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Friday Gym Fun #2

A long, long time ago – aka, earlier this year, when I was but a baby blogger, I tried out a “Friday Gym Fun” post.  The assignment to a Friday was random,  and it’s been quite awhile since that first one – I’ve had a partial draft of a second saved for quite a long time.  And now, I’ve finally accumulated 5 more tidbits to share.  Do keep in mind, it’s been awhile.  How long is “awhile”?  Well, #1 should give you a hint…

#1: But Easter isn’t a holiday:

[Background information: Singapore is a melting pot of cultures, ethnicities, and religions (Bhuddism, Christianity, Islam, Taoism, Hinduism, and others).  There are several public holidays “allotted” to each religious group.  The Christian holidays are Christmas and Good Friday.  On all public holidays, my gym has adjusted hours and a special class schedule.]

As I was leaving the gym on Thursday, the day before Good Friday, the desk attendant reminded me that the gym would be on a public holiday schedule the next day.

Me: Ah – yes, thanks.  Is there a special schedule for Sunday?
Her: *looks confused* Why?
Me: Erm…for Easter.
Her: No.  Sunday’s isn’t a holiday – tomorrow is the holiday!
Me: (understanding what she meant, but still amused) Erm…just don’t tell the Christians that!

#2 Looks can be deceiving: I was on the treadmill one day, and a big, burly (weight-lifting style) guy claimed a treadmill two down from mine.  A moment later, his big burly friend came by and took the one between us.  I sighed, anticipating a sweaty, clompy, testosterone-laden passive aggressive race to start up next to me.

But these fellows surprised me so much.  They started at a walk, then proceeded for 30 minutes of very responsible, reasonably-paced run/walk intervals – exactly the kind of thing I would prescribe for my runners-to-be.  I felt so happy for them – and slightly disappointed at myself for pre-judging so quickly!

#3 Karma: I was in an RPM class recently when, about 20 minutes into class, one of the gentlemen near me started to smell quite bad (it definitely wasn’t me).  I sighed inwardly, rolled my eyes outwardly, and breathed through my mouth for the rest of class – all the while grumbling in my head about deodorant, clean workout gear, etc.

Two days later, I was in BodyPump when, halfway through class, for no apparent reason (my clothes were clean when I put them on that morning, and I showered/powdered/deodorized), I started to stink.  I got stinkier and stinkier as class went on.  Although I don’t usually smell like a rose by the time class ends, I seldom stink quite as badly as I did that day.  On a normal day, I think that only I, and KMN, get close enough to me to notice the stink.  But on this particular day, I had a much larger than normal “stink radius”.  Karma was most definitely at work here.  Henceforth, I shall try to be less judgey about smelly gym goers.  Maybe their laundry detergent was just having a bad day.

#4 Quotations from the Spin Room: Speaking of spin, one of my RPM instructors came out with this little gem sometime in June –

“You should now have a bit pf perspiration on your forehead.  If you don’t, you aren’t working hard enough.  Sweat is what tells you that your body is getting stronger.”

Well gosh, if that’s the case, I’m going to be muscle-woman by the time I leave Singapore.  I break a sweat walking to the bus stop!

#5 Two are better than one: Each of the vanities in the locker room has two hair dryers.  A few evenings ago, I saw a woman standing at the vanity, one hairdryer in each hand, aiming them at opposite sides of her head.  If that’s not Singaporean pragmatism and efficiency, I don’t know what is.

[Yes, this does mean that “Foodie Friday”, from my new blog plan, will have to share space with “Friday Gym Fun”, every once in awhile.  I think they’ll both survive.]

Seen anything unexpected/funny/surprising/hilarious at the gym/track/trail/running path lately?

“Friday Gym Fun” (this may or may not become a Friday series)

If you go to the gym regularly, you’re bound to see some strange things.  I’ve already written a post about weird things that I’ve learned at the gym. But recently, I seem to have witnessed more “warm and fuzzy” moments than weird ones.

I need some variety.  A girl can watch herself roll her own calf for only so long...

I need some variety. A girl can watch herself roll her own calf for only so long…

And, since it’s Friday (or late on Thursday, or early on Saturday – depending on what time zone you’re in), let’s have a little “Fun Gym Things” Friday celebration, with some moments I’ve witnessed over the past 2 weeks.  [Nope, I’m not linking up with any other bloggers for this. It’s not a Twitter hashtag.  I just made it up, on the spot, just a moment ago.  But if it takes off like crazy, just remember you saw it here first.]


#1: Rodeo Bull Riding  When you’re a runner, who is mildly cursing running for probably contributing to your current bout of plantar fasciitis, watching bull riding while plodding along on the treadmill, bike, or elliptical is an AWESOME idea.  In comparison, the sport of running sounds just about as safe as staying in bed. [See Mom and Dad, I could have picked a really DANGEROUS sport!] I mean, seriously.  Those guys strangle their hands with a rope, hunker down really tightly, then hold on for about 6-whiplash-full seconds, before falling at the feet of a bucking, thousand-plus pound bull.  *shudder*  [PS Bull riding accounts for 50% of all rodeo-related injuries.  Go figure.]

#2: Jumping rope A young lady was working with a Personal Trainer, and obviously learning how to jump rope for the first time.  Really cute.  And after a few hesitant turns, she really was getting the hang of it.  I love seeing “learning” connections made, whether in the classroom or on the gym floor. Made me smile!

And I needed a smile.  THIS is how I usually look while foam rolling.  Cute, right?

And I needed a smile. THIS is how I usually look while foam rolling. Cute, right?

#3: Friendly Motivation I saw a group of four friends having an impromptu plank competition, good-naturedly arguing over whose butt was disqualifyingly high in the air.  Love seeing friends support each other on their way to their fitness goals – and peer pressuring each other into good form, too!

#4: Family Motivation I saw a mother/daughter team working with a Personal Trainer.  Mom seemed skeptical about the whole thing.  I know nothing of their history, and heard none of their discussion, but the story I made up in my head involved the daughter signing up with her Mom, in order to convince her Mom to get started at the gym.  I also love seeing FAMILIES support each other on their way to their fitness goals.

#5: Do I Know You? Random guy giving me a “smile and nod” on our way into Body Pump yesterday.  After I got my place set up (while wracking my brain over who he was) I had to go over and admit defeat: “Sorry – you obviously know me, but I don’t know you – can you help me out?”  Embarrassingly, he was on the bike next to me in spin class the previous evening.  We’d even lamented to each other over a particularly loud track during the session.  But this was at a different branch of the gym, in different clothes, and I definitely didn’t recognize him. [And, I’m sorry to admit, that sometimes Chinese guys “all sorta look the same” to me.]  Ooops.  But he was super-nice, and even insisted on getting me two more risers for my step, even though I really insisted that I didn’t need them.  [Either that or he was trying to kill me during the new-release “starfish jumps off the step” set at the end of the second legs track.]  Anyway, I plan to remember him from now on. 🙂

So there’s a quick look at what has been making me smile lately.

Seen any smile-worthy moments at the gym (or otherwise) lately?