Good Mornings for a Thursday (Feb. 7)

*These are actually leftovers from last Thursday. Enjoy!

1 Mendon Mauler Shirt

I believe these two items were meant to be worn together.
How did I not realize this sooner?
Mendon Mauler T-Shirt (~2009?)
Athleta skort (no longer made)

2 Hard Boiled Eggs

This makes me giggle.
But it’s necessary, since we almost always have both kinds of eggs in the fridge.
Hard boiled eggs make a terrific snack (1 whole + 2 whites only).

3 Nuun All Gone!

Bad surprise! Bad surprise!
Someone finished the last Nuun tablet and didn’t tell me!!!

4 Brand New Sneakers

Good surprise!  Good surprise!
I broke out a brand new pair of road sneakers today.
Remember, sneakers have a running life of just 300-500 miles!

5 Triple Gym WorkoutSuccessful completion of a Thursday triple-play:
Run, BodyPump, Hot Yoga
This was a “mental endurance building” day.
By the time I hit the yoga studio, I was wiped,
and I got through yoga class by focusing on one minute at a time.

6 Chicken Tarragon DinnerRefueling with a nostalgic dinner…
Chicken Tarragon was the first thing my Mom ever cooked for my Dad.
Love my parents.  <3

7 Birthday ToastI ended the evening with a Birthday Toast to a dear friend.
Who cares if she was drinking coffee, and I was drinking wine?
10 hours later, we switched places!

Do you have any “nostalgic” meals that you love to make?

Getting new running shoes: Love It – or – Hate It?

15 thoughts on “Good Mornings for a Thursday (Feb. 7)

    1. Holly KN Post author

      Oooo yes, I’m a collector of trail shoes, at least. Pretty set on my road running shoes at the moment. [Although I do have a really dirty old pair that I never wear for running, and a sort of dirty old pair that I might wear in a pinch, and a short runs only pair, and then my regular good pair. Complicatedly, all of these are kept on the same shoe rack, and most are of the same color scheme. Ooops?

      1. SE

        LOL, you have a very understanding partner! I’m not allowed too many running shoes on the go (takes up too much space on the shoe rack he says!). I’ve got 3 at the moment and that’s the limit… 🙁

        1. Holly KN Post author

          Hahaha! It’s true – but he also has a love for shoes. I don’t squawk about how many pairs of black semi-dress office shoes he has, and he doesn’t squawk about how many pairs of running shoes I have. 🙂 And I was lucky enough to run for a Salomon sponsored trail running team when I was living in Rochester – so lots of the trail shoes were part of our gear package. It’s harder to argue when you don’t even have to pay… 🙂

  1. Tamar

    I very love you.

    You would be appalled if you knew how many miles I logged in my shoes before throwing them out. But since I trudge, not run, maybe it doesn’t count.

    1. Holly KN Post author

      Nah, not really. 300-500 is the rule for running. Your body needs a lot less support for activites with less impact. After I retire sneakers from running, I wear them to the gym (for fitness classes), and to the supermarket, and (used to be) to work outside, etc… In short, I wear them into the ground. Just not by running. 🙂

      And I very love you too.

  2. Jill

    I think it’s time to score myself a Mendon Mauler tee this year!!!
    Love the new kicks…aren’t new running shoes the best?

    1. Holly KN Post author

      I love new running shoes…but I only like the process of getting them when my old pair have a similar but updated version. I really hate having to find a new, new pair when mine are discontinued or significantly changed.

      I think they may have switched to beer glasses in the last year or two, actually – because I’ve run that race 3 times, but only have one shirt… 🙂 Beer glass is nice, though. And I’m sure you could still drink out of it while wearing the Athleta skort. 🙂

  3. Kristen L

    Love getting new running shoes! But it is hard to have to find a new style.

    I’m impressed by your triple workout day! Great job getting through all of it!

  4. erica prier

    i’ve only bought one pair of running shoes so can’t really comment on that but i can comment on nostalgic meals – mac n cheese or grilled cheese… something about cheeeeeeese, mmmmmmm

    1. Holly KN Post author

      I think often of your love for boxed mac ‘n cheese. Pastina is my substitute – imperfect, but acceptable. On the plus side – you probably have good ingredients available for good grilled cheese, right? 😉

        1. reuben

          The irony, I’m from N.Z and I have and Lactose finds me intolerable…… I cannot enjoy such cheesy items.


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