Weekly Workout Round-Up, Long Run, and Brooks Bargains

It is 8 PM (when I started this post), and I am sitting in bed, with the air conditioner blasting in the bedroom and my feet propped up.  I’m also eating pineapple.  In bed.  Decadent, right?  And I’m pondering how I cut up one – just one – pineapple, yet half of these pieces taste sweet and delicious, and the other half taste a bit sour and under-ripe.  How did my one tiny pineapple get half ripe?  No, no – how did half of my pineapple get ripe? Oh, the deep questions of a Sunday night…

But I actually sat down here to write up my workout round-up for this week in a timely fashion, rather than 5 days late.  Brilliant!  I am so on top of things.  [Except for the other six(ty) posts on my “To Write” list, but whatever…]

So thanks to some new resolutions I made for this year (of my life, not calendar year), I’m working on doing a better job of tallying my workouts, time, distance, etc. – not just for running, but for all my workouts.  I created a rather elaborate Excel spreadsheet (Excel addict here), and in its second week, it’s still a work in progress, but I like it.  The OCD side of me especially likes it.  So I can tell you with confidence that this week’s TWT (Total Workout Time) tallied up to 12.5 hours. OK, OK, you caught me – it was really 12 hours 28 minutes.  I shall refrain from doing jumping jacks for 2 minutes just to round out the numbers.

I did a terrible job of taking pictures from the week, so I can’t mix in food/workout/fun photos together for a little-bit-of-everything, not-too-much-of-anything post tonight.  So let’s cut to the chase – my workout week looked like this:

Monday: Run, Swim, Yoga
Tuesday: Run, Body Pump
Wednesday: Spin, Yoga
Thursday: Swim, Body Pump, Yoga
Friday: Run, Spin
Saturday: Run
Sunday: Long Run

There was also some stretching and foam rolling in there, as necessary.  In fact, there was LOTS of foam rolling on Friday and Saturday, since Thursday’s Body Pump totally killed my glutes and hips.

Saturday was actually supposed to be my Rest day, but KMN decided he wanted to go for a short run.  He’s been sick and/or swamped at work for several weeks now, so he hasn’t done much running.  He wasn’t planning on going far or fast, so I agreed to accompany him for a shake-out run.  We took things slowly and clocked about 3 miles of running, so although it wasn’t a 100% rest day, I took it pretty easy to be ready for today’s long run.  

And it paid off – today’s 13 mile long run was pretty awesome.  This (give or take a mile) has been pretty much my max long-run distance for the last 3 months (and really, the longest consecutive distance I’ve done in over a year).  I’ve done 4-6 runs of ~12-14 miles in the last few months, but today’s run just felt GREAT – I did the whole thing solo, and without any music or audiobooks.  I didn’t get a super early start, so the sun was already up when I headed out.  I started with 5 road miles, then came home, changed into my trail shoes, put on a dry sports bra and shirt (BEST IDEA EVER), refilled my water bottle, and headed back out for 8 miles on the trails.  I wasn’t counting down the miles, or wishing every section of trail away, or even longing to be finished.  When the end came, my legs were tired, but not absolutely dead.

Before Part I (road miles)

Before Part I (road miles)

Before Part II (trail miles)

Before Part II (trail miles)

From Hokkaido, at Ramen Champion.  Good, but not amazing...

From Hokkaido, at Ramen Champion. Good, but not amazing…

They still had plenty of spunk to get cleaned up, go to church, get some lunchtime ramen, and head over to the Run, Bike, Swim Expo.  I’d seen the expo advertised in the running community for the last few weeks.  It was being put on in conjunction with packet pick-up for a big race going on here in two weeks (yes, in Singapore, pack pick-up is weeks before the event), the Sundown Marathon (and half-marathon, and 10K).  I’m not running in the event, but the venue and advertising led me to believe this was gonna be a big expo, and I wanted to see what was going on.  So, we hopped on the subway out to the Expo center.

