The Sunshine State, Photo Recap #1

I’ve been back from Florida for just about 10 days now.  Where has the time gone?  Oh, here:

These lovely ladies stopped by Singapore for a visit, and I've been busy showing them the sites!  Stay tuned for lots of touring-Singapore goodness!

These lovely ladies stopped by Singapore for a visit, and I’ve been busy showing them the sights! Stay tuned for lots of touring-Singapore goodness!

It’s been a great (although busy and not-so-restful) week!  But before I talk about all the fun we’ve had, let’s go back to Florida. My trip involved care-taking duties and people who deserve privacy, BUT – I did dig out a few photos that I can definitely share.  

Let’s start with my phone.  I didn’t leave the house much while in Florida, so I didn’t really need a local phone.  I could easily pop my iPhone onto the wireless network at home, and I wanted to make sure all my phone use, messages, etc. came in via the household internet, not through roaming wireless ($$ international fees $$).  Whenever I turned on the phone, it seemed to be random chance whether iMessage connected first to the household internet, or first to a roaming network.  I puzzled about this for a day before realizing that removing my SIM card was the easiest solution.  (duh)  But that SIM card is tiny, and I did NOT want to lose that sucker.  How could I keep it safe and secure for the next 2 weeks?  AH HA!!!!  Check out my ingenuity:

I almost felt guilty using such a now-tech solution on such a high-tech device!

I almost felt guilty using such a low-tech solution on such a high-tech device!

But it worked like a charm, and the SIM card stayed safe and firmly attached until I landed back in Singapore and popped it in.  What I lack in tech-savvy, I make up for in creativity.

Not *quite* a New Jersey bagel, but it'll do until June!

Not *quite* a New Jersey bagel, but it’ll do until June!

I also took advantage of my time in the US to indulge in some of my favorite-but-harder/more expensive-to-find in Singapore foods.  Notice the first exhibit to the right.  Bagels – especially good bagels – are actually pretty hard to find here.  They are more an exception, though, and I should be clear: We can get most foods here.  But I often shudder at the cost.  It’s not that we can’t afford to pay $5 for a small container of cream cheese, it’s just that I KNOW the same thing would only cost $2 in the US, and I’m stubborn.  So I enjoyed a so-so bagel with delicious cream cheese for breakfast one morning.  I won’t lie, though – I was still dreaming of a Bagel Station Everything bagel.  Or a Black Russian bagel (pumpernickel with raisins and walnuts). Or a good old Plain bagel.  Yummmmm……  Sussex County peeps, we’re going for bagels when I’m in NJ later this summer!

Mexican food and its ingredients (tortillas and chips, cheddar cheese, salsa, beans) are also expensive.  So one night, at my request, we made this:

My mouth is watering just looking at this again....  And yes, that's homemade guac, courtesy of my cousin Allison!

My mouth is watering just remembering this meal. And yes, that’s homemade guac, courtesy of my cousin Allison! She may have converted me to a guac-liker!

With limited time and no access to gym/other workout facilities, running and impromptu circuit workouts became the staples of my exercise regime.  I’ll talk more about this in another post, but suffice to say that I managed to get this on my first day out:



Singapore weather is quite hot, but often overcast.  Florida at this time of the year can generate some pretty strong sun, and with a breeze blowing off the river, I can easily forget how intense the rays can be.  Don’t tell my dermatologist, OK?

Can't you just feel the breeze off the Indian River?

Can’t you just feel the breeze off the Indian River?

Our newest addition, P. Bear, checks out my slice of pizza!  Not quite New Jersey good, but still pretty tasty!

Our newest addition, P. Bear, checks out my slice of pizza! Not quite New Jersey good, but still pretty tasty!

And how could I turn down post-run pizza?  And since Florida is largely populated by snowbirds from the northeast, it was even pretty passable, NY/NJ style pizza.  I’d have opted for extra mushrooms in lieu of pepperoni, but my vote didn’t carry too much weight.  It was still tasty enough for me to enjoy fresh, then again on the reheat for lunch the next day!

And with that, I think I’ll bring this post to a close.  I’ll share the second half of my photos, plus a little more about my “vacation” training very soon. [Edit: Find them here!]

