2013 Weekly Workout Round-Up (May 20-26)

As mentioned briefly in an earlier post, I’m making an effort this age year (my 31st year, not 2013) to be more conscientious about documenting all of my workouts – rather than just my running.  So this series will be a new weekly post, mostly for my benefit.  But feel free to take a peak, if you’re so inclined.  [No complaints about it being “just a workout dump”, though, because you’ve been warned!]

Today’s should be spectacularly simple.  A workout round-up is pretty easy to write when there hasn’t been much working out, you know?

I also feel the need to document the second-ever beer that I drank.  I'm still not convinced I like the taste, but these are pretty refreshing on a warm evening!

Yes, Holly, this may be just the second full beer you’ve ever drank, but lifting it to your lips does *not* qualify as a workout. [I’m still not convinced I like the taste, but these are pretty refreshing on a warm evening!]

Hi Meg!  [Ice cream stop 1 of 3, in as many days.]

Hi Meg! [Ice cream stop 1 of 3, in as many days.]

Things started well last week, with two stretchy-type classes on Monday and a run on Tuesday.  Then, the neck thing happened.  The worst of that was cleared by Thursday, just in time for a scratchy throat to attack.  We had an out-of-town visitor arrive on Saturday morning, by which time I was a lovely sneezing, snotty mess of “Welcome To Singapore!”-ness.  Thankfully, tissues are amazing, and she was good-natured about the whole thing.  (And I washed my hands A LOT.)

Between showing her around and dealing with the mucus situation*, the only workout I managed this past weekend was a gentle hike on Saturday.

We also spent an entire morning wandering around the Botanic Gardens.  Hello, Orchids!

We also spent an entire morning wandering around the Botanic Gardens. But it was a VERY gentle wander.

Monday: Bodybalance (yoga/pilates/tai chi fusion class) and Yin yoga
Tuesday: Run
Wednesday: Run
Thursday: Run & Swim
Saturday: 2.5 hour gentle hike
Sunday: *cough, cough*

Total Workout Time: 4 hrs, 3 min + Hike

The only "tattoo" I'm gutsy enough to get.

Heading out for a run, pre-mucus. Also, the only tattoo I’m gutsy enough to get.

This whole situation (except having Meg visit: SQUEEEE!) was less-than-ideal, as last week was my first “official” week back on a race training plan (more on this in another post).  Thankfully, though, my coach adjusted my schedule for me (that gal at Run With Holly is pretty cool, ya know?), and I’ll be right back on track this week.

And after spending Sunday and Monday worried that I was getting bronchitis (something I’ve never had, but KMN did battle with recently), I did what all self-respecting 31-year-olds do: “Uhh, Mom?  This is how my cough sounds. *cough, cough*  Is it OK, or do you think I have to go to the doctor?”  [FaceTime is amazing, people.]

Mom’s verdict? “It’s still really soon after you got sick.  I think it’s OK.”

And there you have it.  Mom knows best.  I sound a bit less rattle-y today, and I’m back to adding entries into my workout log.  So this is heading in the right direction.  Excellent!

Now all I have to do is practice my “Actually Sign Up For Race” maneuver.  THEN, I can finally stop being annoyingly vague, and let you all know what’s cookin’.  I suspect we’ll all be relieved by this.  I have a date with my computer, an online registration system, and my credit card tonight.  <– All runners know this is another way to spell “D-A-N-G-E-R”!

*I know “mucus situation” is gross.  But I have a friend who recently posted about throwing her back out doing a “barf dance” (<– Don’t ask me; I’m not quite sure).  So now, I turn the question over to you:

Which is grosser, “mucus situation” or “barf dance”?

And spill it, people – I know I’m not the only grown person who calls in her mother for random consultations.  What’s the last strange thing you called your Mom/Mother Figure to ask?

17 thoughts on “2013 Weekly Workout Round-Up (May 20-26)

    1. Holly KN Post author

      I’m not even sure what a barf dance is, and *COVERS EYES, CLOSES EARS* I don’t want to know. I avoid anything that has to do with vomit, as much as possible….

