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Weekly Workout Round-Up (Oct. 21 – Oct. 27)

It’s Nov. 20…so I have exactly 1 day before I’m a month behind on Weekly Workout Round-Ups (except now, in the time between draft and publication, it became Nov. 21 in Singapore.  I’m officially a month behind).  Thankfully, I have a pretty detailed workout log and my photos to help me recall each day, plus whatever notes I throw into this file as a draft – and I actually like writing these recaps, so I’m not sure why I keep falling behind.  Ah, well.  I’d abandon the idea all together, except I actually really like having the record for myself – and publishing it publicly reminds me to keep up (usually…hmph!).  So here we go.  Since the days are flying by so quickly anyway, let’s take a moment to rewind back to October.

Monday (Oct. 21): RPM practice

This week I moved intensely into my Team Teaching, so I spent a bit of time in the studio alone, learning, practicing, and reviewing the tracks I’d be teaching during the week.

Tuesday: Run (6.8 mi) & RPM Team Teach (TT)

I ran a loop of McRitchie first thing in the morning, and collected some bugs on my shirt (better than in my mouth!):

The front of my shirt.  I wore yellow, to better highlight the collection of bugs.  You're welcome.

The front of my shirt. I wore yellow, to better highlight the collection of bugs. You’re welcome.

I team taught with a new mentor this day – and for some reason, the feedback she provided really clicked for me.  I felt excited to practice, and retry my tracks the next day.

Wednesday: RPM (TT)

Oatmeal = Fuel

Oatmeal = Fuel

Fueled by a great big bowl of oatmeal, I was ready to team teach with another mentor (we typically work with 2-3 mentors throughout our training) than on Tuesday. Although getting feedback from different people is important to help me develop my own personal style, I’m struggling a bit with trying to please too many masters.  I’m also working to adapt my running coach style to indoor cycling coach – some elements transfer easily, but others require some adjustment (for me, at least).  This topic will probably warrant a post of its own at some point in the future.  But for now, I’m trying to stay flexible, open to constructive criticism (so hard sometimes!), and learn as much as I can.  I know that, soon enough, this mentorship period will be over, and I’ll be on my own – so I need to soak in as much as possible right now!

Thursday: Run (3.1 mi) & RPM

There was nothing terribly notable about either of these workouts, but in the evening, we debuted a dish that has since reappeared weekly:

Pan-cooked portobello mushrooms with melted goat cheese and sauteed peppers and onions, with a side of quinoa salad. SO MUCH YUM on that plate, folks.

Pan-cooked portobello mushrooms with melted goat cheese and sauteed peppers and onions, with a side of quinoa salad. SO MUCH YUM on that plate, folks.

Friday: “Rest”

I had grand plans for some kind of workout (run and Body Pump, I think?).  But then, around lunchtime, I walked into our guest bathroom and found this:

That is laundry detergent.  It is brown because it leaked through the cardboard box on the left.

That is laundry detergent. All over the floor. It is brown because it leaked through the cardboard box on the left.

And thus commenced the Great Detergent Clean-Up of 2013.  Just think for one moment…about the logistics of cleaning up ~120 oz of laundry detergent.  [Those Costco containers hold ~180 oz of detergent, and the one whose corner cracked was about 2/3 empty when I finally discovered it.]

I did my best to avoid that scene in the Curious George book where George makes a huge mess at home by trying to use the washing machine (at least I think that’s what happened…I’m a bit vague on the details, but I have a very clear memory of the illustration, and didn’t want it to happen in our bathroom).  I also gave copious amounts of thanks that, in Singapore, most bathrooms have a floor drain – and our shower head is on a hose.

Needless to say, after three hours of cleaning up this mess, I had no desire to workout.  I finished up some computer work and let KMN take me out for dinner instead.  See, even running coaches skip their workouts sometimes…

Saturday: Run (8.8 mi)

KMN had a long run on his schedule for the day. I wasn’t interested in his 16 miles, but I joined him for the first half.  We actually ran the first 10 miles of the TNF 50K course – this was my first time running the whole section since race day.  I was of two minds: A bit relieved that the training was over, and a bit sad that the training and even had come and gone.

