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Now that I have offended all the glitter-lovers* with my first post, and inadvertently created a demand for photos of a 6-year-old Holly in a tutu, it’s time to move on to less controversial topics.  [*Note: I respect your love for glitter.  Just keep it out of my house, and off my face.]

Since this will be, first and foremost, a running blog, let’s talk about running.  Since this is my running blog, let’s talk about my running.  [Side note for you non-runners: There are few things a runner enjoys more than talking about his/her own running.  Just ask us.  Or don’t, if you don’t have all afternoon.]  But to understand where my running is today, I’m going to have to take you back about a year.  Trust me, this won’t hurt a bit.  And there are some most excellent photos involved, too.

*time travel noise*

In at the Fall of 2011, when I was living in Rochester, NY, and running ~40-50 miles per week.  I was part of an amazing running community (at Fleet Feet Rochester), had become a trail running convert (and was a member of the Fleet Feet Endurance Team – at that time, we were co-sponsored by Salomon), and was coaching lots of aspiring runners (through the No Boundaries program at Fleet Feet).  My running life was good.  I ran some intense trail races that fall, and left Rochester on a running high.

In January 2012, my husband and I took a sabbatical of sorts, and embarked on a 4.5 month round-the-world journey.  I knew that this would be an time of adventure, exploration, and growth.  I also knew that it wasn’t a time for 40-50 mile weeks, tempo runs, and interval sessions on the track.  We had a pretty full travel schedule planned, and would be staying just 3-4 days (or less) in each city we visited.  I knew that if I was following an ambitious training plan, I’d be spending a lot of time running (rather than tourist-ing), and I’d spend more of my time stressing over how/when/where my next run would be.  None of this would have been healthy for me, my running, or my relationship with my husband.  🙂

So I basically stopped “training”, and just started “running”.   I aimed for 3 runs/week, including one long run (>6 miles).  It had been a long time since I’d willingly taken such a significant break from training, and adjusting my expectations so drastically was not easy.  But I also knew that hard-core training and racing would be waiting for me when we got back.

So I ran less. So I ran slower.  So I got lost – a lot.  But we had a totally amazing trip.  And I still managed to explore lots of new places, and I saw plenty that I wouldn’t have seen without my running sneakers.  Here’s just a small sampling:

Hooker Valley Trail, New Zealand, Trail Run

With KMN on the Hooker Valley Trail, on the South Island of New Zealand.

Chattahoochee National Park, Atlanta, Georgia, Trail Run

Chattahoochee Park provided both wide, groomed gravel paths and twisty, single-track trails. All smack in the center of Atlanta, GA!

London, Kensington Gardens, Run

A stop at Kensington Gardens, while on a running tour of London, England.

Race the Train, Kingston, New Zealand, Run

In January, we ran the inaugural Race the Train run in Kingston, New Zealand. I’m sad to report that the train beat me….

Venice, Run

You have to get up early to capture the streets and canals of Venice when they are quiet and empty!

*time travel noise*

I know it’s a weekday morning, though – so I’m going to pause my story here.  You’ll just have to come back to hear what happened when our trip came to an end in mid-May!

But before you go…Where is the most awesome vacation spot you’ve walked/hiked/run?? 


11 thoughts on “Running ‘Round The World

  1. Candice

    Amazing runs girl!
    I ran a relay (epic relay) and it is from Logan UT to Jackson HOLE, WY and running along a river with amazing mountains with pinetrees for miles was amazing! I love it.

    1. Holly KN Post author

      Candice, you (and my subsequent Google search) just edumacated me on EPIC relays! Looks like you did the Cache-Teton?
      With all the attention Ragnar gets, I’d never heard of these. But holy cow, they look amazing!! I’m a Jersey girl at heart, but you do have some fantastic scenery out there! And…I think I found another race to add to my ever-lengthening “must run” list. 🙂

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    1. Holly KN Post author

      Thanks for stopping by! I’m trying to write as genuinely as possible, so I guess the fact that you can “hear me” is a good thing! 🙂

      How about this? “RUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUN!” Pretty accurate, eh?

      Check out my next post for more on L-Man. I almost used Larry as his pseudonym, but figured that’d be confusing for almost everyone who actually knows him…

  3. Amy J

    I like running in cities. I’ve had great runs on the streets of Denver and San Diego. I can also recall a great run along Ocean Drive in Ft.

    1. Holly KN Post author

      Soooooo interesting! I think (without any real data to back it up!) that most people are “super-uber scenic out in the country” type run-lovers. So neat that you have a different preference.

      And Denver? Is on my list of “must-do” cities, without a doubt!

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