Good Mornings for a Friday (July 19)

Well, it’s been awhile since we’ve done one of these, now hasn’t it?  So let’s hop to it!

Does anyone even use that expression anymore?  Ah, well. I do, apparently!

[For those who are new, “Good Mornings” is a recurring feature at RWH – it’s basically my way of doing a light and easy photo-dump post of randomness for you all.  Other good information for new readers can be found in this Welcome post.]

Latte heartLatte Love

My stomach has been a bit off the last few days.
So I’ve been staying away from coffee.
But I have a very busy weekend ahead,
And I think it will be returning to my morning routine!

Is Spandex NormalSpandex is a necessary part of every outfit, right?

Even when I get dressed in ‘real people clothes’,
I find myself in stretchy fabrics.
It’s a disease.
Or a consequence.
Or just plain comfortable…

Meet the MenagerieMeet the Menagerie.

From Left to Right, that’s:
Holly – Rhino – Ellie – P.Bear
PB is the newest addition to our family.
We’re pleased with how well he’s taking to Singapore…

Skating down belowUnderpass Action

There are a few spacious road underpasses
(this one is downtown)
Where young people are encouraged
(or at least permitted)
To congregate in the evenings.
They bring music, snacks, and equipment.
They dance, choreograph, skate, and skateboard all around.
The space is safe and air conditioned.
I think it’s awesome.

Drinking problemEveryone brings 3 different drinks to the gym in the morning, right?


Vacation Shot!End-of-Vacation shot.

From our last day in Rochester.
I’ll be blogging a bit more about New Jersey, Rochester,
And sister-wedding-goodness this weekend.
Otherwise, next week!

Hope you all have some good stuff planned.  🙂

Current favorite piece of non-workout clothing?
[Does it have spandex in it?]

What not-usually-frozen food do you like to eat frozen?
[I’m writing up some beat-the-heat tips,
and am looking for something other than ‘grapes’.]

24 thoughts on “Good Mornings for a Friday (July 19)

  1. Logan @ Mountains and Miles

    I used to eat frozen strawberries. I also freeze my reeces pb cups, but that’s probably not a “beat the heat” trick, ha.

    If I could wear athletic clothes and/or spandex bottoms with loose tops every day, I totally wood. Alas, business casual it is.

    1. Holly KN Post author

      Frozen strawberries sound like they would hurt my teeth (the biting-into them part?).

      And heck, if they are cold, they are helping beat the heat. Frozen PB cups will definitely be making the suggestion list!

  2. Kim

    I freeze bananas and strawberries and throw them in the blender with some orange juice and ice for a smoothie. A smidgen of vodka gets thrown in when necessary. 🙂

  3. Grace

    I second (third?) the blueberries. Oh, and watermelon. Oh, and dragonfruit chunks.

    Even my work clothes have (a touch of) spandex in them (skirts, shirts…I’ve also definitely considered using my favourite running tanks as a base layer for work – they are Quite Classy), except the super-breezy skirts from Uniqlo that of course I can’t find in the shop any more.

    1. Holly KN Post author

      But whenever we buy blueberries out here (in the teeny tiny container), we eat them before they’d ever get to the fridge! I do keep meaning to try watermelon, though…

      I often buy workout gear…then relegate it to my “nicer” clothing stash, until it gets pulls in it, or is worn for a year or two and I feel justified working out in it.


    My favorite pieces of non-workout clothing right now are these shirts I got at Target. I bought two at Kohl’s (maybe 3) and then saw that Target had them in the same style. I have WAY too many of them. People at work are going to think I have a “uniform” since I wear them 2 – 3 times every week. There are varying patterns, but I think people know better.
    Your stuffed animals are adorable 😉
    The underpass idea is AWESOME. What a great way to keep kids together, mingling, socializing, and out of trouble! Love that!

    1. Holly KN Post author

      You know, I used to prefer variety in my wardrobe (why would anyone buy multiples of the same thing, rather than two totally DIFFERENT things?!?!).

      Then, I got old(er), and now, I do it all the time. At spin instructor training this weekend, I switched into different prints of the same Moving Comfort tech tank at least 4 times. [Yes, eventually someone noticed. No, I didn’t care. Each was clean, when I first put it on!]

    1. Holly KN Post author

      Oooooh! Thanks for the reminder, Jess! I actually DO eat frozen peas, too – but just as a sprinkling on salad. But I love peas. Will have to try a bowlful of cold ones. That actually sounds super refreshing!

  5. stridingmom

    If there is no spandex, I probably don’t want to wear it. Just sayin’. I’ve been known to show up to (non-client) work meetings in my running capris. #dealwithit

    1. Holly KN Post author

      Haha! It’s been a gradual acquisition! Back when KMN and I were living in the US, on opposite coasts, I caught a nasty head cold (rhinovirus), which I fondly referred to as a “rhino”. To cheer me up, he sent me a non-viral rhino, to help chase the viral rhino away. Hence, “Rhino”.

      The other two were added during subsequent difficult times for me – Ellie was a thesis-writing cheerleader, and P.Bear joined the team while I was helping care for a sick family member.

      Strangely enough, although the situations that brought each into my life were less-than-ideal, having them here is fun. As we have neither children nor (live) pets, their shenanigans provide entertainment and comedy. And they’re great to have around when our friends with kids come over! Plus? TOTALLY machine washable. Win!

  6. Debbie @ DebRuns

    I was going to say grapes, but since you don’t want to hear that, frozen M&M’s are tasty! 🙂

    If I’m not allowed to wear my ‘spandexy’ work or running clothes, you’ll find me in an Ann Taylor skirt and top.

    1. Holly KN Post author

      Oooh! I’m still in the midst of experimenting – but grapes have been my favorite so far! In fact…I haven’t really liked most of the other frozen fruit. :-/ But M&Ms? Now THAT has potential! 🙂

      Does Anne Taylor believe in spandex? 😉


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