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Good Mornings for a Monday (January 14)

A few things I said “Good Morning” to on this Monday…

Sewing Notions

Crafting notions procured for a few projects this week.  

We have some friends from the US arriving tonight, and staying with us for a few days.  One of the projects is for our guest bathroom.  I guess I’d better get started!

Coffee and Moka pot

We love our Moka pot.

I talked to my sister until nearly 2 AM yesterday.  It was wonderful to catch up with her, but this morning’s alarm was a little brutal.

Fishy PJs PantsPlease don’t ask me the vintage of these PJ shorts.

The fishie faces still crack me up, after all these years.  And who doesn’t need a giggle on a Monday morning?  Although, I suppose it’s time to get moving, and into some proper clothes.

On tap for me this week:

What’s catching your eye this Monday morning?