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Dirt Cheap Stage Race 2011, Stage #3 Finish Line

Dirt Cheap Stage Race 2011, Stage #3 Finish Line

I am. . .

> An RRCA Certified Running Coach
> A Network Pilates Certified Instructor in Fundamental & Intermediate Mat Pilates
A Certified Les Mills RPM Instructor
> A science-lover with a Ph. D. in Biochemistry
> That tall white girl living in Singapore
> A runner, cyclist, swimmer, yogi

I run. . .

A mile, a marathon, or a multi-sport event
On the road if necessary, and on the trails if possible
In any weather…especially thunderstorms (don’t tell my Mom!)
When I need a reminder that I am strong
Even if I’m not being chased
To think through a vexing problem
Because I’m a better person when I do

I love. . .

Boggle, Rummikub, Scramble
( ), -, ;
New Zealand, Greece, Italy, England, USA, Japan, Singapore
> Coffee, bubble tea, pierogies, American carrot cake, laksa, cheese, dark chocolate
Moving Comfort tanks, CWX compression capris, Zensah calf sleeves, Salomon trail shoes
Sharing some running love!

Coaching Credentials. . .

I began coaching in 2008, working with Fleet Feet Sports in Rochester, NY to administer their Fleet Feet/No Boundaries Learn to Run Programs.  These programs are targeted at new and beginner-level runners who want to run their first 5K or 10K.  I coached through more than 10 sessions of this program, working with thousands of aspiring runners to kick-start their new running lives.  When relocation to Singapore forced me to leave Fleet Feet in 2012, I began working with individuals as a personal running e-coach.  [What is e-coaching?]

As someone who has raced everything from a mile to a marathon, I can tell you that there’s nothing like the thrill of crossing the finish line of a race.  Nothing, that is, except helping someone else cross a finish line!  I specialize in helping new runners conquer the physiological and psychological barriers standing between them and their first 5K – but I love working with runners of all levels to help them grow stronger, faster, and more confident.    

I have completed an accredited coaching course, and am certified as a running coach by the RRCA (Road Runners Club of America).  I have clients working toward distance goals, time goals, and health goals – the beauty of personalized coaching is the ability to customize!  I specialize in creating a safe, effective, and specific program that is tailored to your fitness level, your goals, and your lifestyle.  [Read more about My Coaching Philosophy.] Once your program is designed, I help you stay on-task, motivated, and having fun – while together, we take your fitness level to a new level.  

Do you have a running goal you’ve always dreamed of achieving?  Let’s make it a reality – contact me today!!

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  1. Amy @ Writing While Running

    Oh my gosh. I am so glad you found me! Just from glancing at your site, we have so much in common. My PhD is in Geography and I have spent plenty of time in Asia. BUT what caught my eye was the ‘home’ page. One time I literally walked in (not just knocked, actually opened an unlocked door) to the wrong house carrying a six-pack of beer and dressed like a Communist ninja. The poor startled people on the couch looked at me, then pointed across the street to where the real party was happening. I kid you not.

    1. Holly KN Post author

      Oh, my goodness. THAT is a fabulous story. Good thing they knew where the actual party was (maybe you weren’t the first one?).

      Now, if you tell me that you were also born & bred in NJ, that will seal the deal. Or not, anyone’s who’s adopted NJ is good in my books. ESPECIALLY if he/she is a beer-carrying Communist Ninja. 🙂

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