Take your mark, and….GO!

I don’t like frilly lace.  I don’t like glitter.  And I don’t like lots of pomp and circumstance. So while January 1 would have made for a symbolic and easy-to-remember Blogiversary (and I’d never forget to buy the blog chocolates, flowers, etc.), it just didn’t really feel like the right day for a first post.  Plus, you’d all likely be in sleeping, ibuprofen-ing, resolution-ing stupor following your New Year’s Eve festivities.  But I do believe that “January 8” has a nice ring to it.  So without further ado…

Welcome to my inaugural ‘Run With Holly’ blog post!

As some of you may know, I’ve been pondering, speculating, poking, considering, and creeping around the edges of starting a shiny new blog for a few months now.  During 2012, I worked on a few short-term blogging projects (for example, our trip around the world and our road trip across the US).  But for a variety of reasons, I knew the time had come to branch out to my very own Big Girl WordPress Blog.

So I did some research, dragged my feet, began dabbling in some new (to me) technologies, worried, over-thought, went to Bali, delayed, conquered, procrastinated, drank a lot of coffee, and ultimately took the plunge.  And while I was less than enthusiastic about working through some of the technical hurdles (buying a domain name, and server space, and getting everything talking to each other, and learning a tiny bit of code to tweak things), the process has actually been quite fun – and educational.  I still have plenty to learn – so thanks in advance for you patience and flexibility while the look and associated pages undergo some changes in these early days. I just couldn’t wait another second to get the blogging started!

So now, I have my very own space in which I can rant/tell stories/soapbox about all sorts of things.  [Facebook friends, I will stop clogging your newsfeed with 5-8 line posts.]  I promise these things will include: running, cycling, swimming, coaching, food, living in Singapore, being an expat, traveling, marriage, science, some light feminism, hilarious signs I see, and probably more.  Heck, as long as there’s no mold growing and no health department hazards (and things remain respectful), I reserve the right to do what I please with it.  I will, however, do my best to keep posts well categorized and tagged, so you can easily decide what you do (or don’t) want to read.  I’ll also try to keep things interesting…to me, at least.  No promises for you.

The blog will also be loosely connected with another project I’m working on, as a way to give people a glimpse of who I am and what I like (and don’t like) to do.  For example, so they know that I won’t be the one wearing the frilly pink lace dress.  Unless, of course, my Dad sees fit to dig out that 25-year-old photo of me from a single, ill-fated session of ballet…. (No need, Dad, no need!)

So here’s to a new year, to new adventures, and to embarking on this journey together. Let’s get this party started!

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20 thoughts on “Take your mark, and….GO!

    1. Holly KN Post author

      I love it when someone steps up to help me test drive. Did you go poking all the links, too, just to see if they work?

      There will be more to poke in the coming weeks, so visit early & often. 😉

  1. erica

    The order in which things about this blog excite me:

    1) The potential of seeing that infamous ballet photo

    2) Photos of Singaporean food

    3) Science commentary

    4) Various other Holly hilarity

  2. Efo

    There you are, girl. Dang, you’ve been so hard to keep track of in the internet/blogging community. I’m glad you’ve resurfaced here. I’ll bookmark ya for sure!

    1. Holly KN Post author

      Hahaha! Sorry ’bout that. Frankly, I’ve been a little hard to keep track of in the “real world” (geographically) lately, too – so don’t feel bad at all. But we’re settled in Singapore, and it’s time to get this blog-thing going. Thanks for your encouragement & inspiration! 🙂

  3. Lindy Dubois

    I’m looking forward to laughing too and of course, reading about your life and running, coaching, etc., and while we’re at it, the ballet photo would be good fun 🙂

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  5. Holly

    I’m so excited for a new Holly blog! Looking forward to discovering more idiosyncrasies that we share, for instance…if I’m afraid I have the wrong day, time, house, I usually circle the block several times until someone else is the first person there…I have severe first person to a gathering anxiety 🙂

    1. Holly KN Post author

      Hahaha! I think that, henceforth, we shall call them…Holly-syncrasies! 🙂

      And don’t worry. This blog is pretty permanent, and much to do about running (and won’t be so travel-centric) -so I’m sure that plenty of new similarities will come to light. Personally, I can’t wait!!

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