Search Term Hilarity (January 2013 – April 2013)

I was recently checking some blog stats, and paused to look at the Search Terms for Run With Holly.

Basically, these are phrases that someone entered into a search engine, which returned a blog entry of mine among the results – and the person clicked on it.  I’ve seen bloggers publish these before, but never really paused to give mine much thought.  But one caught my eye the other day, so I clicked through to see some of the others.  There were some gems in there, and I thought you* might enjoy them as much as I did:

“anatomy of pot” [Singaporean authorities, please do not be misled by this search term.]

“i dont go for holiday without my holiday gadgets”  [This might have been KMN.  He is usually the gadget wrangler when we travel.  It was a new experience for me to be internationally-gadget-responsible on my recent trip to the US.]

“banana skins to stop chafing” [It’s a thought, but I’ll admit I’ve never tested it….  I do often eat a pre-run banana, though.  Recycling?]

“heel stuck in foot” [Definitely can’t help you with that one, dude.]

“can you please show me pork shank from the pig anatomy” [I love this one mostly because it is so polite!]

“how to put long hair in a swim cap singapore” [Whoops!  You’ve got the wrong gal here!  Also, I’m not sure why the country matters.  Is there a different swim-cap-application policy in Asia?]

And I do think this one is my favorite….

“how to do the shrimp position in yoga”  [Anyone?  Anyone???]


To my blogging friends out there: Any good Search terms hit on your blog lately?

To anyone: What term do you wish you’d never Googled?
[After reading a post about Sea Lice on a fellow Singapore-based runner’s blog at running (my) life, I reluctantly Googled the term.  Not one of my more brilliant moves…]

*And if you are someone who found my blog with one of these searches, WELCOME.  I’m glad you’re here.  Truly.  We might laugh a bit, but it’s all good-natured, and we’re a fun crew.  If you’re feeling sheepish, head over to Jeano’s most recent blog post and you can laugh at my commenting faux pas….

10 thoughts on “Search Term Hilarity (January 2013 – April 2013)

  1. Jean

    My two favorites are “poop stall” and “James Spader.” Of COURSE those brought people to my blog (not really, I have no idea how those brought people to my blog).

    1. Holly KN Post author

      Hahahaha! Do I even want to know which post was brought up in a “poop stall” search?

      [And is it wrong that I want to try it now, to see if MY Google will also bring your blog up? 🙂 ]

  2. Debbie @ Deb Runs...

    Maybe I’ll try “banana skins to stop chafing”… It’s gotta be cheaper than Body Glide! I think I would like the “shrimp position in yoga.”

    I feel left out because my best search term was: “japanese flowing cherry near a fire hydrant.” Yes, it said flowing, not flowering.

  3. Jules

    Ha,“can you please show me pork shank from the pig anatomy” is hilariously polite!

    I’ve had some right dodgy search terms lead to my site! I can’t remember them all now (is there a way of bringing this up in wordpress?) but one of the worst was something like “sweaty virgins”. o_O I don’t think they found anything worth perusing on my blog…

    1. Holly KN Post author

      I’d consider making all my Google searches so polite, except I’m too impatient.

      Strangely, I haven’t gotten too many (any?) R-rated search terms.

      If you have any of the WordPress Jetpack installed, you can activate “ Stats” (if you haven’t already). Then, if you click on ‘Site Stats’, you’ll get a page with the current day’s data (referrers, top posts, etc.). One of the options is Search Engine Terms. Click Summaries, and you can see them by day, week, month, year. If your configuration differs from mine, some details might be different – shoot me an email if you have trouble and want help. 🙂

    1. Holly KN Post author

      BAHAHAHA! Oh, my. Interestingly, this came up just yesterday: “baggage” tv show participant holly who claimed she made the mile high club

      I have NO idea…


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