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I sure can make a mountain out of a molehill.  This one little Liebster thing is now on its third post.  [In case you missed it, the first was 11 Random Facts About Holly, and the second was 22 Answers to questions asked by Jeano and GGR.]

So now comes the tagging part.  Yeesh.  Honestly, I don’t have too many run-bloggers to add to the list, really.  But here are a few small-ish running blogs I’m enjoying these days that you might want to check out:

Just Run With It: This was actually the first running blog I ever followed.  And she’s yet another female run-blogger who’s getting a science PhD. (It’s like an epidemic or something.) Cute pup and 60-mile Boston Marathon prep weeks included at no extra charge!
Striding Mom: The real deal on mixing together running, life, kids, work, family…and baking it into a cake of funny.
Genetically Challenged Athlete: Must give her mention, as she reached out to me to become my first real running connection in Singapore.  Since then, she’s shown me the ropes, answered lots of questions, and bonded with me over a shared love for (and absolute need of) Nuun.
Sweaty Escapades: I’m particularly fond of her, as she grew up in SE Asia and relates to many of my posts about Singapore – but currently lives in the UK.  When I need more chilly photos than Jeano can provide, this is where I go!  Plus, she’s recently become a slow-cooker convert… 🙂

And on the non-running front, here’s a random sampling:

Human Limits: Not a running blog, per-se, but Dr. Joyner works with and studies elite athletes – and blogs about current issues in health and fitness from a more academic perspective.  [I also stalk his blog, rather than actually participate, so he has no idea who I am.]
The Collar Lab
: My friend’s labs (the dogs, not the research things), Whiskey and Rye, write a blog.  She makes ridiculously cute collars for them (and you, if you want).  They’re not too verbose, so this blog isn’t a huge commitment. 🙂
Bethany Beams: She’s got some deep stuff going on over there now.  But if that’s not your cup of tea, search for any post with “Eli” in it – take this one, about their trip to the zoo, for example.  Her anecdotes about raising her just-over-one-year-old son are, in a word, hilarious.

Ooops.  It appears that most of the non-running blogs I read are pretty popular and definitely don’t qualify for Lieb-er-vision.  Oh, well.  We’ll stop there then (and I’m not even at 700 words yet!).  So,  for anyone (the aforementioned bloggers, or anyone else) who feels like answering some random questions…here you go:

1. If you could eat any breakfast food right now, what would it be?  Please be very descriptive.  I love breakfast food and want to drool all over your descriptions.

2. What book is closest to where you’re sitting, right this very minute?

3. Think about something you really want to do (you don’t have to share what it is).  What’s holding you back?

4. Which holiday has the traditions that you enjoy the most?

5. Fill in the blanks: I would do twice as much (insert household task/chore), in exchange for never having to (insert another household task/chore) EVER AGAIN.

6. Do you like how common your name is?  [ie, “Sarah”s, do you like sharing your name with half the world?  “Shelande”s, do you like having such a unique name?]

7. When you were a kid, what did you want to be when you “grew up”?

8.  Do you have as much trouble with the “Insert Numbered List” function as I do?  It always – ALWAYS – screws up my formatting.  I’ve resigned myself to actually typing the numbers.

9. What are you using to replace/instead of Google Reader? 

10. What smell is nostalgic to you?

11. Self-Serving Question: What would you like to read more of on this blog?

If you’re Commenting today, why don’t you answer 1, 5, or 11.  

Or heck, answer whichever you want.  It’s Friday. I’m not going to be fussy.

15 thoughts on “Sharing Some Blog Love

    1. Holly KN Post author

      HIiiiiiiiiiiii! So happy you dropped a comment. 😉 Love you, and miss you, and thanks for sharing all your travel photos lately! It’s like you’re turning into us! =)

  1. Jean

    Funny you should ask, I’m eating breakfast RIGHT NOW. Oatmeal. It’s delicious but I’ll probably be hungry again in an hour, at which point I’ll likely eat some toast with peanut butter (extra salt on top because I’m disgusting, and because I work out so I tell myself it’s okay. Ignorance is bliss).

    I would do twice as many dishes in exchange for never having to dust anything ever again. Really not a fan of dusting. Or chores, really.

    I’m content with your current blog offerings, although I could always use more pictures of Singapore! I like seeing what other places look like.

