What’s it like to run in *insert country here*? Cathryn’s on the caper!

Let me explain how I got tangled up in this craziness:

I’m friends (in real life!) with Grace,
Who is an avid reader of Jen’s blog (incidentally, now I am too),
And Jen knows (online? real life? not sure…) blogger Cathryn,
And Cathryn started this really neat series called “Running The World”.

If you’re confused, the short version is that Twitter magic happened, and Grace connected me with Cathryn, who has been publishing a really neat series of posts on running in different parts of the world.

Cathryn is a Brit living in Northern California, but with connections (yay interwebs!) to runners around the world.  She has used this network to probe into running life in other countries.  Basically, she sends a list of questions/prompts about running in that country (Who does it? What do people go nuts over? What’s awesome about it? What’s challenging? What is it like to be a female athlete/runner there?), then assembles the answers, together with some photos, to provide a glimpse into local running life.

Glimpse into Singapore running: Sweat, Green spaces, Roads.  Wanna know more?  Go visit Cathryn's post!

Sweat, green spaces, and roads – that about sums it up. Wanna know more? Go visit Cathryn’s post!

Grace and I both answered her questions about Singapore, and she compiled them into a single post.  Since Wednesday is supposed to be “Singapore Stories” day (see Order on the Blog!), and I know many of you enjoy reading about all aspects of life in Singapore, I’m sending you over to Cathryn’s blog (My Heart’s Content) for Running the World: Singapore.

[Also, if you live and run in the Middle East or South America, she may be interested in talking to you! Catch her on her blog, or on Twitter!]

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