Perth Marathon: One Sleep Away!

It’s 9 PM, Perth time.

Race flags off at 6 AM.  [Nine hours to go – but who’s counting?]

We’re staying 1 km from the Starting Line (SWEET).

The alarm is set for 4 (or 4:15?) AM.

At the moment, I’m giving thanks that GCA and I had the foresight to stay so close to the start.

Today, we enjoyed a relaxing day in Perth, complete with a shake-out run, noodles, the Museum of Western Australia, coffee, and some Italian food for dinner:

The pizza, while not *quite* NJ style, was pretty tasty.  So were the tomatoes.

The pizza, while not *quite* NJ style, was pretty tasty. So were the tomatoes.

I’m feeling….ready to go.  As I just messaged to KMN: “If someone gave me the option of starting the race now – RIGHT NOW – it would take all of my self-control to say, ‘No, after a few hours of sleep would be better.'”  I’m feeling antsy.  I think my legs are feeling rested (?).  No funny twinges to be found.

I’m a little worried about my brain.  [As is anyone who knows me…hehehe…. 🙂 ]  I have done lots of long running this training cycle, so my mental endurance for long running is excellent.  But I haven’t done tons of running at a super-uncomfortable place.  So I hope my head is ready to handle it, when the going gets a little tough tomorrow.  I’ve visualized my way through it, I have some mental tricks up my sleeve, and I’m happy to be racing in a place that’s marked in kilometers (which come a lot faster than miles!).  Although, there are 42 of them.  Ah, well. 🙂

We’re also pretty psyched about the size of this race.  As best we can determine, only the first 2,000 numbers have been reserved for Marathon runners – and the race isn’t sold out.  Thus, there are fewer than 2,000 people running the marathon! [There are lots more doing the half, 10K, and 4K -but it’s unlikely we’ll see too much of them.  We run the second half of the marathon along the half-marathon course, but the half-marathoners start at 8:50.  I plan to be LONG through the half-way mark by then.]

I’m also excited to see some more of Perth, via the marathon route.  We’ll get a pretty sweet tour of the city, according to the course map.  I’m not thrilled about all the “out-and-back” sections, but since I’m not gunning for a ridiculously fast time, I can’t complain too much.  If you click the map, you’ll see that the course is very mildly “rolling”, with two bigger climbs.  Thankfully, both climbs are rewarded immediately with lengthy downhills, so the give-and-take should feel pretty even.  I’m pretending that the climb at the end isn’t there, because by 40K, I’ll have no choice but to gut things out to the Finish Line. 🙂

The weather is looking…rainy.  I only hope this is a cool-to-warm rain, rather than a cold rain.  There is a possibility for an extra layer at the start, but otherwise, race day kit looks like this:

Keeping my Fleet Feet Endurance Team close to my heart. :)

Keeping my Fleet Feet Endurance Teammates close to my heart. 🙂

Plus, my water bottle and a bit of nutrition will be tucked here and there.

So: *deep breath*  The hardest work is done – now it’s time for the fun!  Fellow Perthians, have fun tomorrow.  I’ll be making friends/looking for company on the course, so keep your eye out for me, if you’re running just under 9 min/mi.  Singaporeans, send your good mojo when you wake up.  US Eastern Standard Time, send it over Saturday night dinner.  And when you’re all finished, think a few good thoughts for Green Girl Running, who is *also* running a marathon on Sunday, Aug. 25.  But hers is 16 hours later than mine.  Time zones are funny like that…  🙂

And with that…I’ll see you all on the other side!!!

14 thoughts on “Perth Marathon: One Sleep Away!

  1. Meagan

    Good luck!! I hope you have an awesome race. I’m pretty sure you’ll be running around 6 or 7 pm my time, so I’ll be sending you some good running vibes. Can’t wait to read all about it!

  2. Amy

    GOOD LUCK! I am in Jersey cheering you on and will most likely indulge in some good ole’ Jersey pizza tomorrow after my long run. I’ll have some for you!

  3. Jules

    Hope I’m not too late in sending you this. Good luck!!!! As you said, all the work has been done, now reap the rewards. Can’t wait to hear all about it. Good luck to GCA too! 🙂


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