Year in Blogging: 2013 Review [PLUS TWITTER!!]

Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday dear blo-og,
Happy Birthday to you!

How does a blog celebrate its birthday?

Come twit tweep twerp eh, whatever: Run With Holly@Coach_Holly !!

The blogging leg of this adventure started one year ago, right here:  Take Your Mark, and….GO!  Since my parents were really my only readers back then, you might want to click back and check it out.  [Oh, and by the way – Dad, if you’re reading this (IF?!?!  Who am I kidding.  Dad is my biggest fan.  Love you, Dad!), is there any chance I could offer you a TimTam bribe to get you to dig that photo from Ms. Rose’s ballet class out of the photo album and scan it to me?]

And since I’m seeing an influx of new readers lately (for a variety of reasons, but especially SEE BELOW!), let’s quickly review: If you’re feeling curious, check out the About Me section, and/or a more casual collection of Holly Fun Facts.  And here’s a bit about the guy who’s often photo bombing joining me in my pictures.  Finally, the Race Reports category includes reports of all the races (except one!) that I ran this year, mostly in Singapore.

Awesome.  Now, let’s get on with the Year of Blogging recap, shall we?  The inadvertently excellent thing about starting a blog on January 8th is that your blog’s birthday almost exactly corresponds with the New Year – and WordPress’s publication of “Your 2013 Year in Blogging”.  Thus, in honor of the blog birthday/new year, and inspired by Fit, Feminist, and (Almost) Fifty‘s example, Part II of my year-end wrap-up will be blog-specific.  [Click to read the first wrap-up, Year of Running: 2013 in Review.]

According to WordPress, this blog was viewed by others approximately 31,000 times this year.  I don’t publish this number to brag or compare – but just to say, HOLY WOW.  And THANK YOU.  Yes, YOU.  🙂  That might be considered peanuts in the realm of blogging, but heck – for this tiny little corner of the internet, I’m pretty happy with that number.  My most popular posts were:

Venus Run (2013): Race Report
Stretch Those Calves!
How To Make A Really Delicious Roast Chicken
Female Endurance Athletes Are Just Like Other Women (Only Not Really)
Yellow Ribbon Run (2013): Race Report

I’ll admit that the roast chicken one makes me giggle – I had no idea it would be such a popular post.  But it is, indeed, one of the most frequent searches that lands people on my site these days.  Unfortunately, I have subsequently realized that the use of local chickens contributes to my chicken-roasting success.  Our local chickens are small, properly proportioned, and TASTY.  They aren’t certified organic/free-range/pesticide-free, but all I have to do is look at one to see that it looks…well, it looks like a chicken should.  I was really surprised the last time I was back in the US, and saw the enormous, strangely proportioned thing my Dad was roasting as a chicken.  But I digress.  [Although you should come visit, and I’ll roast you a HIGHLY delicious chicken.  I promise!]

*ahem* FOCUS, Holly.

Also – a big shout-out to fellow bloggers who discovered me, adopted me, and encouraged me when I was just starting out at the start of the year.  There are plenty of you, but WordPress reports that my Top 3 commenters this year were Amy (Run Write Hike), Meagan (Turkey Runner), and Jeano (Jogging Jeano).  Thanks, chicas!

Anyway, Fit, Feminist, and (Almost) 50 also added a cool twist, by listing the posts that she thinks were under-appreciated, and should have gotten a bit more attention.  Here are a few of my other favorites from this year:

Why Getting Started Is The Hardest Part (and what the dishwasher has to do with it)
Stop the Comparisons, and Start the Celebrations
And the entire repository of Stretches I’m starting to build

So there you have it, folks.  A summary of my blog year. You can see the  whole report for the Run With Holly blog here.  It’s big on cute graphics, and only modest in actual data – but still, it will be an interesting look back on your year.  If you have a WordPress blog, I’d suggest that you have a look at your own!

I know sometimes when I read a blog post that really hits home for me, it sticks with me for awhile.  Was there anything I wrote this year that has stuck in your mind?

Should I make birthday brownies or chocolate chip cookies for the blog?

Anyone have a #1 Twitter Tip for me?

31 thoughts on “Year in Blogging: 2013 Review [PLUS TWITTER!!]

  1. Kristen L

    Happy birthday to your blog!! It’s exciting to look back at your posts and see which we’re most read. I have loved following along on this adventure for you and always appreciate your insights. 🙂
    I vote for birthday chocolate chip cookies. Or brownies with chocolate chips. Mmmm!

  2. Jess

    What an awesome year you’ve had, I didnt realize your blog was so young. Amazing! I love reading about all your Singapore adventures.

    1. Holly @ Run With Holly Post author

      Judging by the enthusiasm for the Singapore adventures, I’ll have to make it a point to incorporate more this upcoming year! Sometimes it’s hard to remember that what I have started taking for granted/normal is still weird/interesting/different to those who live elsewhere! Amazing how fast that can happen….

  3. Amy

    No way! I was one of your top 3 commenters!? Wow-I must have no life. Haha-Yay for a great year and I think now its time I start getting on Jeano to join the twitter!

    1. Holly @ Run With Holly Post author

      Ha! I think this particular year wasn’t ideal for really counting commenters – because the total number of comments really depended on how early I was found by people. You and I connected early on in the life of my blog (ditto with Meagan and Jeano), so you had a jump start on lots of folks who now comment regularly, but just found their way here later.

      So really, it means you’re a TREND SETTER. 😉

  4. Nicole @ Work in Sweats Mama

    Happy Blogiversary, Holly! And welcome to Twitter. Get ready for another social media time suck! Ha ha! Actually, Twitter is kinda my fav, and I’m definitely addicted. I’m so glad we ‘met’ last year. I think we found each other through Amy or Meagan, so I owe them a huge thanks too! Here’s to many more fabulous posts and another awesome year!