To be honest, the event was a bit disappointing.  It was certainly larger than the mini-expos that take place for many of the other races here.  However, plenty of the gear was still pretty expensive, and except for one booth that had some helmets on display, there really wasn’t any “bike” or “swim”.  Furthermore, there were too many nutrition booths (for me). I’m not so enthused by protein shakes, but that’s just me.  Interestingly, I even saw a company that was offering a “Marathon Pack” of some kind of gel – one to eat when you wake up on race day, another 10 minutes before the race, one for each hour of the race (up to 5 hours), and one to eat post-race.  They were even packaged up in a pretty little box!   I really wish I’d taken a photo or memorized the name, because  this company must be scrutinized.  The scientist in me is UBER-skeptical about this scheme, and the running coach in me is upset over how many runners will buy into this shtuff and try it for the first time on race day.  [PSA: Don’t do anything new on race day. PLEASE!!!!!]

But the trip wasn’t a total wash – I *did* manage to score a great deal on some Brooks apparel.  No, I don’t really need more workout bottoms, but I’ve been admiring this skort all season!  And tight shorts are my new running uniform.  The capris?  I have several Brooks shirts that match!  How could I resist?

Brooks-y goodness, all for just $60 USD. Score!  Truly, the Brooks booth made the whole expo worthwhile!

Brooks-y goodness, all for just $60 USD. Score! Truly, the Brooks booth made the whole expo worthwhile!

After the expo, my afternoon consisted of some coaching, a short nap, and nursing my newest chafed spot.  No matter how thoroughly I apply Body Glide, I’m always coming back from runs out here with chafing in a new location.  This one is particularly painful, as it’s in a sweat-prone spot.  Yeeouch.

Close-up of my armpit.   Your life is now complete, right??

I swear it looks like nothing, but it hurts like crazy-pants.

The best news of the day, though, is that it’s (now) midnight, and I can say with confidence that I have avoided my usual post-long-run-electrolyte-imbalance-headache.  Whenever I lose too many electrolytes on a run, without proper replacement, I end up with a splitting headache later in the afternoon.  I sorted this problem out in the US a long time ago, but the super sweaty conditions out here have sent me to the Ibuprofen bottle after most of my >10 mile runs out here.  But today, I achieved electrolyte-replacement perfection.  This feat only required 2 salt tabs, 2 Nuun tablets, 1 package of Honey Stingers, a bowl of salty ramen, and nearly 100 oz of water – for a 2 hour workout.  Frankly, I don’t care *what* it takes, as long as I can figure out the proper formula!!

And now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to get back to the hard work of resting.  Happy Sunday, folks!

Recovery after a busy day.  All that's missing? Compression sleeves.  Must...stretch...to...reach....drawer......

Recovery after a busy day. All that’s missing? Compression sleeves. Must…stretch…to…reach….drawer……

What is your favorite tropical fruit?

Get any good deals on sweet running gear lately? Do share!!!

23 thoughts on “Weekly Workout Round-Up, Long Run, and Brooks Bargains

  1. Cecilia @ MommiesRun

    Totally jealous over your Brooks deals! I’m a Brooks fanatic! There is nothing more frustrating than less than stellar pineapple. I believe pineapple is one of the most amazing fruits on earth. Totally obsessed. I’m in a mango phase lately as well. It tastes so amazing when it is super cold.

    1. Holly KN Post author

      Hm. I’m still *ahem* “warming up” to mangoes. But a really good pineapple is awesome! Do you have any tricks (besides sniffing) for knowing when it’s ripe and ready?

  2. Debbie @ Deb Runs...

    It’s always interesting to hear about how race things are done differently in other countries. With the expo being a couple of weeks before the race, what do the out of town people do?

    I’m glad you’ve gotten your formula down for the best preventative measures for keeping your post-run headaches at bay. Those can be miserable!

    Want to give me Excel spread sheetlessons? I’m quite pathetic!

    1. Holly KN Post author

      Well, often you can email the organizer and they’ll arrange for pick-up at a sponsoring store or something in the day or two before. Maybe for international travelers, they’ll arrange for delivery to the hotel (?). But most of these races are primarily run by locals (and since Singapore is a tiny island, no one is more than 45 minutes away). I guess international travelers/registrants would have to contact the organizer for special instructions. If you know someone locally, he/she can also pick up your packet for you.

