Fortunately/Unfortunately and a PF Party

I wrote about my not-so-good foot weekend here.  But by Monday morning, the foot was starting to feel a bit better.  And when I laced it up into my workout sneakers, it felt totally fine!  So I cleared myself for a trip to the gym.

I planned to take a BodyPump class, but go easy on the weights (and forgo any jumping), followed by a yin yoga class.  Since most of yin is sitting (I describe yin yoga a bit more here), there would be very little need to walk or stand barefoot.

Fortunately, I arrived at the gym 15 minutes before class – just 5 minutes after sign-in opened (at Fusionopolis, this is usually plenty of time).  I was spot #34 of 40.

Unfortunately, when I stepped into the room, it was…full.  Like, no space in the front, no space in the back, maaaaybe I could have squeezed in if everyone moved, but *sigh*.  I really do hate being crammed in for Body Pump.  So I’ll admit it: Instead of being “that girl”, I just turned around and walked out of the room.

Fortunately, this gave me ample opportunity to stretch and roll my legs, especially my calves.  Tight calves/Achilles can contribute to plantar fasciitis.  In fact, I *did* find a super tight spot.  [I swear that I am writing a calf-stretching post.  Tomorrow will be the magic day!]

Unfortunately, I still had plenty of time to kill before yoga.  I figured that a mile on the treadmill wouldn’t hurt, since my foot was feeling good, right?

Fortunately, everything seemed to go pretty well, and I did a bit over a mile at a nice easy pace.  I was feeling good, but stopped anyway, and spent another 10 minutes rolling my legs out.  Yin yoga was great, too.  I really enjoy the Monday night instructor (Joyce), and we focused on ankles and feet.  Perfection!

Unfortunately…it’s now Tuesday night, and despite more stretching, rolling, and icing…my left heel does not feel very nice to walk on.

Fortunately, I have a few zillion piles of work to do this week, so perhaps that will keep me distracted while I work on healing the foot.

Unfortunately, my husband still has to live with the cranky, non-running me during that time.

Fortunately, I can still swim and (I think) spin, so I’ll get that cardio in somehow.

Most fortunately, although I’m new to this whole blogging thing, a few fellow bloggers have been kind enough to share several bits of wisdom.  I’ve been harping on ice and tennis balls, but then Cecelia from MommiesRun. suggested that I put a golf ball in the freezer, then roll that under my foot.  Clearly, she already knows how much I love multi-tasking.  Now I just must find a golf ball.

And then Cait (the Arty Runnerchick) reassured me (Was that reassurance, Cait?) that plantar fasciitis is “mysterious”.  This is jiving very well with my experience.  [It hurt two days ago…less yesterday…more today…this step hurt…that step didn’t…now it pulls…next it feel burny…and on, and on…]  She seems to have a bit of experience with this ailment.  And Lisa at Jogging on Coffee is going through a bout of plantar fasciitis as well.  Who said this was an ailment that most often strikes men in their 40s and 50s?  Ladies, I suggest we have a big ‘ole party.  I’ll provide the frozen water bottles and ice cream.  🙂


My foot’s new bedfellows…

Anyone else have to join??
[Trust us, you really don’t want to.]

So what’s your fortunately/unfortunately for today??

13 thoughts on “Fortunately/Unfortunately and a PF Party

  1. misszippy1

    The only thing I can add is that I have had it. First time through, really bad. Doc put me in orthotics and told me no barefoot walking. Funny thing is, I then developed it in other foot. So–I ditched the orthotics and began spending as much time possible in bare feet. Also made the switch to less shoe in all aspects of my life (flat and flexible). Long story short, PF disappeared in a matter of days and have never looked back. This was over three years ago. Give BF a try!

    1. Holly KN Post author

      Thought you might have some ideas on this one. 🙂 It feels so counter to everything everyone says (I know that’s why you tried it!)…and doing the one thing that does make my foot hurt feels somehow wrong…but I’m so tempted.

      I was hoping that with a day or two of rest, things would just disappear, but I’m not on Day #5. Starting to think it might be worth a shot…

  2. Kristen L

    Unfortunately, its only Tuesday, and I’m ready for this week to be over already! haha.
    Fortunately, I have a fun weekend ahead (going to Santa Cruz with friends), so I’m excited. And I’m running tonight!

    Keep healing up and take it easy this week!

    1. Holly KN Post author

      Hahaha! Those recruitment weekends will kill ya! Enjoy your run (double, for me!), get some rest – and have a blast in SC!! =)

  3. Allison

    Ughhhh I hate foot problems. I understand your pain, when I can’t run, I am a big ole jerk face turd nugget to everyone.

    Hope it heals soon.

  4. Jean

    I think that’s a party I’m going to pass on ;).

    FORTUNATELY, today was a spectacular day. UNFORTUNATELY… nothing! Today was all good.

  5. Cecilia @ mommiesrun

    Aw man! I’m sorry to hear its still hurting 🙁 I know how you feel sistah! Hang in there. This post reminds me of how “the Facts of Life” theme song was stuck in my head yesterday…don’t know if you’re old enough to remember that show but it starts, “you take the good you take the bad you take them both and there you have the facts of life”. Ok super cheesy I know but I love it!

    1. Holly KN Post author

      I’m familiar with the song, but never watched the show. So true, though – thanks for the reminder to be thankful for all the OTHER things that aren’t inflamed, aggravated, or otherwise injured. 🙂

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