    1. Holly @ Run With Holly Post author

      Yep, I remember seeing you as a commenter on one of their blogs, and finally clicking over and checking out your offerings. And immediately liking them! I, too, am glad we connected. I’m also really glad that managing, following, and participating in social media is actually part of my job! So just bear with me while I figure out the ins & outs, then we’ll be ready to rock & roll! 🙂

    1. Holly @ Run With Holly Post author

      You know, brownies might actually make the trip without spoiling. And if they crumbled, then you’d have no choice but to turn them into parfait! [<--- My favorite thing to do with failed cakes!]

  5. Sarrilly

    Happy Birthday, bloggie! 🙂 It’s been quite a year – and I agree with Jess…your blog seems like it’s been around a lot longer than just one year!

    I’ve enjoyed reading lots of your posts, but the ones that have stuck the most are the Singapore anecdotes/observations and your 50k adventure! 🙂

    I say, “Blog, it’s your birthday. Have BOTH.” (but if I really really must choose, I’d go CCC all the way!)

    1. Holly @ Run With Holly Post author

      My blog thinks you ROCK. [And it’s now waiting for me to go on a weekend baking spree. :)]

      Thanks for reading along, and through, lots of stuff that probably isn’t all that interesting to you! I think maybe true friendship is reading MANY paragraphs about running, just to support the author… 😀

  6. Jean

    Oh geez, should I be embarrassed or proud? Whatever, I’ll own it. Congratulations on your first year!

    Brownies. Always brownies.

    #1 Twitter Tip: DON’T RETWEET COMPLIMENTS! We know you’re cool, no need to “prove” it to us. [<— that's a hypothetical you and not you, Coach Holly]

    Re: Amy's comment, I actually have Twitter but it's fallen by the wayside, full of ridiculous thoughts, and not something you'd ever want clogging up your feed.

    1. Holly @ Run With Holly Post author

      As I said to Amy above – I think the Commenting stats have more to do with the order that folks found my blog, than really how FREQUENTLY they comment. We’ll see what happens next year. Although it seems that grad school has seriously impaired your commenting, so you’re probably in the clear.

      Although, why wouldn’t you want to be caught commenting on SUCH AN AWESOME BLOG. <---MUST TWEET. IMMEDIATELY. [More annoying than retweeting compliments? Retweeting compliments you pay YOURSELF.] Come back to Twitter! Even if grad school doesn't afford you the time to write actual blog posts (we totally understand, don't worry), you can at least tease us with 160 characters at a time! Right? RIGHT?!?!

  7. Katie

    Congratulations and happy blogbirthday!

    With twitter try not to only post links to your blog entries, I’m following you because I read the blog regularly, on twitter I always appreciate funny anecdotes, see ‘twitpics’ and get to know you a little better.

    1. Holly @ Run With Holly Post author

      Hi Katie, welcome! Thanks for reading (& commenting).

      I totally agree. I’m new to Twitter, but get similarly annoyed when people use a Facebook page ONLY to push their own blog posts – Dude, you’re already in my Feedly. If all you do is promote your blog on your FB, then I’m going to ‘Unlike’ your page, because it’s not doing anything new for me.

      Will do my best to keep you amused, and help you get to know me! 😉 Have bookmarked your blog as well…I have a blog-reading binge coming up, so will be visiting you shortly! 🙂

  8. Meagan

    Happy Bloggiversary! Mine is next week, on the 14th 🙂 I had no idea we both started our blogs so close together. Small world. Glad I made your list of top commenters…. but does that make me a stalker??

    No chocolate chip cookies or brownies to celebrate, because they both have chocolate. Yuck. I say we fix some oatmeal raisin cookies (if you must have cookies) or a pie! 🙂

    I have no Twitter tips for you because I am not on Twitter.

    1. Holly @ Run With Holly Post author

      Wah! Our blogs almost share birthdays! 🙂 As I said to Amy & Jean – I don’t think it makes you a stalker, just an early adopter. You guys were some of my first readers, so had a jump start on everyone else, as far as the Commenting game goes.

      I prefer eating my oatmeal cooked for breakfast, so can we compromise on soft delicious ginger cookies? Or how about some sour gummies (I have ‘Colin the Caterpillar’ gummies sitting on my desk right now – too cute to eat!)?

  9. Char

    I’ve been loving your hip stretch posts. I’ve integrated them into my stretching routine so every time I stretch I think of you. Thank you.

    1. Holly @ Run With Holly Post author

      Glad you’re enjoying the stretches, Cassie – and thanks for the Twitter follow. Keep your eyes open, because I’m going to be organizing a stretching ‘streak’ later this winter – specifically targeted at all of you who need an extra little push to make time for stretching! 🙂

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    Happy Blog-Birthday!
    Chocolate Chip Cookies for sure.
    I do use Word Press, but don’t know how to look at my year’s stats… they probably sent me an email and I probably promptly deleted it. 🙁
    One of the most memorable things for ME about YOU is that you tried multiple times to get in touch with me after my marathon when you were in spam-land. I really appreciated that and took all of your words to heart.
    Here’s to another GREAT year!
    (I have no idea what I’m doing on Twitter… can’t help you there! Sorry!)

    1. Holly @ Run With Holly Post author

      Hahaha! You know, I don’t have a picture to go along with it, but ‘Spam Purgatory’ occurred somewhere around October, and it wasn’t a fun time.

      Thankfully, I think those issues have all been sorted out with my ISP. Now, if only I could get a handle on updating my website a bit… 🙂


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