2013 Weekly Workout Round-Up (July 8-14)

Better hop to this, before I get any further behind. I know I’m missing a few vacation weeks; hopefully I’ll make them up in a (probably boring and vague) post eventually, but for now, let’s focus on what’s gone down since we returned from the US.

[By the way – new friends from Trail Running Singapore (or elsewhere) – Welcome!  If you’re just getting oriented, check out this post for introductions and a quick tour of what you’ll find here at Run With Holly.]

Monday (July 8): Run (5 mi)

OK, so we were still in the US on Monday, and jumped at the chance for one last slightly cooler run before our return to Singapore.  KMN and I intended to do 6 miles, but found ourselves looping back past the start at 5 miles, and decided to call it a day.  We were tired from climbing New Street (Frankford Township folks, you know what I mean), and frankly…didn’t feel like doing a stupid out 0.5 miles/back 0.5 miles.

So instead of that last mile, we stretched and relaxed on the patio.  Tough end to vacation!

So instead of that last mile, we stretched and relaxed on the patio. KMN demonstrates.

Tuesday: Rest/Travel.

Actually, KMN and I flew one bazilliondy (or else just 10,000) miles.  But since the pilot did all the hard work, we just sat back, read, watched movies, paced the aisles, etc.  We also energetically consumed this at the airport in Hong Kong:

Dumpling noodles (wet) and pork buns (bao/pao).

Dumpling noodles (wet) and pork buns (bao/pao).

I should also note that this was really only half of a rest day, because we actually lose 12 hours when we fly from the US to Singapore.

Wednesday: Rest.

 A newspaper bag is ideal for isolating wet, stinky workout gear in a full suitcase.

A newspaper bag is ideal for isolating wet, stinky workout gear in a full suitcase.

So, for good measure, I also took Wednesday as a rest day.  Operating on little sleep, getting back to ‘real life’, and dealing with Monday’s stinky running clothes (and the rest of the vacation laundry) was enough to handle on this particular day.  I did spend 20-25 minutes stretching, but there was nothing aerobic going on, exercise-wise.

Thursday: BodyPump.

All RIGHT – it was time to give my core and upper body strength training a kick in the pants.  Although I maintained a consistent running schedule while on vacation in the US, my cross training, core work, and strength were all temporarily forgotten.  One quick BP class got me back in the swing of things, though – and the extra stretching I did on Thursday was demanded by my post-BodyPump-body!

Run With Holly Facebook Launch: Fueled by chicken rice!

Thursday also included the Run With Holly Facebook Launch: Fueled by chicken rice!

Friday: Run (3.7 mi) and Spin.

Ahhhh…back to the aerobic work!!  All I can say about this workout is that it was good to be back!  Oh – and my spin class was a reminder that I had to get myself mentally and physically prepared for my Spin Instructor training in 10 days.

Saturday: Run (15 mi)

I didn’t plan too many back-to-back long runs in my marathon training plan.  Typically, I prefer one long and (maybe) one short run on the weekends.  But I had just run 20 miles the weekend before, and was planning on 22 miles the following weekend, so two mid-distance runs seemed like a less stressful compromise for this in-between weekend.

But this was definitely one of those days when the run. . . just . . . dragged.  I try to be optimistic, positive, and thankful for every run.  But this particular morning was all about finishing the danged thing, and being DONE.  There was nothing exactly wrong, per se – but I was tired, hungry, and had things (other than running) that I wanted to be doing.

I ran the first 5 miles by myself, then KMN had the misfortune of joining me for the final 10.  I grumbling, cranked, and basically plodded my way through those miles.  He (bless his heart) stayed with me.  Unfortunately, our planned route came up a mile short.  He asked if we should stop, and I growled at him, “Just keep running.  One more mile. I don’t care where you run, just run.  I will follow.”

And that, folks, is one of the many ways he shows his love for me.  He let me plant my eyeballs on his back, and just hang on for another 9 minutes.  He’s a terrific guy, I tell ya!

And, of course, by the time we got home, stretched, refueled, and showered…I was glad I’d gone for the run.  And I was thankful that I’d had the mental fortitude to finish.  This will be very important on marathon day!

Sunday (July 14): Run (10 mi), BodyPump

I met up with some folks from the Trail Running Singapore group for a run on this particular morning.  I figured that, if my attitude went downhill again, I’d be less likely to snap at a group of new friends, than I would be to snap at my husband (unfair, but true).  But we took things easy, and I actually enjoyed passing the morning with some new people.  I tacked on a few extra miles to hit my goal, and even enjoyed getting caught in a rainstorm.

In the afternoon, KMN and I had a BodyPump date at the gym.  A couple that works out together, stays together!

