Recipe for a Most Excellent Saturday

*Note: This is one possibility.  There are lots of variations that will be equally delicious and (ful)filling.  This just happened to be mine, yesterday:

Sleep in until 6:30 AM.

Get dressed, eat a granola bar, and quickly gather:
1 sweat-wiping towel
1 handheld water bottle
1 MRT card
A few dollars

Sleep until 6:30, then get up, eat, and grab your gear.

Remember, it’s “only” 10 miles. No need to fuss too much!

Add, in order:
Subway ride to Kembangan MRT
Exploration of the second half of the Siglap Park Connector

I ran the first half of it during a 22 mile run a few weeks ago, and was itching to finish the job.  I can now confidently run from East Coast Park to Bedok Reservoir.  If you want to try it sometime, let me know! 🙂

For Jeano.  I crossed this road to get to the canal to get to East Coast Park.

For Jeano. The Park Connector crosses this road at the Kembangan MRT station.

In East Coast Park, mix together:
1 Sprint Triathlon
1 Easy-paced 10 Mile Run

The first part of my run was only about 2 miles long.  That brought me to the start of the triathlon, which I was planning to cheer at/watch.  After a short delay, the first waves of swimmers began:

Mixing running and spectating means sub-par photos with my phone.

Mixing running and spectating means sub-par photos with my phone.

The sprint-distance swim was 750 meters, so before long the first athletes emerged from the water.  I cheered at the swim exit for about 20-30 minutes, then decided it was time to get the rest of my run going.

I've lived on this tiny island for almost a year now.  It's about time I got a beach photo!

I’ve lived on this tiny island for almost a year now. It’s about time I got a beach photo!

My plan was to spend the next 8 miles running around the course.  First, I set out along the bike course, which was a 6.66 kilometer loop.  The sprint-distance athletes rode three loops.  The course was on roads through the park, and I could easily run alongside most of the course, either on the walking path or the grass.  I ran facing the oncoming cyclists for about 2 miles, then refilled my bottle and ran back on the other side of the loop, again facing the cyclists.  I definitely enjoyed watching some of the cyclists chuckle as they realized that the crazy girl they saw on one side of the loop was now on the other side of the loop.

By the time I got back to the transition area, many of the athletes entered the one-loop, 5K run course.  I again set out running “against” traffic.  I kept my eyes peeled for GCA, and found her with about 2 kilometers left.  In my haste to cross over to her side of the course, and much to the amusement of the oncoming runners, I tripped over a gigantic bit of shrubbery.  Thankfully, it’s her name that is Grace, not mine.

And, I survived, yelled like crazy, then made her chase me for a little while. 🙂  She good-naturedly did not curse me out, even when I said fantastically helpful things like, “Relax your shoulders!  Keep breathing!  I know your quads are cramping – don’t think about them!  Think about using your hamstrings instead!”  If I were her, I probably would’ve punched me.

As she turned toward the finishing chute, I headed back out and run-cheered all the way to the turn-around point, where I finally left the park and ran my final half mile to the bus stop.

Guys, these were the most fun 10 miles I’ve run in a long time.  The course was perfect for run-spectating, and my miles flew by as cheering (and tripping over hedges) kept me distracted.  The energy and air required for cheering kept my pace slow and relaxed.  Plus, after a few weeks of super-long runs, 10 miles felt incredibly short.  I hopped on the bus and headed home.

Toss in post-run:
Granola with super-cold milk

Add an hour or two of relaxation, and a little bit of prep time for my gym-specific RPM Instructor Evaluation.

Apply a generous amount of:

Now all that stands between me and my very own class is some team teaching and a final evaluation of my teaching a full class.  I’m totally pumped, and can’t wait to get started!

Gently stir in:
1 beautiful, fresh Seared Tuna Salad
1 ice cream sundae

I was craving some cold, delicious, fresh greens. Om-nom-nom!

I was craving some cold, delicious, fresh greens. Om-nom-nom!

Top with:
1 episode of The Good Wife
Comfy Bed

And that, my friends, was a Most Excellent Saturday.

What has been the highlight of your weekend so far?

What are your Top 3 Favorite salad toppings?
[Frozen peas, feta cheese, seared tuna – NOT necessarily on the same salad.]

24 thoughts on “Recipe for a Most Excellent Saturday

  1. Kristen L

    Sounds like a fantastic day! I did a run once that was along the path of a bike charity bike ride. I think some of the cyclists thought it was pretty hilarious that they saw me a couple times.

    Yesterday I got to see a friend who was in San Francisco for the day that moved out of town a few months ago! It was fun to catch up, even for just a couple hours!

  2. misszippy

    That IS sounding like about a perfect weekend! Congrats on passing your test.

    I accidentally ran into a tri in progress a few years back during a run at the shore. Loved having the race to watch as I ran.

    I am finishing up a weekend in Utah with a great friend. So much fun (and trail runs to boot)!

    1. Holly @ Run With Holly Post author

      Definitely jealous of the trail running you are undoubtedly enjoying while there! Besides the friendship, the best part about visiting running friends is trying out their favorite local routes (in my opinion). Savor your final hours! 🙂

  3. Amy

    Sounds like an awesome day! I love the beach shot! Definitely overdue.

    My day today involves watching football (Steelers play in London!) and hiking a new trail.

    Not sure if you saw I noticed on JJo’s blog that we are both RWH. I suppose since I just changed my name a month and a half ago, you have had it first. I still think we need to battle it out!