[Incidentally, I think this is a great thing.  Target races should be like relatives coming to visit: You are mostly excited and slightly nervous about their impending arrival; by the time they leave, you are half sad, and half relieved.]

KMN has a pretty carefree training attitude, and I was just out for fun, so we mugged for the camera a bit.

26 Pre-Run

I also nabbed some contradictory monkey signage:

"I may rummage through your bag.  Please do not leave it unattended."

“I may rummage through your bag. Please do not leave it unattended.”

"Please keep a distance of 2-3 m away from me as I am easily frightened."

“Please keep a distance of 2-3 m away from me as I am easily frightened.”



Yes, both signs refer to the very same monkeys.  I can assure you that the left one is far more correct.  Watch yourself when you pull out that package of Honey Stingers on the trail….

When we got to Bukit Timah, we took a break for some water, KMN refueled, and I headed out to the bus stop while he turned around to run back.  I know I’ll be excited for long runs again really soon…but right now, I’m happy to be holding around 10 miles.  I was also thrilled that my knee felt great and seems to be well recovered from whatever twisting/wrenching occurred during the 50K.

I also managed to drip sweat all over the floor of the bus on the ride home.  Shhh....

I also managed to drip sweat all over the floor of the bus on the ride home. Shhh….

Sunday: Rest

And that pretty much wrapped up the week, with a Total Workout Time of 7 hrs, 15 min – and 18.7 miles (and one laundry detergent debacle).  Not awesome, but acceptable – I expect the next week to bring more Team Teaching and, hopefully, a bit more running.  [Spoiler alert: Not so much of the former, but definitely more of the latter.]  I was also hoping to smush two weeks of workouts into one post, but this post is already 1,000 words, so I’m cutting it off here.

How do you remind yourself to stay receptive to constructive criticism without getting defensive?

What’s the biggest, stickiest, most annoying mess you’ve ever had to clean up?
[Note: Not necessarily the grossest…just the most annoying/hardest.]

Great Eastern Women’s Run: A Strong, Beautiful Cheer-fest!

So this morning, this happened:

Strong is Beautiful

I heard from several running friends that the Great Eastern Women’s Run (5K/10K/21K) was one of the best races in Singapore.  This is the only female-only event in Singapore (or perhaps that I’ve seen ANYWHERE) that refuses to play up the “girlie” part of a female-only race*.  The shirts are red (not pink!!!!!), the message is health and fitness (not glitter!!!), and the execution is solid.  Although I opted not to participate this year, I will not make the same mistake next year.

So I did the next best thing to running: I went out to cheer.  The weather was a bit iffy – rain threatened all morning, and some parts of the course did get a bit wet/misty at times.  But the overcast skies and cool breeze definitely made me wish I was racing!!!

Grey morning skyline (taken from my 21K cheering spot).

Grey morning skyline (taken from my 21K cheering spot).

I spent the first part of the morning at the 14K mark on the half-marathon course, and of course had a blast cheering for everyone.  I loved seeing so many strong, intense, fierce looking lady runners!  The two funniest parts of the morning were:

1. Several times, ladies running past greeted me by name, “Hi Holly!” with enthusiastic waves.  I cheered and waved back – I suppose they know me from the blog and/or Run With Holly Facebook page – but I have no idea who most of them are.  I felt mildly famous, but wish I knew your names so I could have very specifically cheered back at you!

2. “Aren’t you supposed to be at Marina Barrage?”  This was the most common question I got all morning.  Marina Barrage is my usual cheering spot, for several reasons: It’s 4-5K from the finish, there’s not much else going on so encouragement is welcome, and the absence of housing means I can cheer as loudly as I want.   This morning, I just decided to do something a bit different.  Seems that I’ll have to do this even more in the future, just to keep you all on your toes! 🙂

When most of the half-marathoners passed, I decided to go across the river to cheer for the 5K, which was still going strong.  Unfortunately, the best way to cross the Kallang River was for me to walk back to the subway and travel one stop.  This was a bit pesky, but I hustled and managed to get across before all the runners finished.