      What would you like to do in Excel? 🙂

  3. Nadiya @ Milk and Honey on the Run

    Yeah! Congrats on the Brooks deal! I’ve had my eyes on this one skort from Lululemon which is uber quite but good 60$! Why must everything sport-related be overpriced.

    I’m with you on all these “nutrition” products. I remember talking to one of the representatives and they kept bouncing around “amino acids” but honestly I don’t think this person actually knows what amino acids are. Very sad…

    What annoys me nowadays is this obsession with high protein this and that. I get it that you’ll feel full after a high protein meal but I don’t see how consuming over 100g of protein a day can in any way be healthy. All I can just imagine is all those amino acids being converted into urea. Too much urea can’t be healthy for the brain :S

    1. Holly KN Post author

      I guess I think that there are times/places for them, maybe, for some people, possibly. But I doubt that they are as “necessary” as modern workout society has convinced us they are. [Pretty soon, I’m going to do a post on The Amino Bar (protein shakes, etc.), a protein/smoothie stop just outside the gym I usually frequent. Some of their signage is hilarious, I think you’ll get a kick out of it. 🙂

      Personally, I like eating regular food, and use my training as a reason to eat plenty of it! 🙂

  4. Jules

    I love mangoes and (of course!) durians. 🙂

    Yea I used to drink protein shakes but then realised actually you’re just as well off drinking milk on its own so I’ve given up on protein powder…

    P.s. I’m also a complete excel geek!

    1. Holly KN Post author

      Excel Geeks Unite! 🙂 Do you track your workouts on it? I was actually inspired by people whose blogs (or who have Plug-Ins for their blogs) that tally their weekly/monthly/yearly run/bike/swim distances. I wanted one, without the trouble/commitment of a Plug-In, and after a fruitless search for an app that would do the work, I finally just Excelled my own. Bonus? Totally customizable!!

  5. Allee @ Griselda Mood

    Sweet score on the workout gear! I love that skirt. And the shorts. And the capris. I’m pretty controlled in a mall of regular clothes and won’t buy anything, but take me to a store with running apparel and there goes all of my money!

    Excellent job on your 13 miler! That’s pretty bad ass to bust out a 13 mile run by yourself with no music or anything. Reach over, grab those sleeves and rest up those legs!

    1. Holly KN Post author

      EX-actly. Ever been to an Athleta store (or online store)? It’s my gateway drug – their clothes are too nice/expensive to reserve for workout wear. So instead, I buy workout TYPE clothes, that I then insist on wearing during every day life. It’s fabulous when your dress feels like your favorite running shorts… 🙂

  6. Paul

    Hi Holly.

    I was down at the expo to collect my Sundown marathon race pack. I will be running the half marathon (my 3rd this yr!) I picked up an hydration belt, strobe light, some socks and an ankle support. I’m happy with my purchases.

    The nutrition booth you are referring to is Maxinuturition.

    Their facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/MaxinutritionAsia?ref=stream

    Fortunately, I took a pic of what they have on offer: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/18081156/maxinutrition-offer.jpg

    Unfortunately, I did not take the pic of the refuelling strategy.

    Fortunately, they have it on their facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.297189720390009.64414.296101187165529&type=3

    Hope this helps!

    1. Holly KN Post author

      Ah yes, this is exactly what I saw!! Very on point, Paul. I should’ve suspected you would have my back on this one. But aiyoh…reading more about it makes me roll my eyes at it even more! (Apologies for insulting you, if this was your plan for race day fueling. Everyone is different, and needs to find the right plan – although I’m skeptical that this is the right plan for a runner.)

      I sometimes think my fueling habits are expensive, but compared with this nutrition, I’d say mine are a bargain!