What’s your favorite bagel flavor?

Anyone else rock that super-wide Garmin tan?  Anyone else anticipating the release of the svelte, petite Bia GPS watch?
[As a Kickstarter supporter, I can’t wait to get mine!]

23 thoughts on “The Sunshine State, Photo Recap #1

    1. Holly KN Post author

      Ah, yes – me too! I look rather hilarious in a bathing suit these days. I think I might need some boy shorts bottoms to cover my white upper thighs! 🙂

      Oohhhh….chocolate chip. Good choice, my carb-loving-friend! =)

  1. Kim

    The Sunshine State has barely passable pizza and bagel choices in my opinion. Chinese and Indian food choices are also slim-to-none (luckily I have a friend who supplies me with wonderful Indian food). What does it have? Sushi, Latin-American food, and Jamaican food! Fish is always fresh so sushi is good and relatively inexpensive. We have tons of Cuban people, Argentinean people, and other Latin-American people that can cook (Empanadas!!). Finally, if you want jerk chicken or Jamaican patties, this is the place to be (just be prepared for some SERIOUS spicy-ness!)!
    Every time I go back to NJ I need to have pizza and bagels! Healthy? Nope. Delicious? Oh, yes!

    1. Holly KN Post author

      Well, my bagel & pizza options have been pretty limited lately, so I’ll take what I can get. 🙂 Wish we could have tried more of the Latin American/Jamaican/Cuban food, but we were mostly cooking at home, so I enjoyed the ingredients instead! And we did enjoy some seafood – I made the fish part of a fish & chips dinner for the first time (relatively successful), and went out with my Mom for some fantastic seared tuna. DELISH!

      [And I’m not too fussed about missing Chinese and Indian food – we got both of those in ample supply in Singapore!]

  2. Lisa

    My favorite bagel is either cinnamon raisin or the really chewy ones with the sesame seeds. The sun is not my friend, being that I’m a ghost-white redhead lol.

  3. stridingmom

    I literally dream of sesame bagels when I long run…not even joking. I’ve thought of cutting up little pieces to snack on when I’m running to see if it will curtail my ridiculous craving and allow me to focus on…eh…er….running.

    1. Holly KN Post author

      Hahaha! Hm…you probably could, it’s not like they’d get crumbled to bits or anything. That sounds a bit too…dense…for me during a run, but I will ALWAYS take them post-run! Nom-nom-nom…

      [I hope that lots of sesame bagels have been part of your recovery plan!]

  4. Logan @ Mountains and Miles

    HA, I rock my watch tan with pride in the summer!

    I love everything bagels. And spinach parmesan. And jalapeno cheddar. SOMETIMES a good blueberry….but I’m clearly a savory person, no?

    I was the same way when I was living abroad – when I was in Prague, some stuff was just ridiculously expensive, but other things were SO MUCH cheaper. I used to get laughing cow cheese wedges for like $1.50-$2.00 a tub in Prague and here I am LUCKY if I can get them for $4.50. I’m still too stubborn to buy them here even though I’ve been back for like 3 years, ha.

    1. Holly KN Post author

      I used to be sweet all the way, then my sister and I realized that we looooved the plain bagels that were stored in the bin NEXT TO the onion bagels (ie, just a *hint* of onion flavor). Finally, I went out on a limb and tried an Everything. Yummmmmmmmmmm……..I haven’t looked back! In Rochester, I often ate lunch sandwiches on bagels = perfect place for savory. [I would still cave for a sweet for breakfast sometimes, though!]

      And YES on the prices – as much as I more often comment on/complain about the price of dairy products, I also LOVE how cheap it is to buy tropical fruits, local green veggies, baby cucumbers, bubble tea, and quick meals from the local hawker center (sort of like a food court). And I think “stubborn” is the perfect description of my attitude about it, too – “WHYYYY pay that much when I could get it for half that price in the US! OK, yes, it’s the US, and the plane ticket is expensive, BUT WHATEVER. STILL!!!!!!!!!” Glad I’m not stubborn alone! 🙂

  5. Allee @ Griselda Mood

    I am SO sorry to hear that finding the ingredients for Mexican cuisine is hard/expensive for you. That’s actually the most tragic thing I’ve heard all day. I think if more countries had easier access to things like guacamole and salsa, the world would be a much happier place. That’s just fact.