    1. Holly @ Run With Holly Post author

      Oh, dear. You are totally correct. We are both RWH, but you were Run Write Hike before Run With Holly ever hit the blogosphere. I generally only use RWH when I’m in a hurry – I have no intention of using the abbreviation for business identity purposes – so from now on will try not to usurp the acronym. It’s all yours! Sorry for stepping on blog-toes!!!! :-/

      1. Amy

        Not true. If you recall, I was WWR (Writing While Running) until this summer when I switched to a new format and then switched to Run Write Hike. So it is your name, originally. I hardly ever use the initials anyway, I just thought it was fun to point out!

        1. Holly @ Run With Holly Post author

          Whoa. You’re right. (Of course you are…it’s your blog.) Well, then, let’s just share it, as needed. I mean, if anyone ELSE gets confused, we’ll just fill in for each other. How hard could it be to be a different tall-thin-PhDed-brunette? 😉

          1. Amy

            I don’t know how tall you think I am but I love it! I have never been called tall in my life! I love the days I can pass for my actual 5’3 height. Most people think I am 5’2.

          2. Holly @ Run With Holly Post author

            Seriously???? I guess I just thought David was really tall, and I don’t see too many other photos of you, up close, with other people, I guess…. Ok then. I guess I’ll hunch over then. 🙂 [On the plus side, your height probably helped you blend marginally better in China than mine does. :)]

  4. Brennan

    I love it! What a great weekend! I was in Rye, NY, this weekend and during my long run I also saw a triathlon going on. It made me feel so cheery. I think I get a second-hand high off of other people’s endorphins.

    Highlight of weekend: just spending time with hubs. I’m trying to savor the togetherness!

    Salad toppings: (great topic, btw) sunflower seeds, croutons (duh), and red peppers. I also like some fruits in salads and goat cheese. Okay, now I’m hungry for a salad.

    1. Holly @ Run With Holly Post author

      I completely agree – I think endorphins are airborne, and you can be infected just by being nearby. I always come back home from a cheering adventure full of energy and enthusiasm, ready to do ANYTHING.

      [You would think that I would have harnessed that energy to clean the bathroom on Saturday, but noooo…..]

      Glad you guys got to spend the weekend together. It’s amazing how separation forces you to focus on the most important things, isn’t it? 🙂

  5. Cecilia @ MommiesRun

    Sounds like an amazing Saturday! Congrats on your certification! My favorite thing this weekend was another new distance record: 15 miles yesterday! I felt incredibly strong. My 3 favorite salad toppings would have to be cukes, tomatoes, and feta. Oh crap, what about avocado. And now I’m hungry.

    1. Holly @ Run With Holly Post author

      You have a sharp eye! You are correct – it’s hazy/overcast here much of the time. The climate would be described as “tropical” and the humidity is always high (70+%), so even when there aren’t any actual clouds in the sky, everything looks a bit hazy. But usually, there are clouds – the beach photos is pretty much the clearest weather we get.

      And although I’m not SUPER Irish-style fair-skinned, I actually never wear sunscreen and can be outside for hours without getting burned (not the case in the US). Good thing, too, because any sunscreen I applied at the start of a run would be sweat off in approximately 6 seconds. 🙂

  6. Jean

    That’s a pretty stellar beach!!! I guess I knew there was a beach in Singapore, but I didn’t realize it was so scenic.

    Run spectating is a great idea! I never would have thought of that. Usually, I imagine it wouldn’t work (because you’d run into other spectators, hit closed roads, etc.), but I can definitely see how that would make the miles fly by.

    Yay GCA!

    1. Holly @ Run With Holly Post author

      I knew this would be a good one, since it was in a park – so pretty quiet and closed anyway. I didn’t have to worry about navigating traffic or complex road closures. In fact, I didn’t know I’d be able to run so easily along the bike course until I arrived; I’d been anticipating just stalking the run course. And strangely enough (but common out here), the run course isn’t really “closed” to other pedestrians…or casual cyclists. I felt a bit bad for the runners at a few points, when cyclists were weaving in and out of the race course and other pedestrians were walking right through, as if they hardly noticed everyone with bibs zipping past.

    1. Holly @ Run With Holly Post author

      I don’t forget how small it is – but we do act like there’s no ocean frontage most of the time. Honestly, take a look at the photo from the tri start. See all those ships in the distance? They’re all waiting to get into the port. The water might look nice enough, but it’s not exactly clean. Weird as it sounds, we go to Indonesia for clean(er) beaches!

  7. Debbie @ Deb Runs

    Congrats on passing your RPM instructor test!!! 🙂

    We enjoyed a mini college reunion at a wedding on Saturday evening, and it was so fun!

    Hmmm…. In addition to the regular veggies that I always put in my salads, I like dried cranberries, nuts, and either pineapple or mandarin orange slices as add-ons to my salads.

    1. Holly @ Run With Holly Post author

      Strangely, while I have an intense aversion to pineapple in ANYTHING remotely savory, I LOVE Mandarin Oranges in my salads. Although, out here, canned Mandarin Oranges don’t exist. In season, we eat fresh ones. Not quite the same, though…

  8. Meagan

    That does indeed sound like a most excellent Saturday! Your 10 mile run and triathlon spectating sounds like a lot of fun. I need to go find a triathlon to spectate, I think. Congrats on passing your instructor evaluation!! Woohoo! Your salad looks really yummy, too.

    The highlight of my weekend was completing my 16 mile long run/10 mile race. The weather couldn’t have been better. And camping was a lot of fun, as always, too. Top 3 favorite salad toppings: chick peas, sugar snap peas, and grilled chicken!! Be right back, I need to go fix myself a salad….


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