Weekly Workout Round-Up (Sept. 16-22)

I am just this one post away from being caught up on my most self-centered blogging: Race Reports & Workout Round-Ups.  [I mean, even more self-centered than the OTHER blogging I do.  Although, I’m having trouble remembering what that was, even.  Don’t worry, we’re going to return to this question very, very soon.  Like, this weekend.  Whoot.]

But first: What did last-last week’s workouts look like?  Take a peak:

Monday (Sept. 16): BodyPump

Mondays are busy work days for me; I usually take them as rest days, but managed to push myself out of the house for Pump at 8:45 PM.  I wasn’t exactly a happy camper at the start, but by the end I (of course) didn’t regret going.

Doing workouts late in the evening is a struggle for me – I’m not a nighttime person, and getting out of the house when I’m already tired is…a challenge.  However, I’m much more productive (and less likely to fall asleep) doing a workout, than I am sitting at my computer trying to focus when my brain is clearly ready to shut down.  Thus, workouts in the evening are actually a better use of my time, so I am trying to make this BodyPump class part of my weekly routine.

Tuesday: Run (5 mi) & BodyAttack

Pre-run apartment pic.  Yep, lovin' that Perth Marathon FINISHER shirt!

Pre-run apartment pic. Yep, lovin’ that Perth Marathon FINISHER shirt!

I ran KMN’s warm-up and cool-down with him, then tooled around for some easy miles while he did his speedwork.  We are such different runners: I love my 5-6 days/week of running; he is a FIRST (3 runs/week) guy all the way!  Still, we do what we can to do some of our weekly miles together.

I was also hit with an unexpected stomach cramp/side stitch during BodyAttack – this is pretty weird for me, as I’m not usually prone to such things.  But it left me feeling pretty nauseous and gross, so I tried to keep my bouncing to a minimum, and opted out of the post-Attack yoga class I’d been considering.  I came home and slept instead.  Thankfully, it turned out to be nothing more than an ill-timed pre-workout snack.


There was also some planking on Wednesday. I'm on a bit of a planking streak, and at the time of this picture, was up to a 1 min, 40 sec plank.

There was also some planking on Wednesday. I’m on a bit of a planking streak, and at the time of this picture, was up to a 1 min, 40 sec plank.

Wednesday: Run (5.1 mi) and RPM (spin)

Pretty standard workout day. This was my first class on the “new” (now three weeks old) RPM 60 release.  After class, our instructor was enthusing about it, and asked me what I thought.  I had to confess to him…the first few times I spin to a new release (new songs, new choreography), I don’t like it.  I don’t like it at all.  I guess it’s the “I HATE CHANGE!” monster in me, but my first impression is always: “I don’t like the music, and the choreography is just so-so.”  But after a few classes, it always grows on me, and I end up walking around the apartment, humming the songs incessantly, and totally enjoying classes.  Just goes to show…don’t always trust a first impression!

There was also rice porridge and Chinese veggies for dinner.  Update for longtime readers: My porridge making skills are improving...

Rice porridge and Chinese veggies for dinner. Update for longtime readers: My porridge making skills are improving…

Thursday: Loooooooooooong run (28 mi)

This was our wedding anniversary, and the day I shared this post: Female Endurance Athletes Are Just Like Other Women (Only Not Really).  The 28 mile run – yes, 28 miles (45 km) – deserves its own post.  All I will say for now is that it was long, hot, and sometimes I wanted to quit.  But I finished.  And after ultra training the last few months, I just don’t think of 20 miles as a “long” run for me, anymore.  And that’s actually a little bit scary.

Hey, you two clean up pretty good!  ;-)

Post-anniversary-dinner picture. Hey, you two clean up pretty good! 😉

Friday: Rest

This was really more a function of being busy, than being exhausted, though.  I was pleasantly surprised at how good I felt after the previous day’s shenanigans.