  1. Amy @ Writing While Running

    Yikes! Sounds like quite a week for you. I need to go back and get caught up. I have allergies like crazy and mucus and snot are a regular part of my running routine. One time, I even ran a marathon (Beijing *cough*) with a handkerchief tied to the should of my top so I could just turn to that to wipe away the excess. Sounds odd, but it works!

    1. Holly KN Post author

      Yum? Wait a second. Can you blow a snot rocket? I aspire to this one day, but for now…I’m stuck with soggy tissues. Or, perhaps, your suggested handkerchief.

      And I won’t lie…if no one is looking, I spit. Even in Singapore. Shhhh!

  2. Allee @ Griselda Mood

    Boo! Sorry you weren’t feeling well. Nothing is worse than trying to workout and feeling like poo so I’m glad you went easy on yourself. Plus, mucous is disgusting. The word alone is vague and ambiguous and all sorts of gross. I guess I’ll vote for “barf dance” being the better of the two because when you’re done puking, hopefully you’re DONE. But mucous stays and stays like an unwanted house guest.

    And yes, I call my mom for pretty much everything. Can’t remember the last bizarre question I asked her,but I DID just call her to tell her that my best friend has a boyfriend haha. She probably doesn’t care, but she listened and that’s what moms do best!

    1. Holly KN Post author

      “like an unwanted house guest”…I guess I should’ve borrowed KMN’s U2 Go Home shirt, to inspire a quicker mucus evacuation, huh? And you are right…much as I *hate* puking, at least, once it’s over, it’s over. I’ve been choking on this damn mucus for days now. [Gosh that’s just a fabulous mental picture, huh?]

      I also think it’s adorable that you call your Mom with news from your friends. My Mom always asks after the girls I was friends with in middle school (remarkably, we’re still friends); she sorta views them as “hers”, too, since we all grew up together. Maybe the same for your Mom? 🙂

  3. Grace

    Oh, I call my mom for all health-related worries. That’s because…
    …wait for it…
    she’s actually a doctor. 🙂 (As a kid, I could forget about even trying to worm out of school due to ‘feeling sick’- my parents wouldn’t stand for that kind of thing. When I was in Primary 1 they once sent me off to school even though I complained about my throat hurting…it emerged later in the day that I really did have mumps.)

    Feel better soon!

    1. Holly KN Post author

      Hey now. My Mom isn’t a doctor, but she’s a kindergarten teacher. She listens to, like, 45 kids cough through every winter. That’s GOTTA count for something, right? 😉

      Plus, it was a unbiased second opinion, at least. I don’t trust KMN, who coughed his way through 6 (or more?) weeks before I finally told him he was sleeping on the couch if he didn’t go see the doctor…

      Hahaha. Love the mumps story, too. =)

    1. Holly KN Post author

      Apparently, it was “invented” in the US…but in all my yoga practicing years in the US, I *NEVER* saw such a class. Out here, they’re all over! And while they won’t help with strength or cardio, like some faster moving flow/vinyasa classes, they are GREAT for stretching and mental stamina. I’m actually quite in love with them now. 🙂 Plus, it’s pretty much the only workout I can do and leave without being soaked in sweat!

  4. Jean

    Ugh, just a workout dump! I wish I had been warned! (That was a joke, albeit not a good joke)

    Beer’s totally an acquired taste. It took me ages, but now there’s nothing more refreshing! Actually, that’s not true; root beer and cream soda are more refreshing. But beer’s still nice.

    I was so thrown off by the “my coach” bit. You’re saying that you’re your own coach, right? Right. I can’t wait to hear what you’ve got coming up!

    1. Holly KN Post author

      I know. I’m so lame. And yes, I am my own coach – that was MY version of a lame joke. 😉

      I always maintained, “If it’s an acquired taste, why would I bother drinking so much of this gross stuff just to ACQUIRE it?!?!” But…there is something strangely appealing about those Sols. And when we brought home take out pizza for dinner and a movie night, I couldn’t help it. I still don’t know what came over me! 🙂

    1. Holly KN Post author

      Love it! And I think (I think?) it’s a great compliment to your Mom! [Or else she just wants some peace and quiet…but let’s go with the compliment idea, shall we? :)]

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