The fun part about a 5K is that the distance is accessible to many people, and I saw ladies of all shapes, sizes, and ages out on the course, including an 80 year-old woman, walking with her daughter? grand-daughter? – so cool!

I opted to hold the sign this time (rather than prop it up – the drizzle was making things a big soggy), and was overwhelmed by the enthusiastic response it received.  After last week’s “glam” kerfluffle, I wanted the sign to remind all the ladies out on the course that their physical and inner strength is what make them beautiful.  But I saw so many smiles, fist-pumps, and cheers in response to a few simple words, that it was my heart that melted.  There were so many requests for photos that I should have made TWO signs!  When a woman came up to me and said, “See these goosebumps?  That sign just gave me these goosebumps,” I almost cried.

The overwhelming response left me feeling conflicted: Part of me was overjoyed that I could help spread such a powerful message; another part of me was a bit sad that such a message still needs to be spread.

The extra bonus of my 5K cheer spot was  the most active, energetic group of race course volunteers I’ve ever seen in Singapore.  These young ladies formed a mini cheer corridor, pulled out every language they knew (including English, Mandarin, Singlish, and Malay), and even ran next to some participants for a bit.  They were awesome.

Jia YOU, ladies!

Jia YOU, ladies!

The flood of runners turned to a stream, to a trickle, and then…the morning was over.  I packed up my sign, grabbed a parting shot of some Kalang Park roosters (don’t ask me…):

Yep, four roosters pecking along in the park (which is really just a strip of green between the river and the highway).  Toward the end, they even added their own "Cock-a-doodle-do"s to the cheering action!

Yep, four roosters pecking along in the park (which is really just a strip of green between the river and the highway). Toward the end, they even added their own “Cock-a-doodle-do”s to the cheering action!

and headed home.  I won’t lie: I was planning to go for a run when I got home.  But after two days full of early mornings and lots of cheering, I opted for a shower and a long afternoon nap instead.  Sorry I’m not sorry.  Now, I’m catching up on some work, writing some blog posts, and about to go find myself some dinner.  [Cheering is hard, hungry work.]  Enjoy the remainder of your Sunday!!

Congratulations to ALL Great Eastern participants.  You ladies did a fantastic job this morning!!!

*If female-only races leave you feeling a little funky, check out this post by Fit and Feminist (yes, I love her just a little bit): My Problem With Women-Only Races Is Not The Women-Only Part.  You’re welcome.

Did you run the Great Eastern race this morning?  Tell me about it!

Did you run another race this morning? STILL tell me about it!

What makes YOU beautiful (please think outside the lines of ‘traditional’ beauty)?
[Men, you can answer this question, too.  I think those of you out this morning supporting/cheering/pacing/sherpa-ing for your wives/daughters/siblings/friends were beautiful for your dedication, commitment, and love.]

Good Mornings for a Wednesday (October 2)

In case you’re a new reader, “Good Mornings” posts are basically my version of a random photo dump – and a quick-and-easy way to give you some tiny snippets from my every day life.  Enjoy!

Tomatoes Home From London

As a New Jersey gal, I’m a tomato snob.

I think the tomatoes in Singapore are fairly tasteless.
But I died and went to Farmer’s Market heaven in London!
Everything looked so fresh & delicious,
We overbought.
I packed the extras to take for plane snacks,
Tied up in the hotel’s freebie shower cap!

Holly Cow!One of the last things I did before moving to Singapore….

…was run Ragnar ADK
Our team included 3 Hollys from Rochester.
Thus, “Holly Cow”.
The team (down to 2 Hollys) reunited to race this past weekend.
I cheered from a far: “Keep MOOOOOOOving!”
Do you have any idea how deep the cow/running punning can go?

