Good Mornings for a Friday (May 24)

It’s Friday!  Let’s celebrate with a low-text and care-free Good Mornings post:

Ding Dong TeaIngenious: Take a favorite snack food, and turn it into a drink !!

Those Taiwanese folks are so smart.

Yami Yogurt“Chocolate Rice”

Total awesomeness.
So don’t even bother with the sprinkles/jimmies debate.
[Yes, there is also “Rainbow Rice”.]

U2 Go HomeThis shirt cracks me up.

Do you think the band realized the hilarity/irony?
They must have, right?

Lettuce in the SpinnerThings I love to see when I open the fridge!

This means that the lettuce is already washed and cut!!
Salad is mere seconds away.

Holly Wears Real Clothes!A Holly in her non-native habitat.

One of the few recent iPhone photos
in which I’m NOT wearing workout gear.
A rare site indeed.
[Technical gear helps me stay cool and dry!]

Shaking WasherThe victims of a rigorous Spin cycle!

One inherent problem with storing things on top of the washing machine…

Mopping Sandals!I have nothing to add.


Chenille Cleaning Mop Slippers: Yes or No?  Wet or Dry?

Ding Dong Tea: Yes or No?

What are you looking forward to this weekend?

14 thoughts on “Good Mornings for a Friday (May 24)

  1. Debbie @ Deb Runs...

    My mother absolutely needs a pair of those chenille cleaning mop slippers! She almost always has a paper towel under her slipper cleaning up any water spilled on the floor while she’s cooking.

    I’m looking forward to and busily preparing for our annual Memorial Day Sunday BBQ that we host every year. Enjoy your weekend!

    1. Holly KN Post author

      Yummm….BBQ sounds delicious! I don’t crave it as often as good Mexican food, but BBQ is something else I do miss out here – especially when everyone is cooking out for Memorial Day! Have a BBQed drumstick for me, OK? =)

      My Mom *also* keeps a paper towel underfoot to clean up water splashes/drops/spills while she’s cooking. Hmm….belated Mother’s Day gift, anyone? 😉

    1. Holly KN Post author

      I’ve walked past a yogurt place almost daily since I’ve been here; this was the first time I stopped. And I couldn’t stop giggling about the rice. I asked the girl who was working there if that was a normal name out here…she assured me it was. I shall be using this fact the staunch any sprinkles/jimmies debates I happen upon in the future! [That debate was kind of a hobby for some of my friends in college.]

  2. Jules

    LMAO @ the mop slippers. Freaking. Awesome (though not remotely surprised!).

    Hey, what’s so funny about chocolate rice?? 😛

    I didn’t get the reference to Ding Dongs but I guess it must be some sort of American food?

    1. Holly KN Post author

      Do you own a pair of said slippers, Jules? 😉

      Ding Dongs are a kind of American junk food. Sorry!! [Need to remember I’m writing for a multi-national audience here! Hold that thought…I’ll fill you in on all the unhealthy, scrumptious details SOON. 🙂 ]

    1. Holly KN Post author

      I actually only photographed, but did not purchase, the slippers. Buuuuut….if I owned them, I might be able to add a bit MORE of a workout to my mopping. Hmm… =)

  3. Amy Jones

    Those slippers look a lot like a thing I just got at work to clean my computer keyboard. I’m not so sure about their functionality as a mop though. Doesn’t sound fun even if they’re trying to be creative.

    1. Holly KN Post author

      Just don’t go stomping all over the computer at work. I suspect the boss won’t be too keen on that. 😉

      [Thanks for stopping by, too!]

      [Also, I’ll now take these OFF my “To Buy For Amy For Christmas” list. Whelp, there goes that idea….


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