of a New America
Not exactly light reading, but definitely an eye-opener.

Matching Scarves!The “Holly Scarf”

One of the other Hollys I know
(we actually lead parallel lives, except that she’s awesomer)
has this same scarf, but in a different color.
[The things you learn from Facebook.]
I exchanged photos with her, to compare –
and this one came out just artsy enough to warrant inclusion on the blog.

Bikes &

Creative Transportation

Hey, whatever works!

Lookin' Fancy!All dressed up….

Gussied up for a wedding earlier this year.
(On a somewhat better hair day.)
Love this guy like crazy!

Alarmed Door

Why?  Did somebody scare it?

Spotted while we were in London.
Totally cracked me up!


Ever ridden/driven a Segway?

What are you looking forward to this weekend?

Good Mornings for a Friday (July 19)

Well, it’s been awhile since we’ve done one of these, now hasn’t it?  So let’s hop to it!

Does anyone even use that expression anymore?  Ah, well. I do, apparently!

[For those who are new, “Good Mornings” is a recurring feature at RWH – it’s basically my way of doing a light and easy photo-dump post of randomness for you all.  Other good information for new readers can be found in this Welcome post.]

Latte heartLatte Love

My stomach has been a bit off the last few days.
So I’ve been staying away from coffee.
But I have a very busy weekend ahead,
And I think it will be returning to my morning routine!

Is Spandex NormalSpandex is a necessary part of every outfit, right?

Even when I get dressed in ‘real people clothes’,
I find myself in stretchy fabrics.
It’s a disease.
Or a consequence.
Or just plain comfortable…

Meet the MenagerieMeet the Menagerie.

From Left to Right, that’s:
Holly – Rhino – Ellie – P.Bear
PB is the newest addition to our family.
We’re pleased with how well he’s taking to Singapore…

Skating down belowUnderpass Action

There are a few spacious road underpasses
(this one is downtown)
Where young people are encouraged
(or at least permitted)
To congregate in the evenings.
They bring music, snacks, and equipment.
They dance, choreograph, skate, and skateboard all around.
The space is safe and air conditioned.
I think it’s awesome.

Drinking problemEveryone brings 3 different drinks to the gym in the morning, right?


Vacation Shot!End-of-Vacation shot.

From our last day in Rochester.
I’ll be blogging a bit more about New Jersey, Rochester,
And sister-wedding-goodness this weekend.
Otherwise, next week!

Hope you all have some good stuff planned.  🙂

Current favorite piece of non-workout clothing?
[Does it have spandex in it?]

What not-usually-frozen food do you like to eat frozen?
[I’m writing up some beat-the-heat tips,
and am looking for something other than ‘grapes’.]

Good Mornings for a Friday (May 24)

It’s Friday!  Let’s celebrate with a low-text and care-free Good Mornings post:

Ding Dong TeaIngenious: Take a favorite snack food, and turn it into a drink !!

Those Taiwanese folks are so smart.

Yami Yogurt“Chocolate Rice”

Total awesomeness.
So don’t even bother with the sprinkles/jimmies debate.
[Yes, there is also “Rainbow Rice”.]

U2 Go HomeThis shirt cracks me up.

Do you think the band realized the hilarity/irony?
They must have, right?

Lettuce in the SpinnerThings I love to see when I open the fridge!

This means that the lettuce is already washed and cut!!
Salad is mere seconds away.

Holly Wears Real Clothes!A Holly in her non-native habitat.

One of the few recent iPhone photos
in which I’m NOT wearing workout gear.
A rare site indeed.
[Technical gear helps me stay cool and dry!]

Shaking WasherThe victims of a rigorous Spin cycle!

One inherent problem with storing things on top of the washing machine…

Mopping Sandals!I have nothing to add.


Chenille Cleaning Mop Slippers: Yes or No?  Wet or Dry?

Ding Dong Tea: Yes or No?

What are you looking forward to this weekend?

Good Mornings for a Tuesday (April 9)

Apologies, folks, it’s been a few days.  Things have been a bit hectic over here.  Life is keeping me on my toes!

1 Rolling HipsStress + Running = Holly’s IT Bands Need Lots of Love
Thankfully, the ever-faithful foam roller provides!
It’s in my suitcase right now…

2 Drinking ProblemSomeone around here has a drinking problem…
Yep, one of these guys is packed, too.
[One!?!  Just ONE?!?!  How will I survive??]

3 Traveling SocksI don’t own any compression socks.
Can I substitute a cheap pair of knee-high socks?
[Answer: Not really.]
I bought these when I was in a knee-high walking boot a few years back.
They’re cute, so I kept them. 🙂
I’m calling them “pseudo-compression” for a long day of travelling.

4 Empty SeatsI love having this view of the two seats next to me on a plane.
There was definitely some napping done!
And now, I’m in transit in Hong Kong.
Thanks for the fast, free wireless, HK!

5 Compliments Police

Sign in the restroom at the Hong Kong airport.
I was totally cool with it, until I got to the bottom part.
The thought of the Hong Kong Police complimenting me…
…while I’m sitting on the toilet…
….is just awkward.