Ice DessertsShaved ice.

Shaved ice is quite a popular dessert out here.
This one was an east-meets-west variety:
Shaved ice with various flavors/toppings.
The chocolate banana at the bottom is mine.

Double-watching it

Does the time go twice as fast because he’s wearing two watches?

Library AdvertisingLove.

What? Me?  Giggle my way through the library?

Bits Eats WatermelonA new family member (temporarily) joined my parents in June.

She’s adorable,
Albeit needy.
And she loooooves the end of the watermelon.
She takes a small bite, then moves slightly to the side,
And takes another bite –
Eating it just like you and I.

What’s the strangest shaved-ice topping you spot in the photos above?
[There are too many weird ones to name in such a brief post – so take a guess!]

Thought of any cow/run puns yet?

Anybody want an adorable, needy little Yorkie?

Good Mornings for a Saturday (August 17)

Today was a busy day: I cheered at a race, I ran 10 miles, I mopped the floor, I finally got my Feedly Reader down to 0 for the first time since Aug. 5, I blew my nose a bunch of times, and I drank NO coffee.  [Coffee has no appeal to me when my sinuses are clogged.  Don’t know why….]  I have London Goodness and Workout Round-Ups to write.  But frankly, I’m in the mood for something a little lighter today.  And it’s the weekend, so why not?

Special HairNew haircut needed: STAT

Thankfully, I juuust got one.
The hairdresser assured me my new cut “brought out my natural curls.”
Hmph!  Curls??  Who knew?
Personally, I’m considering shaving it all off.
[I’m only half joking.]

Cereal in BedEllie Love

Sometimes, when KMN is away for work,
Ellie & I enjoy cereal and a book in bed.
I’m currently reading
Devil in the Grove:
Thurgood Marshall, the Groveland Boys, and the Dawn of a New America
Not exactly light reading, but definitely an eye-opener.

Matching Scarves!The “Holly Scarf”

One of the other Hollys I know
(we actually lead parallel lives, except that she’s awesomer)
has this same scarf, but in a different color.
[The things you learn from Facebook.]
I exchanged photos with her, to compare –
and this one came out just artsy enough to warrant inclusion on the blog.

Bikes &

Creative Transportation

Hey, whatever works!

Lookin' Fancy!All dressed up….

Gussied up for a wedding earlier this year.
(On a somewhat better hair day.)
Love this guy like crazy!

Alarmed Door

Why?  Did somebody scare it?

Spotted while we were in London.
Totally cracked me up!


Ever ridden/driven a Segway?

What are you looking forward to this weekend?

Good Mornings for a Tuesday (April 9)

Apologies, folks, it’s been a few days.  Things have been a bit hectic over here.  Life is keeping me on my toes!

1 Rolling HipsStress + Running = Holly’s IT Bands Need Lots of Love
Thankfully, the ever-faithful foam roller provides!
It’s in my suitcase right now…

2 Drinking ProblemSomeone around here has a drinking problem…
Yep, one of these guys is packed, too.
[One!?!  Just ONE?!?!  How will I survive??]

3 Traveling SocksI don’t own any compression socks.
Can I substitute a cheap pair of knee-high socks?
[Answer: Not really.]
I bought these when I was in a knee-high walking boot a few years back.
They’re cute, so I kept them. 🙂
I’m calling them “pseudo-compression” for a long day of travelling.

4 Empty SeatsI love having this view of the two seats next to me on a plane.
There was definitely some napping done!
And now, I’m in transit in Hong Kong.
Thanks for the fast, free wireless, HK!

5 Compliments Police

Sign in the restroom at the Hong Kong airport.
I was totally cool with it, until I got to the bottom part.
The thought of the Hong Kong Police complimenting me…
…while I’m sitting on the toilet…
….is just awkward.