    1. Holly KN Post author

      It’s not as picturesque as Alaska, I can promise you that. [Everywhere you have mountains, we have skyscrapers.] But, I’ll see what I can do! 🙂

      Funny, because oatmeal usually lasts me a bit longer than my other weekday breakfast foods (usually oatmeal, cereal, or toast). Hmph.

      As long as your blood pressure is decent, don’t sweat the salt. <--- Get it? SWEAT... 😉 Alternatively, you could move to Singapore, in which case electrolyte replacement becomes a way of life. I just finished a long run, and am chowing down on a bowl of cereal - but I know I'm gonna need something salty eventually, or I'm going to pay with a massive headache later...

  2. greengirlrunning

    Ok… here are a few answers 🙂

    1. I fell in love with a breakfast salad while in Hawaii – greens lightly dressed with balsamic, feta cheese and topped with poached eggs, and a side of fresh pineapple.

    7. When I was a kid I was SURE I would be a professional ballet dancer, but I ended up leaving ballet at age 18.

    11. I love your blog and anything you write 🙂 Really helpful, eh?

    1. Holly KN Post author

      That…is a VERY interesting breakfast. I’m not usually down with mixing my sweets and savories, but I have to admit that I’m intrigued. I do eat eggs with feta pretty frequently, and the addition of lettuce makes it sound even more fresh and cool, which is a major plus out here. I may just have to learn how to poach an egg! 😉

  3. Grace

    I’m eating breakfast RIGHT NOW but am going for a ‘long’ run (however fast and far I feel like…apparently this is how I train for a sprint tri). So you’ll have to wait to find out what it is…! 🙂 Answers later!

  4. Kristen L

    I usually eat pretty boring breakfasts — oatmeal or a smoothie. But last week we went out to breakfast after my 5k walk, and I had the most delicious french toast! Big thick Texas toast style slices! YUM!

    Since breakfast is your favorite, what is your favorite breakfast food?

    1. Holly KN Post author

      That’s like asking a Mom to pick her favorite child! It all depends on the situation, really. Day-to-day, I love a big bowl of freshly prepared oatmeal, loaded with nuts and raisins. If I’m feeling the need for protein, I’ll take eggs. I usually scramble them because it’s easy, but I like eggs every way, especially sunny side up with lots of toast to mop up the yolk. I’ll also eat a pile of hardboiled eggs. If I’m feeling fancy/post-long-run/industrious, pancakes, french toast, or waffles are a good bet. Diner style omelets with homefries? YES. Secret guilty food pleasure? Hash browns. I’m from NJ, so give me a GOOD bagel, with cream cheese, and I’m a happy camper.

      Out here, I also like a bowl of cold tau huey (soy bean curd) in the morning. Once a week, KMN and I splurge and have roti prata (skillet-cooked-with-butter Indian flat breads), served with curry for dipping. It took awhile for that to grow on me as a breakfast food, but I’m sold now.

      My. I just finished a bowl of cereal, but am feeling rather hungry still… 😉

  5. Jules

    Hey, thanks so much for the blog share and the nice comments. I am indeed a slow cooker convert. In fact, the nearest book next to me at the moment is a book called “250 must have slow cooker recipes” that I just borrowed from the library! 🙂

    In terms of number 5, I don’t mind vacuuming, and would give up ironing which I HATE!

    For 11, I like the mix that you write about now, so I wouldn’t ask for anything else. 😉

    1. Holly KN Post author

      Wow. 250?!?! I am definitely enjoying the slow cooker, but admit to being *slightly* surprised that there really are that many options. I mean, you can do chicken with tomatoes (Italian or Mexican), or without tomatoes…but after that…? <--- Only half kidding. Different veggies, seasonings, I get it. 🙂 Also, don't bother with granola. That was a massive slow-cooker failure over here!!

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  7. Brennan @ Yum Run

    I have a pretty unique name and I think it’s pretty cool. But then that show “Bones” became popular and the main character is named Temperance Bones. People (morons) have asked me if I was named after her. Uuuuh, do I look like I’m 3 years old?!

    Fave distance to race: half marathon. Fave distance to run: totally depends on the day and even the time of day. And whether or not I’m *feeling* it.

    And it’s not just the numbered list format function that screws me up. ALL the auto format functions get my blood pressure up and make me sweat. Stop telling me what I want! I already know what I want! Just let me do it!

    1. Holly KN Post author

      Hahaha! People actually ask you if you’re named after her?!?! Hilarious. (Sort of. But only since it’s not me, I guess…)

      True – I am forever scolding/negotiating with the autoformatting functions! 🙂


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