6 Cute boyDon’t get me started on how much I’m gonna miss this guy…

This is a trip that’s been brewing for awhile,
and recently came to fruition.
I’ll be spending a few weeks in Florida with some of my family.
[But don’t worry, they have internet. You can’t get rid of me that easily!]

Anyone else use their compression gear when they fly?

What’s your favorite travel tip for long, multi-flight adventures?

Have any funnies for today?
I’ll be 25 hours into travel next time I get online – I’m going to need a laugh!


Good Mornings for a Thursday (March 28)

FYI for any new Run With Holly friends: The “Good Mornings” series is my way of doing a camera-dump, and sharing funny, cute, important or weird photos that otherwise didn’t make it into any of my regular posts.  I don’t link up with anyone, and I’m not on Instagram.  You’re gonna have to come straight here (and only here!) for this kind of goodness.  🙂

1 KMN talks on tabletRemember when cell phones used to be really big?
Then they got small?
Then they got bigger again?
He doesn’t actually talk on the tablet.
But I made him pose with it,
because I *have* seen people talking on similarly sized electronics.
So weird.

2 Cute Australian Pears

Dear Australia: Thanks for the pears!
I love the tropical fruits we can buy here.
But every once in awhile, I like to enjoy something “homey”.
These cute little pears totally fit the bill.

3 RainstormSometimes it rains here.
Like, a lot.

4 SAD ceilingPhoto of the ceiling at Fusionopolis.
I’m not sure why anyone would want to follow the “SAD” duct,
to be honest.
I kind of wanted to tell it a joke or something.5 Home fork!One of these things is not like the others.
The smooth-handled forks are ours – a set.
The patterned one in the middle is from my parent’s old set,
the set we used when I was growing up.
I’m not sure how this one fork came to tag along, but I love having it.
KMN always picks around it;
But it’s my favorite fork.
A ‘taste’ of home…

6 CupcakeWe walked past a twelve cupcakes shop the other day.
I’m not super crazy for cupcakes,
but suddenly, I had to have one.
A peanut-butter chocolate one.
It didn’t disappoint.

Does anyone else out there have a favorite fork utensil?

Cupcakes; YAY or NAY?  What flavor?

Good Mornings for a Saturday (March 9)

Sorry for the recent absence. Things I have NOT been doing: moping over my plantar fasciitis-ed foot (although I’m still pretty annoyed at him), panicking over every PF horror story I read on the internet, researching the most obscure PF-treatment methods I can find.  Things I HAVE been doing: spinning, yoga, running 1-2 miles at a time, and working on a few other projects.  Posting will be back to normal this weekend.  Cheers!

Best Shopping List EVER.Best Shopping List EVER.
Need I say more?

2 Otah“Otah” is a spicy fish cake served in a banana leaf.
The dish is called otak in Malay and Indonesian.
Otak means “brains”.  Apparently this soft, squishy fish cake looks like brains?

3 Crazy Cute KMNAsians: Promoting peace in photographs around the world…
And flashing some UCLA pride.
Love this guy.

4 Sugar Plums!!!Now I know what was dancing through the heads of the nestled children!
I’d probably call these “plums”, since they’re fresh, not dried.
But, details.

5 Pizza AttemptAttempt #3 at homemade pizza.
I’m feeling good about how much better our homemade pizzas are coming out.
Then I read the posts from a few lovely lady-runner-bloggers,
who wrote about and photographed
the delicious NJ post-run pizza they enjoyed last weekend…
*slightly jealous*

6 Zombies and BrainsAn informational pamphlet from the doctor’s office.
Note the items in the red square (my emphasis).
Toto, I don’t think we’re in the USA anymore.
Also, as KMN noted, the zombies are gonna be needing some Statins…

What single item constitutes a “shopping list” for you?
Despite what the list above suggests, mine is MILK.

Ever eaten brains?


Good Mornings for a Monday (March 4)

1 Where The Sidewalk Ends

Hey guys, I found it!
[Where the Sidewalk Ends]

2 Cheese!

Oh, baby!
KMN knows that I love cheese…and that I’m cheap.
So for Christmas, he got me some supermarket giftcards:
“For Cheese & Chocolate ONLY
Good man, that one.

3 Love Is...Favorite Capris

I post an inordinate number of these shots.
But I can’t help it!
I just rediscovered a favorite pair of capris!
You can’t even see how old and worn they are in this picture. Score.

4 You Know It Was A Good Party When...

You know it was a good party when…
The dishwasher is full of wine glasses the next morning.
The result of an evening of laughter and fellowship, shared with friends.

5 New Additions

Our New Additions!
Sweet Basil on the left and Lemon Basil on the right
We also tried to buy a tomato plant.
KMN had the foresight to taste test one of the tomatoes before we bought it.
ICKY!  We left the tomato plant at the nursery.

6 Goodbye Paper Shredder

RIP Mr. Paper Shredder
The first victim of a “forgot to plug into a voltage converter” mistake.
Frankly, I’m surprised it’s taken this long.
BOO for Holly’s carelessness!

7 YUM SnackBasically, The Perfect Snack

What kind of cheese would you buy with a Cheese-Only Gift Card?

I know how to use Sweet Basil, but what should I do with Lemon Basil?