6 Cute boyDon’t get me started on how much I’m gonna miss this guy…

This is a trip that’s been brewing for awhile,
and recently came to fruition.
I’ll be spending a few weeks in Florida with some of my family.
[But don’t worry, they have internet. You can’t get rid of me that easily!]

Anyone else use their compression gear when they fly?

What’s your favorite travel tip for long, multi-flight adventures?

Have any funnies for today?
I’ll be 25 hours into travel next time I get online – I’m going to need a laugh!


Sunday, Signday

I need some giggles this morning.  And we haven’t talked about funny signs in awhile.  So let’s do it, shall we?

Whatever you do, do not disturb the Hoser Eel.

Whatever you do, do not disturb the Hoser Eel.

FYI, We did not purchase the fridge with Healthy Cooling.  If you come visit, you will be served food from a regulary cooled refrigerator.   We hope you still consider visiting.

FYI: We did not purchase the fridge with Healthy Cooling. If you come visit, you will be served food from a regular refrigerator. We hope you still consider visiting, Green Plasma or not.


Oxymoron Much?

This wasn't exactly a sign.  But we do get some funny things in the mail.

This came in the mail a few days ago.  I do love me some Random Capitalization. Although, I hope their Selling Powers are better than their Psychic Powers, because they totally missed to mark on the Ringing Queries part.  [We aren’t planning to sell.  We don’t even OWN a condo to sell.  Heck, we don’t even LIVE IN a condo!]

Despite the clever sign, this business is now closed. :-(

Despite the clever sign, this business is now closed. 🙁

We did this on Sunday morning.  Race report coming soon!

We did this on Sunday morning. Race report coming soon!

To my celebrating friends: Blessed Easter!

To everyone in proximity to Easter candy: Do have a dark chocolate-covered marshmallow egg for me, OK?

Any good Easter traditions out there (church, family, friends, food, etc.)?

Ever “lost” (or failed to find) a real-egg-Easter-egg that ended up hiding away for weeks or months indoors?
We once “rediscovered” one in July.  It was hidden in some decorations that got stored into the attic.  As I recall, it wasn’t even that smelly…

Yin Yoga and Fish Scales

I am a morning person at heart.  I love getting up early.  [OK, maybe not the very-first-alarm-ringing-waking-up part, but basically everything after that.]  I like to catch a glimpse of the world when it is still, and calm, and peaceful, and quiet(er).  I appreciate my cup of coffee, and the freedom that comes from having answered all my emails before the recipients are awake to toss replies back at me (this is less rewarding now that my early morning is actually early evening to many of the people I email, but whatever).  I get a little thrill thinking about what I’ve gotten to enjoy, and yes, accomplish, before most people even get their morning shower.

Lately, though, KMN has been working pretty late nights.  Since my schedule is flexible, and I rather enjoy hanging out with my husband (even if we’re just computing side-by-side), I’ve been staying up later, and therefore sleeping in later, than usual.  But this week, I’m trying to get back on track.  Tuesday was a resounding success. I managed to get the dishwasher emptied, the washing machine filled, my email inbox emptied, my stomach filled, a blog post posted, and myself out to the bus stop a bit after 7 AM.  I was headed for Yin Yoga class.

[Yin yoga may be unfamiliar to many of you – it was to me until a few months ago.  But in case not all of you want to read several picture-less paragraphs about it, I’ve tucked a separate yin yoga post here.  I suggest you read it, but heck – I’m a little biased.  You’re adults, do what you like.]

[Welcome back! Or not.  Up to you.]

I was feeling relaxed and limber after yoga class, and decided to be lazy (efficient?), so I kicked out 30 easy minutes on the treadmill at the gym.  Everything felt good, and I laughed along with a random mid-December episode of The Ellen DeGeneres Show.  Yes, I’m the girl running along, headphones on, lost her in own little world and laughing hysterically at Ellen.  So what?

This was a confidence building workout for me, because I was so caught up in Ellen that I forgot to worry that my IT bands would start twinging until I was finished…and they weren’t (twinging).  Whoot!  I completed the workout with 10 minutes on the foam roller.  And to everyone else who was in the stretching area of the gym, I swear this was good 10 minutes, despite the pained sounds I was making.