Saturday: RPM Training

As you may (or may not) recall, I completed the first part of my RPM (indoor cycling) Instructor Training back in July: What do you get for spending a weekend at the gym?  Two months later (which is OK, because, hello, marathon training!), I’ve finally had the chance to take the extra gym-specific training I’ll need to start on as a Trainee.  This Saturday was the first part; the second part will be tomorrow (Sept. 29).  Compared with the initial module training, this was pretty straight-forward. We did some technique-focused cycling, then talked about the tracks we’d audition on the following week.  I’d taken it easy in the morning to be fresh for the coursework in the late afternoon, but ultimately, I ended up with much less time on the bike than I’d expected – less than an hour, for sure.  I thought about going for a run when I got home (7:30 PM), but KMN and I opted to be old and boring, and were in bed by 9!

Sunday: Easy trail run (7.3 mi)

KMN ran a double loop of McRitchie for his long run – I joined him for the first loop, then happily headed home for rehydration and cooling, while he went out for a second lap.  Relativity is a crazy thing: I was amazed at how short one loop felt, compared with Thursday’s super-long, multi-loop run.

Total Workout Time for the week: 12 hrs, 49 min – thanks largely to Thursday’s long run.  And I was just fine with how the week’s numbers turned out.  Legs are a little tired, but overall feeling good.  Now I’m looking forward to my second run-taper in two months, and a little extra time on the foam roller!

What workouts do you drag your feet about, but ultimately appreciate and enjoy?

If you could train to teach anything (athletic or otherwise), what would it be?

14 thoughts on “Weekly Workout Round-Up (Sept. 16-22)

  1. Jules

    Super impressed with the loooong run!
    I think if I could train to be a coach, I’d quite like to be a running coach! Great motivator to get out and run + it’s simple in the sense that you don’t really need any additional props. 😉

  2. Allison

    Way to go on the running, planking, and body pumping. I have not gone to pump in weeks. I did lift weight though. And by lift, I mean I moved hand weights from one room to the other. So yea, in the way to buffville.

    1. Holly @ Run With Holly Post author

      Hahaha. You should give it a shot – can you find a spot on your foot where you can stand without much pain? The BodyPump arm tracks don’t require much moving/jumping around, so it might be a good option while your foot is being obnoxious…

  3. Grace

    Oh man – I drag my feet about tempo runs. (My tempo runs often slide into that ‘medium-hard’ in-between pace. I ought to run with you and my friend Adrienne more – doing so is like an automatic tempo run for me!)

    I also drag my feet about strength workouts – squats, core, and all sorts of conditioning 😛

    I would train to teach…(no surprises here)… baby ballet. 🙂

  4. Kristen L

    Great pic of you and KMN!

    Its always amazing to me how relative the long run becomes based on what you are training for and at what point in said training you are. Congrats on completing that super looong run! I’m really looking forward to hearing about your ultra!

  5. Logan @ Mountains and Miles

    28 miles is a LONG training run for a 50k =). Way to crush it, though!

    I have a friend that got her masters in “Outdoor Education” and it’s pretty much all climbing mountains, going backpacking, ice climbing, exploring NATURE. Sounds like a great deal to me.

    1. Holly @ Run With Holly Post author

      Hmm…did she find a job after graduation? 🙂 Sounds like a pretty good deal to me, too!!

      It is long – but it was sloooooow, and I felt like I want to practice being out in the heat for that long, to make sure my body could handle it, and I’d be able to take in enough water, etc. I did 26 about 4 weeks before the marathon, back in August. Honestly, I know trail running rocks, but I’m shocked at how quickly my legs feel back to normal after a long trail run, compared with a long road run – just a few days, and they’re good as new!

  6. Meagan

    Awesome job on your 28 miler! I think it’s crazy how your mindset changes as you train for a new distance. For me, training for a full has made runs that I used to define as long (6+ miles) the norm for a weekday run. I now have a long run category (8-13 miles) and a long long run category (14+ miles). I cannot imagine 20 miles not feeling like a “long” run!

    1. Holly @ Run With Holly Post author

      The metrics are all personal – and for me, the point is, that your “long long” is just as hard as my “long long”, because they’re both “long long”.

      [Which, OK, gets hilarious if you write it and think it enough times!]


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