    1. Holly KN Post author

      If that’s the most tragic thing that’s happened to me, AND the most tragic thing you’ve heard…we’re actually both doing pretty well.

      On the plus side, I get to enjoy lots of cheap tropical fruits, local veggies, fresh tofu (no, seriously – tofu is actually GOOD), etc. So I don’t think I’ll die. But I WILL rush out to Chipotle the next time I visit the states. [Conveniently located in Rochester just down the street from Starbucks AND DD!]

  6. Kristen L

    I like a plain bagel with flavored cream cheese. Aaaand, I’m also starting to get a Garmin tan line — it’s not that noticeable yet, but I’m sure it will be by the end of summer. Maybe its time to get some nice bracelets to wear!

    1. Holly KN Post author

      SoCal will definitely get you such a tan – especially if you’re spending lots of time on the bike! [Speaking of which…I’m eagerly anticipating your ride report – hope you guys had a great time!] I biked a lot last summer in LA, and won myself the greatest shorts-and-Garmin tan of my athletic life!

      Sometimes, there’s nothing like a plain bagel. Don’t know the West Coast equivalent, but in Rochester, we had a chain of bagel shops that offered a maple walnut cream cheese that was divine (if you’re into sweet). Otherwise, there’s always the possibility of salt-loading with Jeano’s suggested lox cream cheese! 🙂

  7. Debbie @ Deb Runs...

    Glad you had a nice visit and got to enjoy some of your favorite foods while here! Your Mexican dish looks delicious, and nothing beats homemade guac! Favorite bagel flavor? Plain or blueberry.

    1. Holly KN Post author

      I don’t know what’s taken me so long to come around to guac. I think it’s the texture, really. And we did add looooots of lemon juice (which is approximately my favorite seasoning!), so that was tasty. I *never* thought I’d be drooling over the thought of guacamole. But hey, life is crazy! 🙂

  8. Jean

    Oh, that’s easy: salt bagels!!! I never knew those were a thing until I moved to New York, and now I can never go back. Salt bagel with lox cream cheese may be my favorite thing in the world.

    That watch doesn’t seem any smaller to me… Also, “your GPS watch just got chicked” makes me cringe. HOWEVER, the safety feature is pretty awesome, and I too am a Kickstarter fan.

    1. Holly KN Post author

      Can you obtain such deliciousness in Alaska? Seems like you’d have the lox covered, but does Alaska “do” bagels? Also, this sounds like a post-run, electrolyte-replenishment dream meal! 🙂

      If you’re referencing the photo on the website, the BIA is actually sitting on TOP of the Garmin. [It genuinely is waaaay smaller – even if the wrist surface area isn’t much different, it’s considerably thinner and less clunky.]

      I’m not sure how I feel about the ‘chicked’ part – I mean, the idea/company was started by two female entrepreneurs. When I guy is passed by a girl in a race, it’s called ‘being chicked’. I sorta wish it wasn’t a big enough deal to have a name, but since it does, whatever. I have no idea who is behind Garmin. If it’s a bunch of men (likely), and Bia is out to “pass” them, *shrug* Why not? But I’ll admit – sometimes I forget/don’t realize I should be getting my feminist hackles up about something for awhile, or until someone else points it out to me. So…help me. What, exactly, is making you cringe?

      But it’s the SOS feature that first attracted me. Safety is an issue for everyone, but definitely moreso for women.

  9. Jules

    Umm how have I NOT come across this BIA GPS device?? That looks awesome!! I have the Garmin 610 currently and am not much of a fan, never mind the fact that it is HUGE on my wrist. BIA looks like a great replacement as I like the fact that you can swim with it which is useful for tris. Unfortunately no heart rate monitor yet which I need, but maybe in the next version!

    1. Holly KN Post author

      Wellll…it’s new. Cool, thought, right? It just went up on Kickstarter last summer. They’re in the first stages of testing prototypes now. Unfortunately, you’ll have to hang on to your 610 a bit longer, since they final version won’t be out for quite a few months yet. I’m hoping to be an international wear-tester, but we’ll see…. *fingers crossed* 🙂

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