After my workout, I popped into the supermarket – conveniently located just downstairs from the gym.  It is just 2.5 weeks until Chinese New Year, so the decorations and treats are out in full force.

No, I did not buy any of these items, each of which would, approximately, cover one of my calves...  There go my hopes for a festive outfit for the festive season...

These are neither treats, nor decorations. Photo taking fail. But don’t worry, there will be plenty of both in the next months or so, believe me.

Purse bag + Shoe bag + 3 Shopping bags + 1 Beancurd = Very Full Bus Seat

Purse bag + Shoe bag + 3 Shopping bags + 1 Beancurd = Very Full Bus Seat

I was only supposed to pick up some produce and fish for dinner, but somehow ended up with three full grocery bags.  I sometimes still forget that traveling on public transportation means I have to be conservative in the amount of stuff I’m toting with me.  Thankfully, the morning rush had passed, so my bags and I got two bus seats all to ourselves.

One of the consequences of an early morning is the need for an early lunch.  I was ravenous by 11 AM, and devoured the beancurd and sushi I’d brought home (OK, maybe I was also hungry 90 minutes earlier, when I was at the supermarket…).  Bonus? I learned something from my supermarket sushi:

"Sushu Sauce" is secret code for "Soy Sauce"

“Sushi Sauce” is secret code for “Soy Sauce”!!!!

I was still hungry, so I enjoyed some yogurt and grapes, then finally settled down to work with a delicious snack/dessert:

Coffee + Banana Bread With Nutella (ingenious!)

Coffee + Homemade Banana Bread With Nutella (ingenious!)

Since work isn’t as much fun to talk about as food, let’s jump straight to dinner.  But first, I have to confess that I’m a cheapskate.  I wanted to make fish for dinner, and I’m not quite gutsy enough yet to buy and steam the whole fish yet (soon, though, soon!).  So I wimped out and decided to get a fillet instead.  I was planning to get some kind of local white fish, but then the salmon started calling to me.  I thought about protein, healthy omega-3s, good fats, and…resistance was futile, even though the price tag on salmon is a little steep.

As a compromise (with myself), I decided I’d buy the skin-on salmon, which was considerably less expensive than the skinless fillets.  I reasoned that I have good knife skills, and should be able to slice the skin right off, with minimal loss of meat.  And heck, I might as well save a few more dollars and buy the “Scale-On” salmon, since I was planning to cut the skin off anyway.  So I came home with a package of scale-on, skin-intact salmon.

But as I worked through the afternoon, I started dreaming about salmon with a delicious crispy skin, like I’ve had at restaurants.  You know what I’m talking about?  Mmmm….  So I did a little research, and convinced myself that, with the help of some step-by-step instructions from Fifteen Spatulas, I could replicate that crispy skin salmon.

Or not, but I won't argue.

Or not, but I won’t argue.

But now, thanks to my cost-saving-proclivities, I was going to have to de-scale the darned fillet.  D’oh.  So, I unwrapped it, grabbed my knife, and took a tentative rub along the skin.  Nothing.  Again.  Nothing. Wait a second, does this piece of fish even HAVE any scales?  It’s embarrassing how long I – a biologist – poked and prodded that piece of salmon, before finally deciding that the package lied.  My fillet was not, in fact, Scale-On.  My fillet was (whoot!) Scale-Off salmon.  Score!!!

So, I rinsed, dried, salted, and re-dried that salmon before gently laying it into a pan with a little bit of oil, skin side down, as Joanne recommended.

The color change makes cooking salmon super fun to watch (to me, at least).

The color change makes cooking salmon super fun to watch (to me, at least).

Unfortunately, I didn’t have tremendous success on the flip – the skin detached from the fillet – but it stayed in one piece and did get nice and crispy.  We served the fish over rice and sauteed veggies:



Are you a fish eater?  What’s your favorite fish dish?