      Good luck in the half! I will attempt to find a spot where I can cheer without disturbing any sleeping HDB complexes; so keep an eye out for a loud ang moh in a reflective vest! 🙂

      1. Paul

        Wah! *Steady lah* I see you throwing in a few Singlish now! I think you will be ‘one of us’ in not time at all 😉

        No no no. This is not my refuelling plan. And I joined your ‘eye rolling’ and conclude that this is nothing but clever marketting.

        I may be a newbie to running but I’m not naive. Energy gel and such are a relatively new invention. My research says it was introduced in the mid 80s. But marathons had been runs for decades. So how did all those runners in the past cope without the wonderful energy gel?

        So far I had only used energy gel once during a 21K run (yes it was maxinutrition but only because it was in one of the race pack I signed up) I’m not exactly convinced about its impact.

        I run both my HMs races without consuming any energy gel. I recently run a PB 25K run without energy gel but did not necessarily suffered any worse (but I planned my hydration and isotonic intake sensibly) for wear.

        Maybe when I progressed longer distances, I may eventually find a need for it but not now.

        1. Holly KN Post author

          No lah. Can be much better than that one lor. Not expert yet, but when others speaking Singlish, I also can. 😉

          [Proud Moment: Went to a different kopi than usual last week – the auntie at the drink stall did a double take when I ordered, “One kopi C, tah pau. Xiexie.” She said, “Must live in Singapore looooong time, no?” =)]

          But I cheat a bit, being married to a local. 😉

  7. Jean

    Wow, what a steal on that Brooks gear! I love good deals, but I’m much too lazy to seek them out. I almost always pay full price for things that I buy. Should probably work on that.

    Pineapple! I’m generally a fan of tropical fruit, although I can’t claim to have tried that many. I CAN say that tropical-themed candy is the best. That’s the same thing, right?

    1. Holly KN Post author

      I couldn’t believe my eyes! The skort is normally $70-80 here, and it’s *barely* last season’s. I asked the salesperson twice, and didn’t even care that I had to try it on under my skirt in the middle of the expo. [No changing rooms.]

      No. Just…no. But, for someone who hates the heat, it might be as close as you’ll ever get. 😉

    1. Holly KN Post author

      It is *possible* that the race in question has made its way onto my racing schedule…

      Key Power still had a few of the Brooks skorts left at the expo (x-small and medium at least, not sure about small), if you’re interested. I’d figure they’re probably still on sale at the store. I think this one is so cute and light that I don’t even *care* that it’s gonna get dark sweat lines on it, I’m going to wear it anyway! [To the gym, at least. Not sure I’ll be able to handle it soaking wet while running.]

  8. Kristen L

    Sounds like a good workout week. Awesome that your 13 mile run was great! I love when a run just feels awesome. And great deal on the brooks gear! Jealous!!

    I think my fav tropical fruit is mango. Pineapple is up there too though.

    1. Holly KN Post author

      Don’t be too jealous! Every once in awhile, a sweet deal comes our way – but remember that we lack Amazon, Planet Gear, Sierra Trading Post…

      Honestly, though – it’s kind of good. Less temptation! 🙂

  9. Logan @ Mountains and Miles

    Fascinating. Now that I’m thinking about it, I think I do get headaches later in the afternoon after longer runs. I’ve really been struggling with the sodium thing on runs lately, though. I actually was reading more about hyponatremia and it can cause general lightheadedness, so now I’m debating whether or not that’s causing my other problems, which might explain why it’s a day by day case.

    The excel OCD in me is drooling over what i’m sure is an awesome spreadsheet – you should screen shot it for us!

    1. Holly KN Post author

      Hm. Maybe try some salt tabs? That should help either way, actually – if you’re losing too much salt, they’ll help replace it. If you’re over-hydrating, salt tabs should help bring things back in balance. I’m pretty new at them myself, but when I sweat so heavily, it’s almost impossibly to eat ENOUGH salt stuff (Nuun, chews, etc.) to keep my salt high. The salt tabs make that MUCH easier. [On the recommendation of a wise friend, I use S-Caps.]

      Although, if you’re drinking to your thirst, it seems unlikely that you’re over-hydrating…

      I’ll do a screenshot in a future post, perhaps in this week’s workout round-up. 🙂

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