And that brought my total training time for the week to 9 hrs, 45 min.  This mileage was a smidge lower than my goal, but considering the travel and two rest days in there, I was OK with it.  I could get my running groove back in the upcoming week (at least, that was the plan – stay tuned to see how well it did – or didn’t – work).

Well, if you made it this far – Congratulations.  Thanks for reading about a set of workouts that I did three weeks ago.  I’d actually planned to combine July 8-14 with July 15-21, but I’m already at almost 900 words, and only through the first week.  So, I’ll cut it here, and you’ll just have to come back to hear about the mid-July shenanigans!

When you travel internationally, do you make it a point to eat – or avoid eating – airport food?

What’s the strangest thing you’ve ever ordered from Amazon?
[We are ordering salsa tonight.  I am strangely excited by this.]

Anyone else can’t keep his/her eyes open?
[Yep, that would be me…]

26 thoughts on “2013 Weekly Workout Round-Up (July 8-14)

    1. Holly KN Post author

      Sometimes, I’m all over them – I’m never that far away from home. But sometimes, they annoy me to no end. Like running around the block for the last 0.15 mile. Grrr…..

      [Hey, who said runners were normal? 🙂 ]

  1. Jean

    Hong Kong airport food looks a bazilliondy times better than anything in the U.S. For years I had a very strict rule about not eating airport food because I refused to be screwed over by the ridiculous prices, but then I graduated from college and had a decent income. I’ve been a lost cause ever since (by which I mean I ALWAYS eat airport food now).

    Ahaha, salsa from Amazon! Will it still be fresh when it arrives? I haven’t ordered anything interesting from them. It’s always an e-book or renting a textbook for a class.

    I just woke up a couple of hours ago and had a couple cups of coffee so my eyes are (sort of) open.

    1. Holly KN Post author

      Bonus points for the use of ‘bazilliondy’!

      Airport food is totally variable; there’s some crap out there, but also decent food (if you’re willing to pay). Internationally, though, I think airport food is better (at least at the big airports) – this was pretty good, and a decent price. And people (like, locals), actually go TO the airport in Singapore to have dinner. Even after 8 years of knowing this fact, it still makes me giggle.

      The salsa is jarred anyway, so it should be fine – and actually, their new shipping plan means that the package should arrive in about a week. The better question is…will we be able to EAT 36 oz of salsa before it goes bad? 🙂

      1. Grace

        Do you need help with that salsa? ^_^ (As if you can’t think up ways to eat 18oz of salsa apiece. Salsa on eggs, salsa on rice and beans, salsa with chips, salsa with salsa, salsa, salsa, salsa and eggs, salsa and spam and eggs…)

        1. Holly KN Post author

          We’ll let you know… 😉

          Honestly, I felt a bit sheepish after buying it…shipping salsa halfway around the world seems rather decadent (even if shipping is free), but honestly, we can’t find good salsa here. Even the same labels we buy in the US taste…sweet. Why are all tomato-based products in Asia so SWEET?

    1. Holly KN Post author

      The best part is the funny things that Amazon subsequently suggests for you! “Customers who bought a pooper scooper might also like….”

      Also humorous? When I bought a few girlie novels, and KMN got all sorts of suggests for books HE might like to read…

  2. Grace

    I have to say, the HK airport food looks delicious – and what I had of it there (ROAST GOOSE OM NOM NOM) was indeed delicious. HK and Singapore are clever enough to package their airports’ dining into a well-curated, mini introduction to some of the best local food.

    My grandparents took care of me when I was a kid and both parents were working. As a treat they’d take me to Changi Airport for yong tau foo at the staff canteen and an ice cream from Swensen’s and let me run around and watch planes take off. (Which sparked a period of me wanting to be a pilot and/ or an aerospace engineer.) So, the airport’s not an altogether terrible family destination!

    1. Holly KN Post author

      I’m not saying it’s terrible – I just find it hilarious that people go there as a destination. Were you surprised when you came to the US and realized you practically had to bribe someone to just fetch you from the airport? (Especially of Logan was your airport of choice?) And that no one would actually willingly subject him/herself to the airport “just” for dinner?

      KMN tells stories about how, when he was in secondary school, he and his friends used to go do homework at the airport sometimes, because it was a cool (in both senses) place to hang out…

      1. Grace

        Blech, Logan. Yeah, US international airports are funny like that. It’s as though the US doesn’t like introducing international visitors to what it has to offer. (The Las Vegas airport, though…it’s pretty fantastic. It has slot machines.)

        1. Holly KN Post author

          With a taped perimeter, which cannot be crossed by those over 18 (which makes a bit more sense than ‘by those with US passports’, whoops, did I say that out loud?).

          I agree. The US is in the habit of making bad airport first impressions.