Ever been deceived by product packaging (or try to de-scale an already scaleless fish)?

Good Mornings for a Saturday (from January 18)

*I started this style of post this past Monday.  It’s the perfect way to share a series of random, unrelated life snippets.  Plus, it’s easy on the eyes, and the brain.  I hope it helps you get your Saturday rolling!

What caught my fancy for this Saturday “Good Morning”?

Cinnamon in Coffee

My coffee became a transcendental experience.

A moment of inspiration from childhood:
I used to make Mom’s coffee “extra special” by adding a sprinkle of cinnamon.
Why didn’t I remember this sooner?

Holly in Purple

A huge shout-out to all the GOTR coaches out there!!

I bought the shorts thanks to a gift card from friends in LA.
Wearing them reminds me of some good peeps in Encino, CA.

Wangs Tables & Stools

Tables and stools at one of my favorite afternoon coffee haunts.

Singaporeans happily perch on these stools to enjoy toast and a hot drink.
Somehow, I don’t think Americans would be quite so content with this plan…

Locker Room Drawer

The lockers at our gym have a cute little jewelry drawer!

But I refuse to use it….
I’m afraid I’d end up contributing lots of extra jewelry to the gym that way.
Spin class on a Friday night = Great kick-off to the weekend!

KMN & Holly Downtown

Met this cute guy downtown after work.

We aim to have a “Friday Night Date Night” whenever possible!

Ichiban Sushi Agedashi Tofu

We went for dinner at Ichiban Sushi at Plaza Singapura.

The soba was OK, the sushi was decent, and the tempura was amazing.
Clearly, their tempura chef was having a good night.
I love Agedashi Tofu!!!!

Microchipped Sushi

Well, that’s a relief!!!


What’s your favorite coffee mix-in?

We knocked off 7 miles on the trails this morning:
What’s on your workout schedule?



Rule Followers

Singaporeans love rules.  More specifically, they love to follow rules.  I think they also like to make rules, possibly just so they can follow them.  Let me share a few signs I spotted the other day in a restroom:

Please Pull The hand towel at both ends

I was feeling rebellious, so I just pulled one end.   If my blog posts stop, then the Restroom Police found me.

Please report toilet defects to "Hon"

Funny – I also call “Hon” when there’s a toilet defect at home (usually, it’s just that I’m out of toilet paper).

My socks are tall enough, yes they are tall enough!!!  (To keep the sneaker tongue from chafing my ankles.)

My socks are tall enough, yes they are tall enough!!! (To keep the sneaker tongue from chafing my ankles.)

In other news, KMN and I did 5.2 miles at MacRitchie Reservoir this morning.  All five-point-two of them were AWESOME!  First of all, I wore socks of the proper height (see here if you’re confused).  Secondly, the weather was a bit overcast, which helped keep the temperature down.  Good thing, because we didn’t actually get out of the house until after 8AM.  [Too many late nights of lawyering – KMN, and blogging/websiting/coaching – Me.]  Thirdly, my IT bands were feeling good.  Five miles is pretty much my long run these days, but I’m feeling very optimistic about continuing to build and thankful for every ouch-free run.  I count that as one day closer to some hard(er) core run training.

Holly and KMN, with the reservoir in the background

Yeah, it’s bright out, and I still haven’t quite mastered not looking at the phone’s screen when I snap a picture. But hey!  That’s MacRitchie Reservoir in the background! And this is exactly 3.99 miles into our run.  Yes, I checked.

Upon returning home, we rehydrated and got cleaned up, then promptly left the house for the rest of the day.  I don’t spend 12 hour days out of the house so often these days, and I’m beat (plus, it’s 2 AM here!)  So I’m going to bed.  And tomorrow, I will tell you all about KMN’s post-run science project.  Hehehe… 🙂

Seen any funny signs lately?  Do share.

[Other things you should share?  This blog, if you know someone else who might enjoy it. Thanks!]