Good Mornings for a Saturday (March 9)

Sorry for the recent absence. Things I have NOT been doing: moping over my plantar fasciitis-ed foot (although I’m still pretty annoyed at him), panicking over every PF horror story I read on the internet, researching the most obscure PF-treatment methods I can find.  Things I HAVE been doing: spinning, yoga, running 1-2 miles at a time, and working on a few other projects.  Posting will be back to normal this weekend.  Cheers!

Best Shopping List EVER.Best Shopping List EVER.
Need I say more?

2 Otah“Otah” is a spicy fish cake served in a banana leaf.
The dish is called otak in Malay and Indonesian.
Otak means “brains”.  Apparently this soft, squishy fish cake looks like brains?

3 Crazy Cute KMNAsians: Promoting peace in photographs around the world…
And flashing some UCLA pride.
Love this guy.

4 Sugar Plums!!!Now I know what was dancing through the heads of the nestled children!
I’d probably call these “plums”, since they’re fresh, not dried.
But, details.

5 Pizza AttemptAttempt #3 at homemade pizza.
I’m feeling good about how much better our homemade pizzas are coming out.
Then I read the posts from a few lovely lady-runner-bloggers,
who wrote about and photographed
the delicious NJ post-run pizza they enjoyed last weekend…
*slightly jealous*

6 Zombies and BrainsAn informational pamphlet from the doctor’s office.
Note the items in the red square (my emphasis).
Toto, I don’t think we’re in the USA anymore.
Also, as KMN noted, the zombies are gonna be needing some Statins…

What single item constitutes a “shopping list” for you?
Despite what the list above suggests, mine is MILK.

Ever eaten brains?


13 thoughts on “Good Mornings for a Saturday (March 9)

  1. Sarrilly

    Haha, find it very amusing that your foot is a he. 🙂

    Also? I approve of your shopping list. Though mine would probably say “bag/box of chocolates,” not just “chocolate bar.” hehe.

    1. Holly KN Post author

      It’s fun…but still not as good as authentic pizzeria pizza! We’re working on it, though. 🙂

      I wasn’t looking up horror stories. I really, really wasn’t. I was confused enough by the two major (conflicting) schools of thought for treatment that are already widely discussed. =)

  2. Jean

    Stay away from Dr. Google; the only thing that comes of it is unnecessary panic! And, well, occasionally good advice.

    So many brains. I think I’d be better able to stomach fish brains (as opposed to mammal brains) IF ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY, but fortunately if it’s ever offered to me I now have the “I’m watching my cholesterol intake” excuse. Thanks!

    I’m not sure what my one-item list would have… “pizza” counts as one item, right? I’m going pizza.

    1. Holly KN Post author

      Brilliant! Never even thought of using cholesterol as an excuse. [Thankfully, being white is usually excuse enough. I’ll eat a lot of Asian food, but I do not, on principle eat organs.]

      Pizza? I think you were just feeling influenced by my tasty looking pizza. And if you’re such a pizza-lover, how could you *not* love NY/NJ???? 😉

  3. Nicole P

    So jealous of your oven…homemade pizza Saturday is a ritual Jon and I missed while there but the best pizza we found there is conveniently located near fusionopolis fitness first. You should check out: Verve is along the lines of Veneto’s on East Ave if you ever went there. Looks like they have more locations now too. But your pizza looks amazing too!

      1. Holly KN Post author

        Didn’t even notice. And with the whole thumb-thing, you can have all the grammar-passes you want. 🙂

        Have seen Verve; haven’t been; will have to try. [Def. liked Veneto’s!]

  4. torontorunner

    hahahahhaha LOVE that shopping list. MY kinda list!
    Imagine eating brains..I cringed just reading that.

    Impressssed with your homemade pizza. I’ve never ever attempted making one before!

    1. Holly KN Post author

      Thankfully, we don’t get served actual brains all that often. Other organs (stomach, intestines, etc.) are fair game, though. I usually decline – I know too much about how they look/work in real life to appreciate eating them.

    1. Holly KN Post author

      Hi Cori! Thanks. The only other thing I can think of needing is…well, milk. And I’ve usually got that covered, too. I live a charmed life! 😉


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