  3. Amy @ Writing While Running

    I get so hungry for Asian food when I read your posts. I learned how to make my own salsa when I was in China, but boy did I appreciate salsa and anything Mexican once I returned to the US. Do you have enough chips to go with the salsa? And isn’t it weird to be in a US supermarket after being away and just marvel over all the different kinds of stuff you can get here?

    1. Holly KN Post author

      Does that mean you want more…or fewer…pictures? 🙂 Just envision big plates of nachos, burritos, tacos, etc. whenever you get a longing for Asian food. 🙂

      Do you know where the tomatoes you used were grown? We thought about going the ‘make your own’ route, but found that tomatoes are both pricey and…tasteless. We can buy pretty decent chips – at a mark-up compared to the US, but the taste is good.

      YES. I think Singapore probably has a bit more variety than what you experienced (there are supermarkets here), but still – walking back through an American supermarket is pretty crazy. Way fewer soy sauce choices, way more cheese/beans/dairy product/deodorant choices! 🙂

  4. Nicole @ Work in Sweats Mama

    Bazilliondy is my new favorite word! And I love trying new foods in foreign airports, especially on business trips when my company is picking up the tab! I love the pastries in the Frankfurt airport. So good! I could eat a bazilliondy of them!

    1. Holly KN Post author

      I would love to see your boss’s face when he gets the expense report for the one bazilliondy pastries from Frankfurt airport. 😉

      But yes. Outside-the-US international airports know how to do things better than those in the US! I always feel a bit sheepish over what “we” (Americans) have at the airport to provide a good first impression. Although there are some tasty spots, if you hunt hard enough (I actually sorta like O’Hare – they have some decent food – IF you know where to look, and are in the correct terminal! And I’ve actually had some decent Cuban-inspired food at airports in Florida.). 🙂

  5. Allee @ Griselda Mood

    Kick ass week of workouts for you, lady! Dang. I commend you for getting back to working out after traveling as much as you did– I’d probably just eat ice cream and be like “I TRAVELED AROUND THE WORLD, LEAVE ME ALONE TREADMILL!”

    In this house, we have a mild obsession with Amazon. We have Prime so anything and everything they offer, my husband will order. Diapers, baby wipes, dishwasher detergent, toothpaste, candy, nail polish. If they sell it (which they do- they’re Amazon!) my husband will order it. Enjoy that salsa!

    1. Holly KN Post author

      Hahaha. Marathon training waits for no travel… 🙂

      Amusingly, despite living in Singapore, we *still* have our Prime membership, too – so that we can ship things fast to friends or family, both as gifts, and to meet us when we come to visit. 🙂 But best of all….Amazon just started offering *free* shipping to Singapore for orders over $125. While that’s a lot of salsa by itself, we can certainly find plenty of other items to make up the other $110, so we get massive amounts of salsa AND free shipping.

  6. Debbie @ DebRuns

    You are absolutely right that toughing it out on your long runs is huge on marathon day!

    From Amazon I ordered a Bill Clinton wine opener as a gag gift and then ended up keeping it. The cork screw is his _____________. Since I kept it, I decided that I needed the Hillary nut cracker (dressed in a navy pants suit). The nuts are cracked between her legs. My son always reminds me that I know how to keep it classy! 🙂

  7. Meagan

    Your airport food looks pretty yummy! Great job on your long run. It can be so tough when you just plain don’t feel like it, for whatever reason. KMN is a great guy 🙂 If I’m grumpy on a run, Barry has a tendency to leave me (without every saying anything.. he just runs off). Lucky for him I don’t hold grudges and I’m usually over it by the time the run itself is over.

    Hmmmm strangest thing I’ve ordered from Amazon….. *checks Amazon account* …. A dog crate and George Foreman sponges (for cleaning the GF grill) would be the weirdest I guess. The dog crate was my first-ever Black Friday purchase (I’ve still never been to a store on Black Friday), I had to buy a “giant dog” crate, which if you’re wondering is the size above “XL dog crate”, for Hank. I got a sweet deal! $150 off and free shipping. And the sponges I just couldn’t find in the store, so I bought them online because Amazon has everything. Almost. Ahem… may have also bought my dad an Obama punching bag last year for Christmas as a joke. Just saw that one on the order history.

    1. Holly KN Post author

      Hahaha! What do you do when Barry gets grumpy? 🙂

      You have some very good submissions to the “Strange Amazon Orders” competition. I think my favorite is the banana runts. 🙂 [And ‘giant’ is bigger than ‘XL’. I shall keep this useful bit of info in mind.]

      1. Meagan

        When he is grumpy I try not to make him any grumpier 🙂 But if he is grumpy on a run, he also leaves me, so it’s kind of a moot point. Maybe I should get fast enough that he can’t ditch me, just to see what would happen.

        I should have also mentioned, if you need a dog crate larger than “giant” the size above that (and the largest available) is called the “big dog” crate, haha. So the sizes go XL-Giant-Big.

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