Mount(ains and Miles) Doom

Some days, I fail as a blogger.  Even if though I ran a lot of miles and composed a slightly clever post about being a female endurance athlete yesterday, I definitely dropped the ball on my most important Blogger Job of the Day:

Promoting my first-ever guest post, over at Mountains and Miles.

I’m helping to fill in while Logan is in Colorado on an awesome rafting trip cleaning up flood damage to her property there.  When she asked me to blog, I was a little nervous – although she is a “regular” running blogger like the rest of us, my favorite part of her blog is the crazy travel stories she shares.  Now, I have my share of passport stamps, but have had nowhere near the adventures she has.

But, I thought long and hard, and came up with one of the best travel/adventure stories I could.  So on her blog today, I’ve recounted a snippet from New Zealand: The time my husband and I conquered “Mount Doom”.

Teaser Pic!

Teaser Pic!

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Now, why are you still here?  GO READ ABOUT MOUNT DOOM!!

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